Sunday, August 30, 2015

The purpose of modern TV shows

There is always an agenda.

There is always a purpose.

Anybody who doesn't say that they have an agenda (a purpose) for doing something is lying.

Easiest example: Any reporter in Yoo Ess of Ey will tell anybody who will listen that they are "unbiased".

He or she, the reporter that is, IS telling the truth, surprisingly enough.

What the word "unbiased" means when translated to normal, easy, even-a-moron-like-me-can-understand speech means that: "I will write, speak and report whatever I am told to report because I am getting paid for that".

So the agenda, the purpose, is NOT the reporter's (whether TV, radio or in print).  It is his or her paymasters.

We live in a make believe world.

We are bombarded by images, by pixels on screens, whether computer screens, TV screens, movie screens or now, even the "smart" phone screens.

The new generation of kids and young adults are in SO DEEP that they literally spend as much time as they can away from the real world, and glued in to their electronic screen devices.

In an elevator, on the bus, on the train - hell, walking down the street... Youth today walks in a very weird way, with head down, their hands holding the "smart" phone device and their eyes glued to it.

I used to say something when they were (literally, as in the literal meaning) walking into me on a sidewalk, then I got lazy and just sorta clucked or "uhm-uhmm" fake coughed... Which resulted in them  raising their eyes up to meet mine for for literally (you know the meaning) three or less seconds.

They mumbled something and (or not), walked a wide circle around me, head down, eyes glued to their electronic leash.

I decided to NOT say anything, nor to make a noise anymore.  I walk very quietly (youth training, you see) and had a grand ole time of the modern "future leaders of the world" (muahahahaha.... it's a joke) literally (I abuse this word, tis true) walk into and BOUNCE OFF OF ME.

There is a war for your, your spouse, your grandparents, but most importantly, YOUR KIDS' brains.  Their mannerisms (effeminate boys, butch girls), their attitudes to trans, err, sorry, HERMAPHRODITES (that's the CORRECT word to use), to sexual deviants (anybody who cuts his own penis off is not normal, period, end of discussion), to behaviours that from 1AD to 1960AD were considered vile, disgusting or at the least weird...

Those behaviours are NORMALIZED now.

There are three main trends on TV right now, pushed again and again on TV shows, during movies - hell, even commercials.

The main trend is (drumroll and fireworks, maestro!):
Promotion of the White woman and black man relationship

I am sure, unless you don't watch TV (which is a VERY good option these days), you have noticed this also.

But there's tons of stuff out there, and I'll just link some shit to prove this point, for the hell of it.

Clutchmagonline from 2012, Val writes:

I predict that Kerry Washington’s character will never date a Black man on the show. Lol
Don’t get me wrong; I have no problem with IR relationships on TV. But when you consider that all of the ‘attractive’ Black women on network TV are dating White men, then you have to consider that something is going on.
Kerry’s character is dating a White guy, Vanessa Williams’ character is (666 Park Ave), Joy Bryant is (Parenthood), Anika Noni Rose’s is (The Good Wife) and there are more.

TV is fantasy for White people. And that’s why the White guys get all of the ‘attractive’ women. We have to be aware of what messages are being sent when we watch TV. That’s really all I’m saying.

Whether Val is black or White, she is intelligent enough to spot a trend.  Which is what this blog is all about.

This is from 2012.

This has been going on for a while. 

Another random forum with some truth, this time from 2015:
First of all I would like to start off by stating I am not against interracial/ethnic dating or marriages as I am engaged to a Mexican-American woman. My question is why is the media constantly only showing pairings of black men with white women when statistically Hispanics marry whites at 4x the rate and Asian women marry white men at 2x the rate that blacks do. Why focus mainly on black man white woman pairings when statistically it is the 3rd most common. You see this pairing of black men with white women in both TV commercials and print ads but I rarely see Asian woman with White man in advertisements or even Hispanics with Whites even though it is the most common.

Ding ding ding!

We have a pattern!

America, I think we can all agree (whether we like that fact or not) is a multicultural nation.


Notice that part of that word is the stem "multi" - even a moron like me knows that that means "more than two".

There are MANY races in America.  Whites (which, despite the media saying otherwise, are VERY DIFFERENT from  each other in racial characteristics) are VERY DIFFERENT from each other.

Some are almost albino, some much darker some have curly hair, others straight - I mean, if you're not blind nor a moron you should be able to tell a difference between an Italian man and a pure Swedish/Nordic man.  There is a HUGE DIVERSITY in the EUROPEAN human stock, despite the media lumping ALL White people into one homogenous mass.

There are latino Americans in the grand Yoo Ess of Ey - from the cave-dweller-like looking men and women proudly sporting moustaches (protip - I mean Mexicans) to the extremely white, very easy to mistake them for a European latinos (protip - here I also mean Mexicans)... because they look like Europeans (and really, are completely separate from the "cave dwellers" - guess which racial group rules Mexico and which is used for manual labor?).

There are Asians in America (I mean Asian Asians - not what the retards in the UK call "asians").  Every major city has a "Chinatown".

And, when you REALLY look at them, there is (surprise!) diversity in the Chinese population too.  I am not even talking about the offspring of White men and their Chinese wives or the children of Black men and their Chinese wives (protip - psst! that does NOT happen, like ever).

I mean there are mongols, Han Chinese... there are actually 55 minorities in China (do your own damn research on the web).

We have "Viet town" in Chicago and other cities now, where you can eat some (eh, yuck, good for a tough winter maybe) Pho.

We have Japanese.

When you work in IT, the (White) programmers and employees were almost totally displaced by Hindus (Indians... you know, dot-indian, not rain-dance ones).

Speaking of which, we have Native Americans.

There are surely multiple groups of races and people which I have skipped for brevity here.

The point is, this is a multicultural, many races and cultures, nation.


A TV show, "Proof", has piqued my attention.  It is a show about an investigation by a dying billionaire named Turing (LOL) and a (rather fetching) female arrogant cutter, err, I mean surgeon (and most doctor specialists are overpaid, arrogant assholes who deserve to be slapped with a fish, but I digress - the show got that realistic part of medical milieu correct.

But everything else WAS wrong.

Starting with the hospital scenes where a lot of the action took place.

There are only two kinds of people present in the TV hospital - black men and White women, with a sprinkling of White men in support positions.

So, only two races are present in the hospital - White and black.

The authority, the big kahuna, is (no points for guessing) a black man.  That is standard now in ALL TV shows.  I think it is written into law at this point.

Surprisingly, the woman asshole cutter is married to a White guy (I know, I was - and am - shocked also).

But there are no Indian doctors.... anywhere.

Weird, isn't it?

There are no latino doctors, either.

Hell, there are no latino cleaning ladies, come to think of it.

I won't mention Vietnamese or Chinese or other Asian Americans - they don't exist in America... obviously.

Nope - it's a black and White world.


And of course the show served us an out-of-the-blue scene of a not-good-looking black male nurse sexing up a rather pretty White woman nurse... in a morgue (Oh, shock factor!  Shock sells TV shows and gets water cooler convos going! No, not the black guy and White woman you silly racist!).

And of course, it wouldn't be a show on modern TV sets without a huge (say it Trump like) HUGE subplot of a Nigerian doctor who came from Africa and a White woman who is an assistant to the dying billionaire.

As a matter of fact, the actor playing the role of the Nigerian doctor is QUITE OBVIOUSLY from either Eritrea or Somalia - but obviously the (jewish?) writers of the show can't tell a difference between one "darkie" from another, unlike your racist writer.

So, the trend is - BLACK AND WHITE ONLY, with other races quite obviously excluded from the mix.  Fuck multiculturalism, it is an empty word - there is only the black and White.

And the subtext is, if you haven't spotted it (of course you have) White women and black men.

And the sub-subtext is White men are dweebs and black guy are not only good looking, athletic studs who look so-much-better than a White male (it's a given, and anybody who disagrees is a racist) but also they are ALWAYS SMARTER than any and all White men on the shows.

If there is a genius hacker needed by the plot, or a superb specialist doctor - whelp, call the negro, stat!

And of course, as I have already stated, the boss is always, ALWAYS, a black guy.  Never a Chinese, nor Vietnamese, nor European, nor Mexican nor Colombian nor female of any race... black guy.

