Sunday, November 29, 2015

Axis of Evil

1. Libya

Lets try a timeline - this means pay attention to the dates, people!

'Pay me £4bn a year and I'll stop Europe from turning black': Col Gaddafi demands EU cash to stop immigration via Libya,

In the speech Gaddafi, 67, told his audience in Rome: 'Italy needs to convince her European allies to accept this Libyan proposal - five billion euro to Libya to stop illegal immigration.
'Europe runs the risk of turning black from illegal immigration, it could turn into Africa.
'We need support from the European Union to stop this army trying to get across from Libya, which is their entry point.
'At the moment there is a dangerous level of immigration from Africa into Europe and we don't know what will happen.
'What will be the reaction of the white Christian Europeans to this mass of hungry, uneducated Africans?
'We don't know if Europe will remain an advanced and cohesive continent or if it will be destroyed by this barbarian invasion. We have to imagine that this could happen but before it does we need to work together.'
There you have it, in black ink on white, err, internet paper.

Quaddafi saw what was going to happen, he suggested a (relatively cheap) solution which incidentally would pay him (and his country, but really mostly himself) quite handsomely.

Now to the power that rules over us here in the so called "Western World" (let me spell it out for you phonetically - Jay.  Eee.  Double-you.  Ess) this was quite a dangerous thing.

The people who rule over us WANT the European White race (and Chinese... and Asians... but all in good time) to become weak, pathetic, a shadow of its former self.  Broken, pathetic people are much easier to rule over, you see.

It is even easier to rule over a peoples (note the plural) jumbled together and competing for scraps which the elites deign to give to them.

A united, White, homogenous country is a dangerous country to them.  That is why Hungary, Poland, China, Japan are dangerous.

Observe Poland:

This is thousands of soccer fans chanting: All of Legia (one of Warsaw's soccer clubs) shouts NO! to the islamic savages (Cala Legia glosno krzyczy, nie dla tej islamskiej dziczy - put it in google translate).

Observe Poland:

Thousands - tens, hundreds - of thousands YOUNG (this is very important!) people marching together.

These sort of scenes, I guarantee you, touch the Jewish neurotic subconscious and scare them.

The history of the Jewish people has been repeating ad infinitum from the ancient times.  These are very smart, and on the other hand very stupid people.  Very smart, because they are incredibly adept at exploiting the rules, regularions and laws of the modern (since medieval times) monetary system, to the point that in ALL Western countries it is the Jews who control the money supply.

Yes, it is they who control how much money is printed (or created on computer screens) and who gets it...  This is a simple fact; anybody who will argue that this statement is anti-semitic might have a point, but one cannot argue with the TRUTH of this statement.

For starters, look up how money is created in the USA - and who are the "top dogs" in the Federal Reserve...  Then move to the UK, France, the Vatican (research the Vatican Bank), etc etc.


A Hungarian woman kicks a scumbag - note the "oh noes" faux outrage tone of a typical Western, effeminate loser.

This news report has run on a Magyar TV station.
Can you imagine such truth to be shown on a UK, French, German, Irish, Dutch TV station?

Now lets compare the scene (for lack of a better word that comes to mind) with some scenes from a "Western World".


This is a march.  A hundred, thousand, more (?) people march through the centre of a historic, German city to show their power to the people living there.

There is a catch - these people are not German, nor will they ever be.

Just like Jews - they will NEVER integrate.  Never!

We have two frauleins, two German housewives, lamenting to each other the death of their country.  They are afraid to talk to each other, and want to whisper, but (LOL!) the new glorious culturally enriching filth that now occupies their city and marches through it are so fucking LOUD that they have to SCREAM at each other to have a normal conversation!

A German politician from the 3rd largest German party (the Left... in real world speak, the communists)

Make sure to watch it in full and pay full fucking attention to what this huma... creature has said.
Make sure you listen in as he says:

"Every year more native Germans die than there are born.  

That is very fortunate.

It's because the Nazis are not good at having offspring".

This German (???) huma... scum has just equated ALL Germans to Nazis.  All of them, without exception.

Furthermore, he (it?) states that it is a good thing that the Germans, excuse me mein herren und fraulein und Turkiye, the Nazis are not having enough children to survive as a people (race, or volk, if you will) and that that is a good thing!

