Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I have just re-watched "Bibi" Netanyahu's speech in Congress given Tuesday, 24th of May, 2011.

The sorry spectacle had a familiar feeling to me: here was the big boss speaking to his underlings, desperate to clap harder, to shout and show themselves to him, to prove their loyalty by how desperately they wanted to please.

Clap harder, worthless underlings!

I have had a sensation of deja vu throughout the whole speech, as if I've seen it before...

Then it hit me...

I DID see all this before, many times in my life, in fact.

Compare and contrast the two videos - do you notice many major differences?

Bonus video
I shall title this one: a little boy is put down in his place by a stern father; dejected, the kid hangs his head in shame and promises "papa" that he won't mouth off to him again:

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Vito said...

You got a problem with that? This is a good thing. The worse obama looks the more of a chance he has of losing. And that's what really matters.