That is the law, people.

And of course, to drive the point home, there are the commercials.

It is obvious to me that advertising companies (who are all... or most of them.... err... dare I say it?) don't REALLY have as an aim the goal of selling the product they are paid to promote and market.

I mean, fuck, look at this:

Do you really think that any White guy would buy the promoted product (in this case - insurance) after watching this?  I mean, really?

(Well, they would, but these are the emasculated white losers which the media is working so heavily to turn all White men into).

Of course, it it entirely NORMAL that an attractive White woman would choose a black gentleman over ANY White guy, right?  That is totally so normal now...

And that's the goal.

This "black and White" is inserted as much as can be inserted into TV shows.  Yes, the protagonists might be a White couple, but there always is a black male and White woman couple hovering about, you know, because that shit happens.

Well, as a mater of fact, that shit happens.  A LOT.  However, the couples don't look like the ones on TV.

No, what I see walking down the street in my hood, as I watch the 'Muricans queue for free food at a local "Help the Poor  Pantry" which opened nearby (I am so happy of that fact!  So very glad!) look like this:

I saw.... some THING like this walking around, with four (yes, fucking FOUR!) black kids in tow, swearing and hollerin' like a true ghetto queen she was (four black kids, tatoos everywhere, neck, arms, seen through a pink "wife beater" shirt...I almost pitied the black kids whose, err, mother (?) this was).

She was of course queued for the "gimmie dat" free food at the "Help Da Poo!" pantry.

As she was swearing F-Bomb and excrement and some words I couldn't make out... for a reason which also eluded me (still does; perhaps that is the normal, standard mode of communication for this whi...err... woma....err... creature).

So there is some heavy promotion on TV (and movies) to promote black man and White woman couples.

To do that, the White guy is always an emasculated dweeb, in a position of subservience to his black boss, the White guy is always the loser.

I talked to a co-worker a few years ago (who adopted an interracial child) and his child said something interesting as she watched Sesame street.

She said (to his White father): "Daddy, why is the White guy always a dork and stupid?".

The kid spotted the pattern EARLY, and not only that, spoke out loud about it.

This has been going on.... for a long time.

And of course, being the glutton for punishment that I am, I (tried to) get into the TV show "Fear the Walking Death".

And of course the first few moments it hit me with full force what the franchise is all about (protip - no, not zombies, silly!).

The first ep (or second, heck, can't recall exactly) of the original series had a situation where a (cliche inserted White racist hick guy, huck-spit chewing tobacco, c'mere, boy.... you know, White men that ONLY EXIST in abe foxman's diseased brain) had a "situation" with a black guy.

And by that I mean, they had an exchange of words, and the (boo! hiss!) White guy has said: "Well, that will be the day when I take orders from one of you people!".

To which the black guy, naturally replied with VIOLENCE.

Because, you see, racism is sooo evil that beating up somebody, hell, murdering somebody for doing something racist, is not only normal, it is EXPECTED.

Such are the laws of the TV world (and our own, if you have followed a few famous judicial cases).

The rest of the group comes up, and of course (drum roll, please) they don't restrain the attacking black guy, no... they set upon the White racist (boo! hiss!) and say make gestures and utterances of the "We're with you, bro!" to the frothing at the mouth...err... African-American.

And so, of course, in the "Fear the Walking Dead" we have a junkie White kid, who belongs to a blended family (I shit you not, those are the words used to promote the show... WOW, JUST WOW, amirite?) of a Hindu doctor (whoa, we ARE making progress in depicting multicultural America, FINALLY!) and a White woman (of course, duh, what did you expect, a sari-wearing indian auntie?)...

And of course, the (rather good looking) White daughter of the couple (well, from the first marriage, hence the "blended family" - he has his own kids, and she her own, and let me tell you, even on a TV show LA LA LAND this works as well as you would expect)....

Well, the boyfriend of the beautiful White girl is...

Ah, fuck it.

The struggle continues.

Next up - cut your penis, for fun and profit (and to be the coolest kid on the block!).

Next next up (if I get to it) - why do European nations which were HEAVILY involved in colonizing Africa and Arabia and so have a historical debt to help these people due to centuries of colonialism, so reluctant to take in poor refugees from Africa, Libya and Syria?

I am speaking, of course, of countries such as Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Poland...

Sunday, April 12, 2015

General Patton was killed by Roosevelt's goons

The more I learn about president Roosevelt, the more I realize what a piece of shit he was.

Not only did he conspire to goad the Japanese Empire to attack Pearl Harbor, and then prevented any defensive measures at Pearl to be enacted to maximize the shock effect, his cabinet was thoroughly penetrated by communist spies to the point that at Yalta Stalin had information about his and Churchill's positions and views on Europe, and especially Poland, and could outmaneuver them in political negotiations.

Now we need to add another crime to that filth's biography.

The source used is the The Telegraph: General George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war leaders claims new book.

First, lets start with the man who has spilled the beans.

The "conspiracy tin foil nutters UFO's Bigfoot" crowd that usually barges into a discussion, with "citations needed", and my least favorite phrase "correlation does not imply causation", at one silly sentence obliterating the whole science of statistics are now matched against this man.

There is also "Occam's Razor!" argument, which is assuming that the people who run the world are as moronic as the baristas who double up as professional sceptics on the internet.

These nay-sayers go against this man.

A Mr. Bazata.

A Jew (surprise!).

Mr Bazata led an extraordinary life. He was a member of the Jedburghs, the elite unit who parachuted into France to help organise the Resistance in the run up to D-Day in 1944. He earned four purple hearts, a Distinguished Service Cross and the French Croix de Guerre three times over for his efforts.
After the war he became a celebrated artist who enjoyed the patronage of Princess Grace of Monaco and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.
He was friends with Salvador Dali, who painted a portrait of Bazata as Don Quixote.
He ended his career as an aide to President Ronald Reagan's Navy Secretary John Lehman, a member of the 9/11 Commission and adviser to John McCain's presidential campaign.
Clearly, this is not someone that a typical anti-thinker idiot online can destroy with a pitiful remark.  This is an extraordinary man.

Mr Wilcox told The Sunday Telegraph that when he spoke to Mr Bazata: "He was struggling with himself, all these killings he had done. He confessed to me that he had caused the accident, that he was ordered to do so by Wild Bill Donovan.
"Donovan told him: 'We've got a terrible situation with this great patriot, he's out of control and we must save him from himself and from ruining everything the allies have done.' I believe Douglas Bazata. He's a sterling guy."
George Patton, a dynamic controversialist who wore ivory-handled revolvers on each hip and was the subject of an Oscar winning film starring George C. Scott, commanded the US 3rd Army, which cut a swathe through France after D-Day.
But his ambition to get to Berlin before Soviet forces was thwarted by supreme allied commander Dwight D. Eisenhower, who gave Patton's petrol supplies to the more cautious British General Bernard Montgomery.
Patton, who distrusted the Russians, believed Eisenhower wrongly prevented him closing the so-called Falaise Gap in the autumn of 1944, allowing hundreds of thousands of German troops to escape to fight again,. This led to the deaths of thousands of Americans during their winter counter-offensive that became known as the Battle of the Bulge.
In order to placate Stalin, the 3rd Army was also ordered to a halt as it reached the German border and was prevented from seizing either Berlin or Prague, moves that could have prevented Soviet domination of Eastern Europe after the war.
Mr Wilcox told The Sunday Telegraph: "Patton was going to resign from the Army. He wanted to go to war with the Russians. The administration thought he was nuts.
"He also knew secrets of the war which would have ruined careers.
I don't think Dwight Eisenhower would ever have been elected president if Patton had lived to say the things he wanted to say." Mr Wilcox added: "I think there's enough evidence here that if I were to go to a grand jury I could probably get an indictment, but perhaps not a conviction."
So we have General Patton going off the reservation, calling for war with our (then) glorious allies, the Soviet Union, and even worse, threatening to spill secrets about the conduct of the war to the public.

This was, per Studs Terkel, "The Good War" and the elite would not allow that propaganda story to be besmirched by anybody - American hero or not.

