Friday, March 28, 2008

Iran thanks the brave American soldiers!


Yet true.

You've seen the reports on TV about the fighting going on in Basra and the surrounding area? You do realize that the fighting is between two groups of Shia? There is no background given on American TV on exactly who is fighting whom and for what... American Goy to the rescue!

Quick info on the background and what's going on now: almost 100% of Iran and the majority of Iraqi population is Shia. Saddam was Sunni, and he staffed his government with Sunni people. The Army, and especially the Republican Guard, and the secret police were majority Sunni.

The system was designed to keep the majority Shia (and minority Kurds) down - by torture, massacres, etc. While Iran is Shia, the rest of the Arab world is Sunni, and so they ALL supported Saddam's efforts to keep the Shia down and the Sunni's in charge.

Now, opposing Saddam and the Sunnis were the Kurds, and the Shia. After the US invasion, the Sunnis were the most active guerrillas fighting the US presence in country, but recently they were literally paid off using US taxpayer money. US soldiers simply started to give large sums of money to the Sunni leaders in exchange for them not shooting Americans anymore. It worked... somewhat (Americans are of course still targeted, because they are occupying a foreign country etc).

The Shia are divided into two main groups: the Muqtada al-Sadr faction and the Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim faction.

Here's the kicker.

al-Sadr is anti American, true, but he is mostly anti-FOREIGN influence in Iraq. That includes Iranians, also. Basically, if he had an official slogan, it would be: "Iraq for Iraqis (and everyone else fuck off!)". While he fought the US military a few years ago (Cindy Sheehan's son was killed in that Shia uprising) al-Sadr decided on a unilateral declaration of peace. His "army" simply ceased guerrilla operations. His faction is not represented in the Iraqi government.

Hakim, on the other hand, IS well represented in the Iraqi government; in fact, he has the largest Shia bloc in the Iraqi parliament. His Badr organization is present in the so called Iraqi Army, in fact it is infiltrated with Badr personnel. Hakim's Shia faction is OPENLY pro-Iranian - this explains why president Ahmadinejad was so warmly welcomed by the Iraqi government a few days ago - because the government in Iraq, led by the (Shia) minister Maliki, is VERY friendly to Iran. You do not see (the anti-American, spawn of Satan, enemy of humanity according to American TV) al-Sadr warmly embrace Ahmadinejad, do you now? But Hakim's man, Prime Minister Maliki, was gushing as he welcomed Ahmadinejad to Baghdad.

Think of Hakam's Badr corps organization as an Iranian version of our American pro-Israel lobby AIPAC - only armed and with their own army in country.

Prime Minister Maliki, who is a Hakim faction Shia, recently (right after Ahmadinejad's visit - hmmmmmm?!) threw the Iraqi Army to fight the (to that point peaceful, not stirring trouble) al-Sadr faction Shia in the south (Basra area). Needless to say, al-Sadr's militia retaliated, with its bombardment of the Green Zone being one of many actions taken in revenge/self defense.

Now, if you have been paying attention, you realize that Maliki is a Hakim man, and that Hakim and his Badr organization is almost Iranian AIPAC in Iraq (except armed).

So now, when the NATIONALIST al-Sadr is fighting the PRO-IRAN Hakim and Prime Minister Maliki, who does the United States military support with aircraft sorties and armored cars?

Why, the pro-Iran Hakim and Maliki of course.

Repeat that FACT: American soldiers are dying for Iranian interests in Iraq. This is horrifying to the rest of the Sunni Arab world, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan... Because they want to LIMIT Iran's influence in the region, unlike the Americans, who fight now to expand it.

I am sure that American mothers and fathers who have their sons and daughters fighting in Iraq will be ecstatic that America is now helping out Iranian interests in the region.

If your son happens to die in an IED explosion, or gets his leg or arm or eye blown off, and comes home a cripple, a wreck of a man, or perhaps even in a flag draped casket...


Iran thanks you for your sacrifice.

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well, there is another explanation for what is going on: as part of the so-called "redirection" the USA has been arming, training and financing the Sunni Resistance to strengthen it. Now, in order to weaken the Shia, the USA pushed Maliki to attack Sadr in the hope that the resulting chaos who 1) weaken Iran's influence in Iraq and 2) further strengthen the Sunni relatively to the Shia.

I am not saying that this is actually what has been going on, nor am I saying that if that was the plan that it was smart or that it worked. All I am saying that there could be a twisted neocon logic to all this and that American soldiers dying there might not be dying for Iran, but for *Israel* (what else is new?!)

AmericanGoy said...

Disagree Saker.

Israel's main interest was to de-fang Iraq and this has been done. Saddam is no more, the large Iraqi army is no more, the country is in chaos and a 4 way civil war and probably total anarchy Mad Max style - so they are currently not a threat to Israel.

Israel has nothing to gain from American soldiers being in Iraq other than destabilizing it further, which is not needed at this point.

Israel DOES, however, have a HUGE interest in America attacking Iran, to de-fang that country, turn it into a Mad Max movie and stop their fledgling nuclear program as well as disband their pretty powerful (in the region) military force.

That is why the neocons (read - pro-Israel activists in the USA government) are so desperate to strike at Iran before George W Bush leaves office, or failing that, to elect either McCain (bomb bomb bomb Iran) or Hillary Clinton (she of AIPAC donations).

Electing Obama would put a MONKEY WRENCH (no pun intended) into their strategic plans.

TGGP said...

See Justin Raimondo on the same subject here. Previously he floated the conspiracy theory that we were duped into invading Iraq in the first place (though I would add the Taliban regime was another enemy of theirs we took out) by Iranian agents.