Still in Germany, one of the most advanced Western nations in the world

Therefore they are a big target; I mean look what happened when they were united and started to notice what happened during the Weimar Republic days - here motherfuckers, read this: Dirty Little Secrets Of WWII.

In case you are too lazy, it is a compendium of various embassy stuff and spies (really, the same thing) reporting back to their countries as to what was happening in Germany in the 1920's.

Keep in mind that these were sealed diplomatic messages, i.e. full diplomatic protection, and not meant to be read by anybody but the highest echelon of those countries governments.

Go read it now, this article will wait.

You MUST read it to understand the greatest calamity that befell the White race and perhaps all of humanity (I mean, when one reads about the Japanese excesses in China and elsewhere, the Nazis seem as the more humane partners in the Axis WW2 alliance... as incredible as it seems).


Still here?

Shit.... sigh... I better continue.

I guess I better comment on the last vid I posted.

But what can I say - what can anyone say?

A German (???) politician, therefore one who should represent the interests of common Germans in a democratic system, tells the assembled town residents who do not want their town overrun with islamic dregs of society to, and I quote, "Get the fuck out!".

Now, we come to the crucial thing.

Notice the difference of a scene (again for a lack of a better word) between a European White
homogeneous country... nation... nay, PEOPLE (yes, people, as in a race, as in there are different European peoples with different cultures, norms, behaviours, traditions - choke on that, multiculturalist filth)


Compare it to behaviour of countries already overrun with an alien element(s), with conspiratorial whispers, with a scared shout from the back of the crowd... and thousands of young people, the future of a nati... of a PEOPLE, marching together to save their own country.

Their own tradition.

Their own People.

Themselves and their future children.

The future of their race (or La Raza, if you prefer - more on that later).

Does the Western World (tm!) seem so superior to the backward, racist, potatoe head peasants from the East?

A Western World child is sitting in front of a TV right now, playing a computer game, while his sister is on a street getting harassed... or worse.


Now, the Western man (hahahaha, as if there is such a thing) will see nothing wrong with this.  Just normal flirting, n'est ce-pas?  Of course, a White western, err, man (???) would NEVER do this, as he could be sued, articles would be written about his scandalous actions, feminists would organize protests etc etc etc.

The Western man (note lack of capitalization)... knows... his... place.

The Western man.... knows he has lost.

And he has accepted it.

But wait, I said something about a timeline?

Right, lets get to it!

Unlike a Western man, when I say something, I mean it, and my word is my bond.  Words in the Western world are sophistry, words in the East of Berlin world have meaning, promise and danger.

Where were we last?

Aha, Monsieur Quaddafi warning Europe about a black wave destroying it (it meaning Europe, it meaning everything in Europe - nation states, the people, culture, everything - go to the beginning of the article and re-read what Quaddaffi has said).

Pay attention to the dates.

I know that the computer games and CNN and especially your fucking phone is eeeeeeextremely important to you, Western man (woman, and child) but fucking recall the article about Quaddafi's quote was from 31


Lets learn about the Arab Spring, a totally spontaneous series of events which destabilized the Middle East, made all of Israel's enemies a bunch of Mad Max like regions, and totally not organized nor helped by Israeli nor Western (American and Western Euro) intel agencies.


Lets do a quick bit on Libya and how it was there:

Arab Spring: Libyan Edition

Anti-government protests began in Libya on 15 February 2011. By 18 February the opposition controlled most of Benghazi, the country's second-largest city. The government dispatched elite troops and militia in an attempt to recapture it, but they were repelled. By 20 February, protests had spread to the capital Tripoli, leading to a television address by Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, who warned the protestors that their country could descend into civil war. The rising death toll, numbering in the thousands, drew international condemnation and resulted in the resignation of several Libyan diplomats, along with calls for the government's dismantlement By 18 February the opposition controlled most of Benghazi, the country's second-largest city. The government dispatched elite troops and militia in an attempt to recapture it, but they were repelled. By 20 February, protests had spread to the capital Tripoli, leading to a television address by Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, who warned the protestors that their country could descend into civil war. The rising death toll, numbering in the thousands, drew international condemnation and resulted in the resignation of several Libyan diplomats, along with calls for the government's dismantlement.

Fuck it, why read all that shit.

Just pay attention to this:
Anti-government protests began in Libya on
15 February 2011.

What a coincidence?