But after a decade-long investigation, military historian Robert Wilcox claims that OSS head General "Wild Bill" Donovan ordered a highly decorated marksman called Douglas Bazata to silence Patton, who gloried in the nickname "Old Blood and Guts".
His book, "Target Patton", contains interviews with Mr Bazata, who died in 1999, and extracts from his diaries, detailing how he staged the car crash by getting a troop truck to plough into Patton's Cadillac and then shot the general with a low-velocity projectile, which broke his neck while his fellow passengers escaped without a scratch.
Mr Bazata also suggested that when Patton began to recover from his injuries, US officials turned a blind eye as agents of the NKVD, the forerunner of the KGB, poisoned the general. 
But wait, there is more!
Mr Wilcox also tracked down and interviewed Stephen Skubik, an officer in the Counter-Intelligence Corps of the US Army, who said he learnt that Patton was on Stalin's death list. Skubik repeatedly alerted Donovan, who simply had him sent back to the US.
"You have two strong witnesses here," Mr Wilcox said. "The evidence is that the Russians finished the job."
The scenario sounds far fetched but Mr Wilcox has assembled a compelling case that US officials had something to hide. At least five documents relating to the car accident have been removed from US archives.
The driver of the truck was whisked away to London before he could be questioned and no autopsy was performed on Patton's body.
With the help of a Cadillac expert from Detroit, Mr Wilcox has proved that the car on display in the Patton museum at Fort Knox is not the one Patton was driving.
"That is a cover-up," Mr Wilcox said.
So alongside Mr. Bazata's testimony, we have another man, an officer in the American Counter-Intelligence Corps of the USArmy, a Mr. Skubik, who has stated that after alerting the OSS Supremo about the fact that Patton was on the NKVD's hitlist, Donovan promptly sent him away from Europe and ignored the report.

But lets look at a professional anti-critical thinker, professional debunker - excuse me, a professional "historian", an establishment professional non-critical thinker,  musings about this.  After all, lets see if the debunkers have something to say.

It is only fair.

Here it is: Peter J.K. Hendrikx online article on the death of General Patton.

Lets learn about a Mr. Woodring, Patton's chaffeur assigned from the US Army and his testimony on what happened:
The ride Woodring remembers best was the one on December 9 1945, “the saddest day of my life”. Major General Hobart R. Gay, Patton’s loyal Chief of Staff, and Colonel Paul D. Harkins persuaded Patton early that morning to go hunting after Patton’s visitor, his best friend General Keyes, was unexpectedly called to his headquarters and had to leave. So Woodring was called out of bed by Patton’s orderly, Meeks, and was told to prepare the general’s limousine, a 1938 Cadillac, Model 75. Patton and Gay, both avid hunters, were to go hunting near Mannheim. Sergeant Joseph Scruce, a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to hunting and cooking, started off in a jeep with the guns and the hunting dog. Patton, Gay and Woodring were to meet him later at a checkpoint, since Patton first wanted to visit the Roman ruins on his way.
The first stop of Patton’s last ride, however, was after only about five miles when he saw General Keyes’ car, who left earlier for his headquarters, stalled on the side of the road with mechanical trouble. Keyes had already thumbed a ride back to Patton’s headquarters, but Patton didn’t continue his ride until he was certain Keyes was okay.
The next stop was at the Roman ruins near Saalburg, on top of a hill that was covered under a thin layer of snow. After walking around and discussing Roman tactics with Gay, while Woodring stayed in the car, Patton took the front seat next to Woodring, to dry his cold feet in the car’s heater.
They continued their drive on the autobahn, taking the exit at Viernheim. Here, their third stop, was the location of a Military Police checkpoint where they were to meet Sergeant Scruce again. A young M.P., unimpressed by the four stars on the front bumper of the car, wanted to see their identification. Patton, always appreciative of punctuality, complimented the unshaken M.P. Since the hunting dog was freezing in Scruce’s jeep, Patton let it in his car, and took his own seat again at the right back seat of the car. According to military protocol, junior in rank by two stars, General Gay sat on the left side, behind Woodring. With Scruce leading, they followed him on the N38 into the northern outskirts of Mannheim. When they came to a railroad crossing, Scruce’s jeep got through, but Patton’s car had to wait for a passing train. It was very cold that Sunday morning, and there was no other traffic around. In fact, nobody was around, and the only building nearby was a quartermaster depot on the other side of the tracks. After the train passed, Woodring noticed two army trucks about half a mile ahead, pulled off the shoulder of the road. One of these started moving in the opposite direction towards them.
Here it comes.
Woodring slowly gained speed again and after about a quarter of a mile the 2,5 ton 6x6 GMC truck, which was driving in the opposite direction, all of a sudden made a left turn towards the quartermaster depot. The driver, 20 year old T/5 Robert L. Thompson from Camden, New Jersey, made no hand signal, something both generals remarked, and Woodring had no chance to avoid a collision. With about 30  mph Woodring crashed into the truck, crushing the right front fender. Gay had time to ‘sit tight’, but Patton was thrown forward and most likely hit his head on the railing above the rear of the driver’s seat. This took the skin of Patton’s forehead. General Gay and Woodring were only shook up. When Woodring turned to Patton, he saw the general’s scalp and saw he bleeded profusely. He fell on Gay’s lap, who asked Woodring to help him out from under Patton, since Patton couldn’t move. Photographs of Woodring taken not much later, show Patton’s bloodstains on his jacket. About this time, the first vehicle appeared which happened to be an army ambulance. Woodring stopped it and asked the sergeant, Leroy Ogden, if he was a medic. “Yes I am”, he answered. “The general is hurt badly. Can you help him?” Woodring asked. “I will certainly try”. He proceeded to stop the bleeding while Patton was still lying in the Cadillac. In the meantime others arrived and Patton was finally put in the ambulance and driven to the 130th Station Hospital of the Seventh Army in Heidelberg, where he was admitted at 12.45, about one hour after the accident. It was the last time Woodring saw Patton. The Military Police had also arrived and started their investigation. While Woodring deeply regretted what happened, the truck driver Thompson at the time didn’t seem to realize the gravity of his careless driving. As Woodring said, “he thought it a big joke” and “didn’t seem to care at all”. He was under the influence and “goofy” and repeated with a stupid grin to the assembled spectators that he had hit Patton’s car. Woodring was so mad at Thompson for this behavior, he “wanted to shoot him”. A photograph of Thompson at the accident site shows him smiling. Also, Thompson had two other men with him in the cab of the truck to share the bottle with.
Lieutenants Vanlandingham and Smith of the 818th Military Police Company investigated the accident, but little interviewing was done. It was so obvious, the accident apparently just happened. Woodring’s and General Gay’s statements were identical, and although both drivers were accused of ‘carelessness’, no charges were placed against them. 
And now the treatment:
In the hospital, Patton was diagnosed with a severe dislocation of the vertebra and a bad scalp wound. He was paralyzed from the neck down. Immediately the best army doctors flew in from Frankfurt, and took the pressure off the dislocation of the vertebra with Crutchfield tongs. The doctors recognized the seriousness of Patton’s wounds, and a search went out for Dr. Spurling in the U.S., the best neurosurgeon of the day. In the meantime Dr. Cairns, professor of neurosurgery at Oxford University in Great Britain, was flown to Heidelberg, where he arrived on December 10. On his suggestion the Crutchfield tongs were replaced by zygomatic hooks, but there wasn’t much he could do either.Dr. Spurling, in the meantime, was found and on his way to Germany. Mrs. Patton flew with him and together they arrived in the afternoon of December 12. General Patton had Woodring pick up Mrs. Patton at the airstrip in Mannheim to show he did not blame Woodring for what had happened. Spurling found that the total medical staff of fourteen physicians did a good job, but that Patton was in bad shape. The next day it might have shown on Spurling’s face that Patton’s situation was hopeless, since Patton asked him to tell the truth. “What chance have I to ride horse again ?”, Patton asked. “None”, Spurling answered directly.”This is an ironical thing to have to happen to me”, Patton remarked. On December 17 the painful zygomatic hooks were replaced by a plaster collar because of the nearly perfect alignment of the fracture-dislocation. Like Patton’s prayer for fair weather one year earlier during the battle of the Bulge, another such Patton miracle seemed to happen. Progress was so good that on December 19 it was decided to fly Patton to the U.S.
But alas,
However, just as sudden as his condition improved it failed. Patton was dysphonic and had an acute attack of cyanosis, a lack of oxygen in his blood, usually present in terminal cases. There were also indications of a pulmonary embolism, a loose blood clot from a vein that travels to the lungs. It can cut off vital blood flow, with a 30% chance of death.
On December 20, x-rays showed the vital embolus on the upper part of his right lung. This was a battle Patton could not win. He slept on and off on his last two days, while his courageous wife was reading to him. He died in his sleep at 5.55 pm on December 21 1945. The official cause of death was pulmonary edema and a congestive heart failure.
Right - everything was going great, his condition was improving but, alas, shit happens and he died.

