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Being a righteous victim is a grand thing.

Being a victim paints you in a light of being right.

Suffering and pain from the past can be used to acquire material goods now.

Being a victim can be used to justify vengeance.



And so the pathetic black underclass in the USofA justifies being leeches on the system, Israel uses and will continue to use ad infinitum the World War II Jewish Holocaust...

There were other holocausts, like the Armenian Genocide or the Gypsy Holocaust in WW2 or the Holodomor, when Stalin killed off by hunger millions of Ukrainians - poisoning food stores and stealing food from farmers condemning them to slow death and cannibalism.

But the other holocausts are not important, indeed, the Jewish state went so far as to threaten the country of Ukraine into not classifying the Holodomor as a genocidal event (which it undoubtedly is).

No news for thinking observant people that an "american" organization - The Anti Defamation League (ADL) - is basically a proxy for Israeli policy, and is used not just in the USofA but on an international, strategic scale.

That there is even a question of dual loyalty in the Jewish community is laughable (an older 2008 article on that question from me here).

Armenian Genocide Recognition: Bill at Israeli Knesset’s less biased committee , from May 23 2011;

A voting was held at the plenary session of the Knesset – the Jewish parliament – on submitting the Armenian Genocide recognition bill to the Education, Culture and Sports Committee chaired by Alex Miller.

The voting was initiated by Zahava Gal-On, a native of Lithuania, who, as Israeli journalist Alexander Goldenstein put it, “picked up the Armenian baton from her retired fellow party member.”

According to the Knesset regulations, Miller’s committee has to consider the possibility of recognition of the Armenian Genocide and submit a recognition bill to the parliament for approval.

This is not the first time that the issue is discussed by one of the committees of the Jewish parliament.

In recent years, such suggestions were made almost annually, but the government was traditionally mobilizing the coalition – on the Foreign Ministry’s demand – to ban the discussion of the issue.

Why should such an empty gesture as recognizing the suffering of others be so hotly debated in Israel, and the vote on it blocked time and again?

Victimology is important.

Victimology is a global strategic asset, just like an aircraft carrier or nuclear weapons.

If you ever took an accounting course, think of "being a victim" as a "goodwill asset".

Deputies of the “Israel is Our Home” party spoke against putting the genocide recognition issue on the agenda. This party unites Jews that emigrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union, particularly from Azerbaijan. Prior to the voting Yosef Shagal, a member of that faction, chairman of the parliamentary association of Israeli-Azeri friendship, said:

“Supporters of the recognition of the so-called “Armenian Genocide” are just a small bunch of Israeli marginals, to whom that issue is perhaps the only opportunity to remind of their political presence.”

The gentleman is projecting.

The cornerstone of the very small country in the Middle East, Israel, is the biblical mumbo jumbo about a tribe called the Israelites who lived in that general area an odd two thousand year ago (and continues to live there, as the old Israelites became - you guessed it - Palestinians, but don't say this to your Jewish friend, or you might give him or her a heart attack from the attach of vicious choler...).

Quite recently, one of the Education Committee members, commenting on the prospect of the bill recognition, said:

“If we recognize the Armenian Genocide, we will be asked to do the same for the massacre in the Balkans, Holodomor, they will even remember Pol Pot (a politician from Cambodia who committed genocide against his own people and annihilated several millions in three and a half years) and Idi Amin, the president of Uganda, founder of one of the cruelest authoritarian regimes in Africa). And we believe that the only case of genocide - a systematic and intended extermination of a people – occurred during the Second World War.”

Recognizing other organized mass murder campaigns - which is what a holocaust is - would dilute the victimology of Israel.

No one who has studied or even google'ed Pol Pot can say with a straight face that it was NOT a genocide - the whole idea of Pol Pot's reign and calling it a genocidal reign is laughable.

But all those genocides - organized mass murders - in Cambodia, in Rwanda, in China, in Armenia, in Ukraine - happened in weak countries; countries which are not big players on the grand geostrategic chessboard.