The Western European leaders, being deeply concerned with their countries, people and races' future, heeded Quaddafi's warning and dispatched all possible aid to Libya to restore stability to the region.  With Libya safe and secure, the grateful Quaddafi and his Western European partners not only agreed to pour billions of dollars into Libya to help the hundred of thousands of arab scu.... refugees but also made deals which guaranteed a steady supply of Libyan oil to flow into their countries.

A new era of stability was the result of this farsighted decisions made unanimously by courageous Western European statesmen (and women!) which stabilized the Middle East, stopped the wars (with help of the UN and NATO) and saved the lives of thousands of arab migrants fleeing war who have landed in Libya (...)

(When I was writing that alternative history, I was both crying and laughing hysterically, because, come'on - Western "democratic" leaders acting in the best interest of their countries and people, that's just... ahahahhahahaha).

What happened was that what the guys from Legia Warsaw were chanting about (islamic savages, the dregs of the arab world) were armed, paid and supported (with food, money, ammunition, everything necessary to foment Mad Max in the Middle East).

Just in case you, Western person, have deigned to not notice the stench of Western money in the whole Mad Max... err, Arab Spring catastophe:

Remember that whole Benghazi consulate scandal?

Where the American consulate was attacked and American soldiers were deliberately told to stand down and to let the American ambassador die?

Yeah, that one.

CIA 'running arms smuggling team in Benghazi when consulate was attacked'.

Up to 35 CIA operatives were working in the city during the attack last September on the US consulate that resulted in the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, according to CNN.
Sources said that more Americans were hurt in the assault spearheaded by suspected Islamic radicals than had been previously reported. CIA chiefs were actively working to ensure the real nature of its operations in the city did not get out.
To whom were those CIA operatives smuggling arms - i.e. giving free American weapons to?

The arab and other dregs of society (chechens come to mind) which overthrew the Quaddafi government (or regime, if you prefer) and then murdered him and his family.

Get it through your head - the Arab Spring was not a spontaneous, spur of the moment thing.  It was set in motion to foment disaster and calamity in the arab world, to weaken nation-states with not-so-friendly attitudes to Israel.

Don't believe me?

americangoy Bernard Lewis.

Then after reading (and perhaps understanding it - understanding the world around them is not a strong point for a Western person) the article and familiarizing yourself with Monsigneur Bernarn Lewis and his (and neocon) plan for the Middle East, the whole Arab Spring would start to make sense.... also the fact of American agents giving arms, ammunition, food and whatever else they could give to terrorists hell-bent (er, allah bent?) on overthrowing local governments and setting up extreme religious, Middle Ages sharia law states.

Libya was actually on the fringes of civil war, Quaddafi and his regime were keeping it together... but then he has said the fatal promise to the rulers of Europe - give me money and I will help you save Europe.

But the rulers of the Western World are not interested in saving Europe - its people, culture, races.

They aim to destroy it.

Quaddafi was a mortal danger to their plans and he and his powerbase had to go.  He was not taken out, ousted, nor assassinated when he sponsored terrorists bombed a (then) West German discotheque which was very popular at the time with American Army guys (actually, American black guys in Germany were hitting on the local Turkish women there - google La Belle bombing).

He wasn't taken out when he sponsored terrorists who put a bomb on an American passenger airplane and as a result two hundred seventy people (270!) died (yes, Quaddafi was quite the sponsor of global terrorism, for real yo, google Pan Am bombing).

He was directly responsible for killing American soldiers.

He was directly responsible for putting a fucking bomb on an American passenger airplane and killing 270 people.

Well, Reagan did some bombing of some sand in Libya and that was that.

But, when Quaddafi got old, actually STOPPED terrorism, and came with a proposal to save Europe from an invasion of arab (and others) dregs of society that we see on our TV's every fucking day during the news...

Well... NOW we have to take him out.

He wanted to save Europe AND he had a realistic way of doing so - and at that moment his fate was sealed.

And so CIA guys in the Benghazi consulate (those are the ones we know about because of the scandal - imagine hundreds, maybe closer to 500, of these fuckers giving rifles, RPG's, mortars, money, ammo, bomb making material, food etc etc etc not just in Libya but all over the Middle East, giving all this stuff to every scumbag over there who wanted to KILL).

Compare Libya's fate (which is still pretty much Mad Max land) to what happened in Egypt.

Egypt is a very powerful country, with rather modern military (not up to Israeli standards but it is a regional power) and it also felt the full force of Arab Spring.

But Lo!!!

A miracle happened!