So now the man who wrote the yet another book about Patton's murder, a Mr. Wilcox.  What sort of a historian is he, according to the professional "historian", Peter J.K. Hendrikx, in his article?
These lingering rumors of a plot to kill Patton lead Robert K. Wilcox to write “Target: Patton”. While Nolan took six weeks to write his book, Farago claimed it took him five years, Wilcox beats everything with a ten year research. And it shows. Wilcox followed each and every rumor, insinuation and, mostly unsubstantiated, firsthand accounts. He turned every stone and followed every side-path, to the very end.

Here is where Hendrikx character assassinates Mr. Bazata to belittle his claims, after making fun and criticizing Wilcox, a REAL historian, for taking ten fucking years, doing personal interviews and checking all allegations personally - you know, stuff that "real" establishment historians just do not do!

Here's his character assassination:
Wilcox’s theory is based on a 1999 interview with Bazata that, obviously, corroborates Bazata’s story based on his dairies, that he wrote 35 years after the end of the war, right after MGM started the conspiracy theory to promote their movie “Brass Target”. At that time in the late seventies, at the end of his career with the agency, Bazata, writes Wilcox, was “bitter and in need of money” as he had been denied the rewards, jobs, disability benefits and retirement that were promised to him, most notably by OSS boss Donovan himself. This, in brief, is why and when Bazata’s dairies were written, and why he went public with his subtle yet outrageous claim “I was Paid to Kill Patton” in 1979. Bazata, who calls his brethren in the OSS/CIA “weaklings, liars, sneaks, cowards, thieves and especially betrayers” is hardly the man with whose unsubstantiated, uncontrollable, bitter and revengeful accounts one wants to make a case supporting a conspiracy. 
Keep in mind that Mr. Bazata (lets bring this up again, shall we?):
He was a member of the Jedburghs, the elite unit who parachuted into France to help organise the Resistance in the run up to D-Day in 1944. He earned four purple hearts, a Distinguished Service Cross and the French Croix de Guerre three times over for his efforts.
After the war he became a celebrated artist who enjoyed the patronage of Princess Grace of Monaco and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.
He was friends with Salvador Dali, who painted a portrait of Bazata as Don Quixote.
He ended his career as an aide to President Ronald Reagan's Navy Secretary John Lehman, a member of the 9/11 Commission and adviser to John McCain's presidential campaign
Yes, this guy was desperate and out of money and willing to say a silly story to get a few dollars.


When Patton stopped to tour the Roman ruins near Saalburg, Bazata claims he crept up to the Cadillac and jammed the window on Patton’s side so it wouldn’t close. This created an opening of about four inches through which he could shoot Patton. This is not true because it was cold and Woodring waited in the car, while Patton and Gay walked around the snow covered ruins. After they returned, Patton sat in the front compartment to dry his cold feet. This could have ruined Bazata’s supposed plan, as the window in front was closed. Yet Patton took his back seat again, after his feet were warm and letting the hunting dog in, to sit next to an open window in the cold? That’s implausible. Bazata next implies that he stopped following Patton’s car after jamming the window, and drove ahead to the ambush area, implying he knew where they were going. This is impossible. Also, Bazata doesn’t recall where and how he obtained the special rifle he used. It came either from Switzerland, Czechoslovakia or a “little country” he could not remember and had to be fired from a maximum distance of ten yards. He and his accomplice, who is only remembered as ‘The Pole’, had a civilian truck positioned on a carefully chosen location near the entrance of the depot, less than ten yards from where they expected Patton’s car to collide. Then Wilcox writes; “As to the actual accident, he did not give me a dramatic account. He just indicated everything went as planned, except they did not kill Patton”. Again Bazata has nothing to substantiate this account.
So an open and shut case of Mr. Bazata lying.  In this case, the professional "historian" successfully debunks the assassination plot.

The debunkers won.

Then again, there is always more.  Lets continue with the article:
Skubik writes he was told in May 1945 of a murder plot by the NKVD, the forerunner of the KGB, by an Ukrainian nationalist leader Bandera. He brought it to the attention of Donovan, who dismissed it. If one tip weren’t enough, two weeks later Skubik was told the same by Professor Smal-Stocki, an Ukrainian scholar, diplomat and nationalist. Apparently the Russian secret service was not as secret. And then Skubik was told for the third time Patton was targeted by the Russians, this time by Ukrainian General Shandruk. If nationalistic Ukrainians wanted to set up the United States against the Soviets, this was one way to do it.
The Nationalistic Ukrainians DID have some sources in the USSR, and there are cases of Soviet assassins assigned to murder Ukrainians living in the West having a change of heart and giving themselves up to the authorities.

The big point here is that a Counter Intelligence Corps officer of the US Army has stated that he has heard, from MULTIPLE sources, that general Patton was be assassinated - this time by the Soviet NKVD.

This is, of course, dismissed out of hand by the "professional establishment historian".

But wait, there is more!

American Thinker, The Mysterious Death of Gen. George S. Patton, an article written by Mr. Wilcox, the man who started this brouhaha with his book.

Bert C. Roosen, a former German and today a naturalized Canadian businessman, says as a youth in war-torn Germany working for Eisenhower he heard the general and his aides discussing Patton's elimination. "I lived with this all my life," says Roosen of Vancouver. Eighty-three now, he was barely 17 and an interpreter for Eisenhower on the general's special train in Germany during the occupation. One day, Patton came to see Eisenhower at the train station, testifies Roosen. He watched from a train window. "I could see them arguing. They were on the platform in heated debate."
Finally, Patton, obviously frustrated, abruptly left. Eisenhower entered the train car Roosen was in. "He [Eisenhower] was very mad. He said, 'That guy is going to screw things up.'" The general went into a portion of the car set up for meetings. Several high-ranking American officers were waiting for him. Roosen isn't positive who they were, but believes among them were Gen. Omar Bradley and General Bedell "Beatle" Smith, Eisenhower's aide. The area where they were sitting had a light partition for privacy. But Roosen, whose duties included cleaning the car, stayed nearby and could hear everything. "Ike said, 'We've got to stop him' [meaning Patton]. Another said, 'How? We can't shoot him.' A third said, 'Don't worry. I'll take care of it.'"
Three weeks later, said Roosen, he was shocked to see Patton brought to the train in a casket. "They killed him!" he remembers shockingly thinking.
This does not prove murder - in fact, what this could signify is that Patton would be reassigned in a bureaucratic shuffle to another post, away from the press and media... You know, the "correlation..." statement...

But Bert Rosen is SURE that what was discussed was General Patton's "elimination".
In fact, Patton's body, after his death at Heidelberg was taken to Luxembourg in Eisenhower's train where he was buried in a cemetery among his fallen men. "The train was full of dignitaries for the funeral," recalls Roosen, but Eisenhower did not attend, which Roosen, at the time, thought was very strange and, in his mind, proof that the conversation he'd overheard had resulted in Patton's death.
Roosen, a founder and cofounder of several prosperous Canadian companies and former president of the Vancouver Kiwanis Club, said he was "scared to death" after the train experience and "never said a word about it" for fear he would be killed. He worked in Germany with the U.S. Army until 1952 when he immigrated to Canada and began a new life. "Everyone is dead now so I no longer have that fear."
We have multiple people, from diverse background, being sure of an assassination plot.

Take from that what you will.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Americangoy answers: Do powerful secret societies exist?

Do Secret Societies exist?