Looking at a map, Israel does not seem like a superpower, but, of course, looks are deceiving.

This whole blog is a result of me being incredulous and flabbergasted at the power of the pro Israel Lobby in Congress and over American policy - foreign policy (war on Israel's enemies).

For the claim of foreign policy influence - look to the right on my blog page and start reading the "Neocons and Israeli Lobby in the USA" section to educate yourself.

As to the my claim of Israel being a superpower - take a look at my It's AIPAC time of the year again; however, do NOT READ the article - just page down to the pictures of heads of state of all the political, military and economic superpowers paying homage to the Jewish nationalist state and the supreme religion of the land.

This - these pictures, these scenes of the mighty humbling themselves - is partially the result of Israel's standing in the world as a superpower, but also the intelligent use of victimology - the WW2 Jewish Holocaust - as a political weapon.

And here we come to the crux of the issue.

Victimology is used by the strong to justify evil actions on the weak.

Israel uses it to steal land from inhabitants whose families tilled, farmed, worked, bled and lived on for thousands of years - so that Joe Schmoe from Brooklyn or Russia can come in and stake a claim over the choicest bits.

And now, seeing the power of being the victim - the strongest (militarily) superpower of the globe, my country, eagerly joined the ranks "victims".

On September 11, 2001, something happened in New York City.

Thousands of people died.

This action has been cynically used by the ruling elites to justify attacking and occupying Iraq (even though, even in the official version of the story, Saddam Hussein's Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with this outrage).

As an aside, if you are interested on how the neocons - the pro Israel war lobby - manipulated my poor country into this illegal war, read Is Israel to blame for the Iraq War? and Israel to blame for Iraq War - Part 2.

If you have never heard of the Office of Special Plans, or read the phrase of a Jewish-american neocon boasting:

The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history.

I urge you, implore you, read my articles I linked, or, failing that, google "Office of Special Plans" and then read White man's burden in Ha'aretz.

Knowledge is power, and there is (almost) nothing worse than a democracy where an uneducated mob is easily manipulated and swayed.

To justify the Iraq grab, to justify my country becoming an Empire (again...), the propaganda specialists had to justify our aggressive, illegal actions around the globe (Please note that I do NOT consider our conflict in Afghanistan as illegal nor unjustified - the conflict there is the definition of righteous war).

And what better to use than the September 11 occurrence which involved heavy loss of innocent American life?

The patriotic/fascist pomp and ceremony and propaganda pieces run instead of advertisements during the American Football (NFL) programmes, the shows on History channel, the shows on broadcast channel...

Hell, google 9 11 2011 celebration and see, yes, CELEBRATIONS of 9 11 occurring today in supercities like New York and small towns like Boring, Oregon...

09/11 is not quite the Holocaust (thank your deity), but it will do in a pinch to justify past and future wars of my now quite openly Imperial country...

Post Scriptum

In a Congress Committee, Armenian Genocide Resolution Passed.

Also, Democratic National Committee Passes Holodomor Resolution.

There is that, at least.

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Anonymous said...

In case you doubt that Jewish influence over American foreign policy was a major factor in 9/11 take a look at OBL's own words:

Bin Laden himself has expounded upon this alleged relationship as follows.

September 11: A Jewish holiday?

I say that the American people gave leadership to a traitorous leadership. This became very clear and especially in Clinton's government. The American government is called the American government, but we think it is an agent that represents Israel inside America. If we look at sensitive departments in the present government like the Defense Department or the State Department, or sensitive security departments like the CIA and others, we find that Jews have the first word in the American government, which is how they exploit America to carry out their plans in the world and especially the Muslim world.

(Interview with ABC News, June 10, 1998. Transcript available here as Exhibit AQ00081T from the Moussaoui trial.)

It's also worth noting that in his final interviews while in US custody, Saddam Hussein did not attribute the Iraq War to defense contractors or oil companies. This is whom he blamed:

The Saddam Files: His final Interviews

“Every thing that happened to us was because of Israel. Israel pushes US politicians and fills them with hatred.”