I mean the real deal, weird rituals, weird costumes, just general weirdness all around gatherings which powerful men (and women) attend.

The answer is YES.


Here's Richard Nixon, perhaps my favorite president, discussing the "Bohemian Grove".  He is discussing that organization in no uncertain terms, calling them "fags", because the Nixon Tapes (research the term if you're not familiar) were recorded and were not meant to be released to the public.

So the president could and did discuss all kinds of topics in an honest way.

And what is crucial, he, as a US president, has first hand experience of this society and has attended its meeting(s).

What is the "Bohemian Grove"?

Wikipedia educates us.

The Bohemian Club's all-male membership and guest list includes artists, particularly musicians, as well as many prominent business leaders, government officials (including U.S. presidents), senior media executives, and people of power.

All male, eh?  As usual, Nixon was right.
The membership list has included every Republican Party and some Democratic Party U.S. presidents since 1923, many cabinet officials, directors and CEOs of large corporations including major financial institutions. Major military contractors, oil companies, banks (including the Federal Reserve), utilities (including nuclear power) and national media (broadcast and print) have high-ranking officials as club members or guests.
Almost all presidents, major CEO's and bankers are members.  No conspiracy here, nope.
Bohemian club members can schedule private day-use events at the Grove any time it is not being used for Club-wide purposes, and are allowed at these times to bring spouses, family and friends, though female and minor guests must be off the property by 9 or 10 pm.
Women are off the property by 10PM, eh?  What happens at night, then?  I am sure it is surprisingly normal and wholesome, errr....

Since the founding of the club, the Bohemian Grove's mascot has been an owl, symbolizing knowledge. A 40-foot (12 m) hollow owl statue made of concrete over steel supports stands at the head of the lake in the Grove; this Owl Shrine was designed by sculptor and two-time club president Haig Patigian, and built in the 1920.  Since 1929, the Owl Shrine has served as the backdrop of the yearly Cremation of Care ceremony.
The Club's patron saint is John of Nepomuk, who legend says suffered death at the hands of a Bohemian monarch rather than disclose the confessional secrets of the queen. A large wood carving of St. John in cleric robes with his index finger over his lips stands at the shore of the lake in the Grove, symbolizing the secrecy kept by the Grove's attendees throughout its long history.
So, non-christian, but pagan symbolism, alongside an obscure (Bohemian - now part of Czech republic) saint.  The finger over the lips symbolizes secrecy, obviously, as to what happens in the Grove.

Especially after, say, 10PM?  Between the all-male attendees?

What's this Cremation of Care ceremony?

Wiki on Cremation of Care
The Cremation of Care is an annual theatrical production written, produced and performed by and for members of the Bohemian Club, and staged at the Bohemian Grove near Monte Rio, California at a small artificial lake amid a private old-growth grove of Redwood trees.
The dramatic performance is presented on the first night of the annual encampment as an allegorical banishing of worldly cares for the club members, and "to present symbolically the salvation of the trees by the club" but the secretive nature of the Bohemians, and the political power of some of its members, has attracted notice from conspiracy theorists such as Alex Jones, who characterized the Cremation of Care as a ritualistic shedding of conscience and empathy, and an "abuse of power".
Obviously Alex Jones is an insane ranting crazy person, but.... but.  But.

The banishing of worldly cares CAN be taken as glorifying psychopathy, a ceremony by psychopaths celebrating their "lack of worldly care".

I am speculating.  But the symbology here, to me at least, is obvious.

In the earliest productions of the Grove Play, several restrictions were imposed upon the Sire (the master of ceremonies) including that the stage setting be the natural forest backdrop and that the "malign character Care" be introduced in the plot, to wreak havoc with the characters and then be faced down and vanquished by the hero
Caring - i.e. human feelings about others, empathy, you know, normal human emotions and feelings - is shown in the play staged every time the Bohemian Grove society meets as something malign, as something evil, to be PURGED, EXPELLED from the ego.

Those were the earliest performances of the ceremony, performed by a "high priest", and by 1923 it was changed.

Perhaps it was a tad bit too obvious and blatant?

Here's how the ceremony is (supposedly, according to wikipedia) now:
The ceremony involves the poling across a lake of a small boat containing an effigy of Care (called "Dull Care"). Dark, hooded figures receive from the ferryman the effigy which is placed on an altar, and, at the end of the ceremony, set on fire. This "cremation" symbolizes that members are banishing the "dull cares" of conscience.
Dark hooded figures sending a boat containing a burning effigy which symbolizes "caring".

That's as chrisitian as one can get, eh?

Of course, it is claimed that:
At the time the script was developed, the primary meaning of the word 'care' (< O.E. cearu, "anxiety, anguish") was synonymous with 'worry', having more negative connotations than in modern times when it tends to be associated more positively with compassion.
Riiiight.  Of course, caring means "worry", it's oooooooobvious.


Looking at the wiki linked article which is used as a source, History of Care:
Ancient literary, mythological, and philosophical sources form the roots of the "Cura" tradition of care, named after a mythological figure. The background for this tradition is found in the ambiguity of the term cura (care) in the Latin literature of ancient Rome. The term had two fundamental but conflicting meanings. On the one hand, it meant worries, troubles, or anxieties, as when one says that a person is "burdened with cares." On the other hand, care meant providing for the welfare of another; aligned with this latter meaning was the positive connotation of care as attentive conscientiousness or devotion (Burdach, 1923).
So from ancient times, "caring" had two meanings - being burdened by a worry or worries or anxieties, and on the other hand "caring" meant caring about another's welfare, such as a mother caring about her child or an employer caring about his employees well being.

Lets tackle both meanings as they relate to the Bohemian Grove society.

Supposedly, claims the idiot educated fool from History of Care, there is a conflict between the two.

Lets put this idiot, Warren T. Reich, in his place.

First, the "care" as worldly worries, for example, worrying about your financial situation, or a "care" about what OTHERS, other people, might think of your actions...

That's also a "care", right?  A woman going to a party at her friend's house will "care" or worry about what dress she should wear there - she wants to be pretty but not slutty, look good and be noticed but not to go TOO far...

That "care" is burned there on that boat on the lake by the dark robed figures...  So no one cares what you do here, senator, we are all men, POWERFUL MEN, the rulers of the world, and we can DO WHAT WE WANT without a "care", after 10PM.

The second meaning of "care" is pure empathy - worrying about others' well being and welfare.  Obviously, this "care" is not burned by the dark robed figures in a ceremony presided over by a "high priest", right?  It's not as if unfeeling psychopaths are ruling this world, right?

But even if we go with the first meaning, I have just shown that they do overlap into one another, don't they, now?

Because acting without any worries, without any "care" (the first meaning) means NOT thinking about consequences, the "just do it" philosophy without any consideration nor "worries"... acting without "care"... is unhuman.

At least, without copious amounts of alcohol or other drugs.

It is called HEDONISM and is frowned upon.

This is a celebration of selfishness - of "us" being above ordinary worldly concerns, or "cares".

Above that pesky thing called "morality".

But basing a whole rule over our society on "acting without care", especially for our rulers and owners, is terrifying.

There are ALWAYS consequences, whether one chooses to acknowledge them or not.

It is pure psychopathy on display.

It is the celebration of psychopaths.

Only the Gods (and the members) know what happens at the Grove.  Not, not ALL the members - not the ones invited there to make up the numbers.

The select few real members, the ones who matter.

But the question was asked for the plural, for secret societies, not any one society.

Fine, we have proof that the Bohemian Grove really exists, and it does fit the bill - weird symbolism, occult ceremonies, strangeness, weirdness, secrecy, powerful members who rule the world.

And since we have president Nixon on tape - where he was recorded speaking plainly and without fear of it getting out - we SHOULD accept it as truth.

But since (my bias) I believe that an American president speaking about a secret society IS a proof, lets find yet another secret organization that presidents have spoken about or belonged too.

It is surprisingly easy.

CBS News: Skull And Bones Secret Yale Society Includes America's Power Elite

As opposite as George Bush and John Kerry may seem to be, they do share a common secret - one they've shared for decades, and one they will not share with the electorate.

The secret: details of their membership in Skull and Bones, the elite Yale University society whose members include some of the most powerful men of the 20th century.

Bonesmen, as they're called, are forbidden to reveal what goes on in their inner sanctum, the windowless building on the Yale campus that is called the Tomb.

When 60 Minutes first reported on Skull & Bones last October, conspiracy theorists, who see Skull and Bones behind just about everything that goes wrong, and even right, in the world, were relishing the unthinkable - the possibility of two Bonesman fighting it out for the presidency.

Over the years, Bones has included presidents, cabinet officers, spies, Supreme Court justices, captains of industry, and often their sons and lately their daughters, a social and political network like no other.
That's literally the first duckduckgo result for the search.

It's literally in our faces, all of the time.

Skull and Bones, with all its ritual and macabre relics, was founded in 1832 as a new world version of secret student societies that were common in Germany at the time. Since then, it has chosen or "tapped" only 15 senior students a year who become patriarchs when they graduate -- lifetime members of the ultimate old boys' club.

"Skull and Bones is so tiny. That's what makes this staggering," says Robbins. "There are only 15 people a year, which means there are about 800 living members at any one time."

But a lot of Bonesmen have gone on to positions of great power, which Robbins says is the main purpose of this secret society: to get as many members as possible into positions of power.

"They do have many individuals in influential positions," says Robbins. "And that's why this is something that we need to know about."

President Bush has tapped five fellow Bonesmen to join his administration. Most recently, he selected William Donaldson, Skull and Bones 1953, the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Like the President, he's taken the Bones oath of silence. 
Duh, stupid conspiracy theorist! Secret societies do not rule the world, duh! Idiot!
"It's this sepulchral, tomblike, windowless, granite, sandstone bulk that you can't miss. And I lived next to it," says Rosenbaum. "I had passed it all the time. And during the initiation rites, you could hear strange cries and whispers coming from the Skull and Bones tomb."

Despite a lifetime of attempts to get inside, the best Rosenbaum could do was hide out on the ledge of a nearby building a few years ago to videotape a nocturnal initiation ceremony in the Tomb's courtyard.

"A woman holds a knife and pretends to slash the throat of another person lying down before them, and there's screaming and yelling at the neophytes," he says.

Robbins says the cast of the initiation ritual is right out of Harry Potter meets Dracula: "There is a devil, a Don Quixote and a Pope who has one foot sheathed in a white monogrammed slipper resting on a stone skull. The initiates are led into the room one at a time. And once an initiate is inside, the Bonesmen shriek at him. Finally, the Bonesman is shoved to his knees in front of Don Quixote as the shrieking crowd falls silent. And Don Quixote lifts his sword and taps the Bonesman on his left shoulder and says, 'By order of our order, I dub thee knight of Euloga.'"
Again, not very christian symbolism.  It is very pagan - it has nothing to do with christianity as we know it.

Obviously, by my own secret society standards - weird symbolism, occult rituals, powerful membership which rules over us - it checks out.  It is out in the open, it exists, powerful men belong to it and they do some... very strange stuff to each other.

"Prescott Bush, George W's grandfather, and a band of Bonesmen, robbed the grave of Geronimo, took the skull and some personal relics of the Apache chief and brought them back to the tomb," says Robbins. "There is still a glass case, Bonesmen tell me, within the tomb that displays a skull that they all refer to as Geronimo."

"The preoccupation with bones, mortality, with coffins, lying in coffins, standing around coffins, all this sort of thing I think is designed to give them the sense that, and it's very true, life is short," says Rosenbaum. "You can spend it, if you have a privileged background, enjoying yourself, contributing nothing, or you can spend it making a contribution."
How can one sum it up?
"I think Skull and Bones has had slightly more success than the mafia in the sense that the leaders of the five families are all doing 100 years in jail, and the leaders of the Skull and Bones families are doing four and eight years in the White House," says Rosenbaum.

Oh, and as for proof...

Notice how the interviewer is making it a bit of a joke, and also notice that there was no answer other than "it's a secret" therefore I won't talk about it - lets change the subject.

One sentence caught my interest in the CBS News article, and I have stopped reading it and re-read that sentence multiple times.
Skull and Bones, with all its ritual and macabre relics, was founded in 1832 as a new world version of secret student societies that were common in Germany at the time.
German secret societies in the XIX, eh?  That's what's worth emulating in the new world?

To examine the subject, do your own research and buy some books.  For example, Peter Levenda's "Unholy Alliance: A history of nazi involvement with the occult" is a good primer.

The book shows us that Germany (and by extension, the world at large) was a hodgepodge of secret societies, each pushing their own agenda and each fighting the ones opposed to it.

Research "The Thule society", for example, and see where the nazi occult believes originate and finally understand what the SS was really about.

But the Skull and Bones was founded in 1832, and while one can argue (and I certainly will do so) that the Thule Secret Society was basically an offshoot of the XIX German secret society mania (that is an apt word, they were extremely numerous), lets delve deeper and look at those XIX Century Germanic societies "worth emulating".

The main person, or persona, of the XIX Century secret societies was undoubtedly Madame Blavatsky.

Wiki on the Blavatsky phenomenon:
She travelled the world (or not), invented a whole new science (or pseudoscience) or a mystical movement or... however you define it.

In 1875 she founds the Theosophical Society.
Associating it closely with the esoteric doctrines of Hermeticism and Neoplatonism, Blavatsky described Theosophy as "the synthesis of science, religion and philosophy", proclaiming that it was reviving an "Ancient Wisdom" which underlay all the world's religions.
You can read about her magnum opus, Isis Unveiled, as well as the full text online.

Fundamentally, the underlying concept behind Blavatsky's Theosophy was that there was an "ancient wisdom religion" which had once been found across the world, and which was known to various ancient figures, such as the Greek philosopher Plato and the ancient Hindu sages
Blavatsky connected this ancient wisdom religion to Hermetic philosophy, a worldview in which everything in the universe is identified as an emanation from a Godhead. Blavatsky believed that all of the world's religions developed from this original global faith.
Apparently, her three principles of her beliefs/occultism were these:
  1. To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste, or colour.
  2. To encourage the study of Comparative Religion, Philosophy, and Science.
  3. To investigate the unexplained laws of Nature and the powers latent in man.

Which is all well and good, but what does all this have to do with the Germanic XIX secret societies, you may well ask?

Well, a German section of the Theosophical Society was duly established, and it was run a Dr. Wilhelm Hubbe-Schleiden.  If you want an online proof of such a chap, here you go.

If you read German, German Wiki page on the chap.

Thing is, the good doctor was at one time a German colonial administrator.

To understand what the German colonial policy in Africa was all about, please read about the Herero and Namaqua Genocide.  Now, I am not squeamish, but even the British sources at the time were appalled.

Hell, "Chancellor Bülow could only advise Emperor Wilhelm II that Trotha's actions were "contrary to Christian and humanitarian principle, economically devastating and damaging to Germany's international reputation".

Also, as you read about the Herero genocide, you will come upon the section entitled concentration camps.

There is also a section on medical experiments.

If you see a link between the concentration camps in Africa, and the ghastly medical experiments performed by doctors on racially inferior prisoners, and the later 1940's actions of the nazi regime, ding ding ding! You're not an idiot!

So our good doctor, the German leader of the TS branch of Blavatsky's, was a colonial administrator for German Africa.

Bear that in mind.

Using a translator, we also learn that Hubbe-Schleiden:
"In 1877, he was tried and convicted in Gabon for participating in a double murder.  However, he was able to successfully challenge the judgment and then returned to Germany".

A paragon of virtue, this man.

There were other secret mystical organizations in XIX Germany.  Like I said, it was a mania, which culminated in the nazis occult war.

There was the Ordo Templi Orientis (lets call it OTO in short).

'Order of the Temple of the East' or 'Order of Oriental Templars',
The early history of O.T.O. is difficult to trace reliably. It originated in Germany or Austria between 1895 and 1906. Its apparent founder was Carl Kellner (probably with the German spelling Karl), a wealthy Austrian industrialist, in 1895 (although nothing verifiable is known of the Order until 1904).

Theodor Reuss (1855–1923) collaborated with Kellner in creating O.T.O., and succeeded him as head of O.T.O. after Kellner's death. Under Reuss, charters were given to occult brotherhoods in France, Denmark, Switzerland, the U.S.A. and Austria. There were nine degrees, of which the first six were Masonic.
In 1902, Reuss, along with Franz Hartmann and Henry Klein, purchased the right to perform the Rite of Memphis and Mizraim of Freemasonry, the authority of which was confirmed in 1904 and again in 1905. Although these rites are considered to be irregular, they, along with the Swedenborg Rite formed the core of the newly established Order.
They are mostly famous because that idiot, Alistair Crowley, was a member.

What they should be famous for was that they used sex for their magic power - literally, using sexual energy to cast spells.  You might smirk, but where do you think "tantric sex" comes from?  Do you think ancients did not do this (Newsflash - they did.  Also they had what's called "sacred prostitutes" in ancient temples).

There was also the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Reading the descriptions, online, in my book collection, is to come upon the realization that while Blavatsky may or may not have been a charlatan (or perhaps she was a true believer in her own brand of mysticism, but "cut some corners" and had done a few things to nudge her movement/mystical organization along), the majority of the Germanic secret society members were deadly serious.

They really did want to practice magic, to gain power, through the means of study, of practice of sex, or/and of tapping into the powers of the ancients.

Per the CBS article, it was these organizations that our American "boys" wanted to emulate - and which they do, to this modern day.

As to whether it is mambo jumbo, just symbolism a la "Greek fraternity" on any American college campus... Well...

Rituals involving bones of Geronimo, caskets, shrieking, using a knife in a ceremony...

We might as well call the rituals performed in every catholic church each Sunday "mumbo jumbo" - but it is NOT that to the millions of people who flock to churches worldwide every seven days.

The main theme of Levenda's "Unholy Alliance" is that the nazi organization was NOT a political party, nor was it a secular organization that wanted to grab power.

It was a cult - a new religion for a new world order.

It was born from the XIX Century Germanic secret societies, such as the ones I listed here.

The other thing to keep in mind was that while these secret societies were international with branches in different countries, the Germans broke with their "secret masters" and plowed on ahead in their own path.

Into this cocktail of Germanic secret societies, came a certain chap named Guido von List who created his own society (yet another one!).

His organization promoted Aryan i.e. Germanic/Teutonic race as superior to ALL others (sorry, Poles, Italians, French - you are not the White/Aryan, apparently), and apparently only the Germans were worthy enough to be considered the "true" Aryans.

This then was the climate in Germany, of secret societies, a veritable cocktail of people who at first believed in ancient magic and wisdom, who as Madame Blavatsky has taught wanted humanity to respect the elders, learn from them and to establish a "Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste, or colour"...

Which was then morphed by Germans in the XIX into "Aryans are supermen", to "We Germans are the Aryan children and all others can go fuck themselves" (Deep thoughts, I know, but hey, Germans are truly wacky people).

One of Guido von List's students was one "Anton Drexler, a member of the Thule Society, founded the German Workers’ Party (DAP)".

We all know where that path lead - the wholesale slaughter of men, women and children - mostly WHITE men, women and children.  A cataclysm, a holocaust of unimaginable proportions - a biblical size catastrophe.

And all this sprang from the XIX Century Germanic secret societies.

Which, apparently, the founders of "Skull and Bones" wanted to emulate and did so, successfully.

Which explains a lot about the direction in which this country (and the world) is heading.

To all so called White Supremacists who admire hitler

Are you fucking insane?

This man is literally responsible for perhaps the biggest (percentage wise) White people genocide since Ghengis Khan.

It was a blood sacrifice unlike any other.

And you admire this man?  For what, killing a record number of White men, women and children?

Anybody who proclaims him/her self a "White supremacist" or a "Proud White"

(a term I prefer, because I identify with my European people but refuse to follow the XIX Century Germanic path of "Aryan uber alles" which leads to violence and White blood sacrifice- also, I DO believe that while my race, the White race IS superior, this does not mean that we should be overlords over other races, or slavemasters, or take advantage of them in any way)

... and is an admirer of hitler is an idiot.

That the biggest mass murderer of Whites (after Ghengis Khan and stalin), a man who was literally a dupe of stalin, is admired by people proclaiming themselves "White supremacists" or some such literally blows my mind.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Robert Leone Story: Just watch this. Please

Feel free to read this also:

Man charged with breaking a trooper’s fist with his face

Was the man at fault for not stopping immediately once he realized there was a police car behind him with a siren flashing?


But this does not excuse the beatings, the taserings, the torture, the abuse, the intimidation of medical personnel, the jumping from the roof on a car directly onto the back of Mr. Leone and on and on and on and on and on and...

While we're at it, isn't it just heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-larious how we all laugh about the fact that once you go to an American jail, you WILL be raped in the ass by crazed drugged out of their minds inmates - lets face it, by blacks?

Is the Yoo Ess of Ey a civilized country?

Is it?

My experience with small town cops: zero.

Part of my duties in a job a decade ago, I had to drive to a client site through some real rural areas, where the cows outnumbered the people.  The roads outside of towns had a very high speed limit, while the roads inside the villages and towns had a VERY LOW speed limit.

While driving a client's employee to the site and driving in a town, I was told to "Slow down, now! You don't want to get in trouble in these small towns!".

I was driving roughly 2 miles over the speed limit at this time...

I was cocky, and answered in a cocky way, and laughed.

The other guy was not laughing as he said: "Man, the judges, police and everybody knows each other in these places.  You'll disappear! If you drive alone, do whatever, but with me, SLOW DOWN".

I laughed, but it is hard to continue laughing while the other guy was completely serious.

I did slow down and drove 3-5 miles under the speed limit in each town.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


“Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religions destroy spirituality.” – Michael Ellner

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Joke of the day and Fred's column and the answer to everything - again

NSA is the only US Government agency that actually listens to the citizens.


Fred has a good column in which he notices things as they are... kinda.

Black Power; Fred's blog

The theme is the power of blacks in national discourse, on TV, in what the laws are and how they are enforced... the conclusion is that they, the blacks, rule.

But after writing this:

It is curious that blacks, the least educated thirteen percent of the population, the least productive, most criminal, and most dependent on governmental charity, should dominate national politics. Yet they do. Virtually everything revolves around what blacks want, demand, do, or can’t do. Their power seems without limit. 

Fred, ol' boy... if the blacks are least educated, least productive, most dependent on government free shit programmes, it is not THEIR power.

The non-functional retards, because that is what they are, DO NOT RULE by definition.

Somebody else has been pulling the strings; someone else rules...

There is also an invasion from the South; the numbers would alarm a Roman senator, quaestor, censor, general... and the Romans would take action to defend their nation state and their people.

The thing is, this is also happening in Europe.  Instead of only blacks spreading like a virus, it is also the maghreb, "the arab street"- the moslems, and you can bet the quarter in your wallet that these are not the university educated elites.

Were Europeans polled about the invasion of their homelands, the wholesale destruction of their culture and indeed their towns (?  Were we, the Americans?  Of all skin colors?

If you look somewhat closer, you notice that this whole thing stinks.  And how obvious it is.

Al Sharpton Must Be Crazy To Think Blacks Will Support Illegal Immigration;

Sharpton is not "crazy" - he is just a paid employee of the establishment and is doing what his boss(es) tell him to do; just like you do at your place of employment if you want to keep your position and benefits and not be fired.

Do you seriously think that black people want competition for low skilled jobs and social "gibs me dat" progammes?  In that case, YOU are crazy.

So, Fred, blacks rule in America, eh?  They are all powerful, hmm?  Perhaps it is another (very, very powerful) social/elite group which has taken over power and is bending this "powerful" nation to its whims to accomplish THEIR goals?

Again, the same thing is happening in Europe.

Just google europe no go white areas...

In Europe, it is not usually the blacks (although they are imported/allowed to come just as enthousiastically as the somalis are in Chicago; there are hordes of somalis in chicago and its suburbs) who are the invaders - it is the moslems.

Lets take a look at what is going on in both North America and Europe.

The elites which rule over us (but are not "of us"; i.e. they are NOT OUR PEOPLE and they do not take into considerations our interests) work assiduously to pump as many non-White people into successful 1st world (read - highly civilized) countries.

There are official Orwellian policies and punishments alongside social stigma promoted by state and propaganda is pumped 24/7 into your brain (mass media, boy scouts, your union, your neighbors' association, your TV commercials).

But why?

The answer is very simple.

Jews took over the Weimar republic, taking advantage of Germany's catastrophic situation and their incredible organization, togetherness, skill, drive and intelligence (yes, lets not kid ourselves, your average Jew is smarter, better educated, better motivated than your average fat Joe Schmoe American - I know, most of my Jewish friends are successful entrepreneurs, taking risks mitigated by their network of self-help of their religious/ethnic cousins).

It did not work out so well for everybody (you HAVE to read this article: Dirty Little Secrets Of WWII The Hidden, Awkward Origins Of World War 2 By Jason Collett, if you have not done so before.

If you have, it behooves you to re-read it again.

And again.

The whole hitler phenomena, alongside NSDAP and total dictatorship and total war happened because the German people NOTICED that their bankers, the bosses they worked for, the factories they worked in, their newspaper owners, newspaper editors who had the final say on what was printed in them, their radio broadcasting, their culture - theatres, cinemas, books, and the magazines which reviewed them and the publishers which chose what and who to print... and the brothels and red light districts also (it is an interesting phenomena that Jews are very much into the porn business, something which should be investigated further...).

ALL OF THEM WERE OWNED BY JEWS (virtually all, of course, not the total 100%).

A small minority successfully hijacked a whole country, a whole nation state, a WHOLE PEOPLE and...


... To the detriment of us all, with millions of White Europeans maimed or dead...

Being more intelligent than the idiots that they happened to live amongst, Jews again succeeded in taking over the countries where they COULD take over (no, not China).

That is why the same patterns are happening in Europe (now in Eastern Europe, also!) and North America.

Because when there is a homogenous population outsiders, invaders - THE ENEMY - is noticed when they are overwhelmingly present in top elite positions ruling and shaping the country.

Germans noticed that Brulensteins and Golds and Bernstains and Shmuelsons were in all the top positions in newspapers, factories, banks, with no sign of any Meyer or Hirsch or Schneider... but lots of  Meyers and Hirschs and Schneiders were working for them, for a pittance, and literally starving and freezing...

While the Brulensteins and Golds and Bernstains and Shmuelsons lived in stupendous palaces or at the very least very expensive upper middle class homes.

They stuck out like sore thumbs.

Because in a homogenous society, it is very easy to notice THE OTHER.

Jews, unlike us Europeans, are not idiots and they learn from their mistakes.  They do not watch or (old true gods forbid!) pay into modern panem et circes of "entertainment", porn and/or professional sports, where a White woman with a black detective arrest a White man pervert EVERY EPISODE, where a coked out of her mind blonde is bullied and mentally abused by her Jewish master, where black retards run or kick a ball on a painted grass field...

But I digress...

The solution to their conundrum was obviously not to assimilate and become just like us.  They did not survive as an elite culture, able to thrive in ANY country they chose to locate in...

For a time, until the population has had enough - this has happened time after time after time, country after country, from ancient times.  If you read the bible (yes, I know it is jewish propaganda, and you should read it with this viewpoint), one of the first "stories" is the Jews exile from Ancient Egypt...

Of course they were innocent lambs persecuted because, well, RACISM, duh!

And the same story was repeated roughly a hundred or so odd times.

Google Jews thrown out country and see for yourself.

When there is a pattern of them being thrown out of every country they settled in, by different cultures, religions and peoples, well, perhaps there was something more to the story than RACISM and anti-semitism (which is an even worse racism, because it is against the Jews, and so deserves its own word, unlike, say, the hatred of Congolese or Indonesians).

And this puts the whole bible exodus story in a different light, eh, my dear idiot christian believer?

The solution to their conundrum was to make the places themselves, where they chose to settle and rule, more fitting to themselves.  More given to their purpose.

And so, most Jews I know in America have changed their names as they were granted citizenship status.  (Interestingly, whole hordes of somalis, pakistanis, jews have no problems legally immigrating to this country, people from Eastern Europe like the Poles (my people) are not allowed to (legally) and all kinds of obstructions placed to prevent them from doing so).

Russian Jews changed their last names, a Bulgarian guy I know also did so, and another, and another...

So a Bernstein becomes a Mr. Smith.  Mr. Johnson.  Mr. Bern.  And so on and so on...
Interestingly in Medieval Europe Jews who left the shtetl changed their names to be like the nobility (von Bern, for example).  Like a chameleon which can adapt...  they DO adapt.

But that is not enough.  That will  not do.

And so since Ancient Egypt all the way to the Weimar Republic, despite this (to them) natural behaviour, they still found themselves in trouble.  Persecutions, pogroms, people just not liking them.

Because racism, of course.

All one hundred (and some odd fifty times?).

So the idea they hit upon is destroying the homogenous societies and making them into heterogeneous ones.  Not one people - multiple PEOPLES, plural, as many as possible, with conditions being created to make them hate each other, or at the least fight for jobs, professional organizations, political positions, and the like.

If you look at what's going on GLOBALLY under this prism, things that did not make sense suddenly DO make sense.

Why do Jews work so hard to import hordes of moslems into France? Into the UK? Sweden?

moslems HATE jews, and there are real crimes committed by moslems against jews in Europe (actual "anti-semitism", if you will).

But yet Jewish leadership, elites and organizations do everything in their power to import the moslems wholesale into White countries.

Of course NOW you get it.

The lower class of people, us, the blacks, Whites, Asians, we will focus on each other and fight over admissions to universities, our neighborhoods... and everything is done to prevent different peoples living peacefully in their ethnic enclaves - governments in N. America and Europe have a slew of programmes to resettle different groups in populations centres of other groups.

Keep the conflict going in the lower levels of society.

Fight for the crumbs.

Us, the lower castes, the plebs, the cattle - the goyim.

That leaves the upper caste - and there is only one, regardless of the "frontmen" pushed in front of the cameras - to do as they please.

Meanwhile, we do not notice the fact that the Central Bank is ALWAYS staffed by Jews, run by Jews, and that it has always been so. It is acknowledged now that Jews own the media, with radio shows either being music which stupifies (rather, "music", with the lowest degenerate blacks and Whites promoted into being "superstars") or radio shows which discuss politics (and on today's NPR, we will discuss a great Jewish author, Welcome Mr. Shmuelson... Good to be here, Mr. Bernstein... Lets talk about White racism...).

As for that other stuff - voting, and foreign policy, hell, our rights as citizens and employees - well, we don't have neither the time nor the inclination to even spend one minute per day thinking about that.


It is hard to do so when Tyrone and Jose are shooting each other on your street while your home is invaded by Shaniqua and her boyfriend, LeThirdWerdTurd, and your daughter is groomed by the nice pakistani men to be a whore - and woe to you if you even try to say something about any of this...

Brilliant, terrifying, and effective.

It is so simple.

And so easy to spot if you spend even a moment of the day unplugging from TV "entertainment", and to do what Greek citizens did in Athens - get involved in YOUR COUNTRY.

Well, actually, is it NOT your country anymore... you have lost it... White European.


.... aaaand just to prove my theory (fact?), after the recent Senate election where the democrats lost control to republicans (yawn, as if any of this matters - circes)...

What is the main priority of the president? Jobs, security, economic well being.. in fact, ANYTHING that involves making the lives of us Americans better?


Top priority for our government: flooding the country with more Central and South Americans and africans

The top priority is immigration reform - which is basically opening the borders to Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and all other countries south of the border, with a sprinkling of somalis (How come there are so many in Chicago of all places, already? How the fuck did that happen?) and of course hordes of indian IT slaves working for minimum wage and a chance for a green card who somehow bring hordes of "indian babushkas" into this country

That is top priority folks!

And don't worry, the republicans are not better - they also energetically work to make this dream of our elites to completely destroy our livelihood, our wages, to take away from us even the shit "do you want fries with that?" jobs that are left in this country.

After all, both of the parties in our "democracy" sham are paid by the same people... In effect, being their employees (yes, it's that simple).

So what's the top priority of our rulers again? Anything concerning us, the citizens, our healthcare, well being,  jobs, pensions, retirement, security?


I rest my case.