One dictator was overthrown by a mob which wanted democra.... actually they were led by the Moslem Brotherhood, and they wanted sharia law etc etc there....

And in his place, there sprung up another dictator.  And the police and army did their best to quell the disturbances and scatter the mob and bring order out of chaos.

As in every other country, America gave full aid to the mob... err, terrorists... err, I mean democratic movement which spontaneously sprung up to overthrow the Egyptian dictator Mubarak.

Well, guess what, motherfucker.

Here there was a switch.

America exported tons (yes, tons) of ammunition, police supplies weapons to Egypt - but not to the terrorists.

They exported them to the government forces.

Amnesty International Report on USA export arms to Egypt 2011.

Somebody in Israel (correctly) surmised that while the whole of Middle East becoming Mad Max land was a good thing (well, to those scumbags), well, perhaps having this shit right next door in Egypt would not be so kosher.

Egyptian Army had (has) American M1 Abrams tanks, they have modern weapons, potent anti-air capabilities... this is not Tunisia nor Libya nor Syria, this is tonnes of very modern, deadly weapons right next door to Israel!

Provided as a gesture of good faith and support (free of charge.... well, American taxpayers paid for it) by America to Egypt for having peace with Israel and actively cooperating with Israel in various security issues (i.e. tunnels into Gaza, blockading Gaza when Israel commanded it, etc).

Egypt was not an exception.

The Arab Spring handlers lost control and in many places it actually became a REAL, spontaneous movement of people protesting against their current governing regimes.

But while the mob in Libya, Syria (and perhaps Tunisia, which started the whole bloody business) got lots of help from the CIA and American arms manufacturers, other countries which experienced troubles, like Quatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE - there the policy of America was to support the governments.

In fact, what came to light is that America supplied arms to those governments, and they quickly shipped it to Libya, Syria etc. to terrorist groups operating there.

Libyan rebels receiving anti-tank weapons from Qatar, 14 April 2011.

This is April 2011, during the whole Arab Spring shebang.

Qatar is secretly supplying anti-tank weapons to the Libyan rebels as part of its strategy of working to overthrow the Gaddafi regime, it has emerged. Officials in Doha confirmed that the Gulf state's military had been shipping French-made Milan missiles to the rebel stronghold of Benghazi.
Isn't this interesting?

French made weapons shipped to Benghazi, which seems to have been the supply hub of the terrorist supply.... run by, operated by, supervised by the CIA.

Both the CIA/Washington and UK/France were in it together, especially once Quaddafi made his fateful proposition to the European leaders to save Europe.

Hell, it was a golden, banner year for weapon dealers, especially in America.

Arab Spring was good business:

U.S. sets record arms sales in 2011

According to a new report to Congress, worldwide sales of U.S. weapons last year added up to $66.3 billion. That accounts for more than three-quarters of 2011 arms sales worldwide, which is “the highest single year agreements total in the history of the U.S. arms export program.
The report was prepared by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) as part of their annual study of arms sales.

Here's the PDF of the Congressional report, btw: CRS Report for Congress Prepared for Members and Committees of Congress Conventional Arms Transfers to Developing Nations, 2004-2011

Arab Spring not only destabilized the Arab regimes hostile to Israel (or potentially hostile), not only did it set in motion a bloody Sunni-Shia arab civil war (this is a huge deal which is somehow missing in American "news" analysts' analysis of current events), it was also...

Good business.

2. Syria

The arab world (as opposed to the soon to be gone, western world) is divided into two major parts.  There are the Sunni, and there are the Shia.

To not bore you too much, let me just state that one sect believes one thing about some holy men prophets/whatever, while the other believes something slightly different.

These people had their religious flareups and conflicts, but the (artificially created) Arab Spring developed into a full fledged moslem civil war.

A very bloody civil war, which takes place in several nations.  As I write this now, there are Saudi, UAE  (that's United Arab Emirates for you Americans/Western Europeans, I know arab countries' names are not your strong point...), Kuwaiti, Bahrain, Quatari warplanes bombing Yemen.

Specifically, they are fighting a movement called the Zaidis, led by a cleric.  These guys allege discrimination against them pursued by the local government (imagine that, an arab country discriminating, I thought that shit happened only in White countries, but I digress).

More specifically, the government is Sunni.

The rebels are Shia.

Look up the BBC (Brits broadcasting communism) primer.

(Incidentally, on the wikipedia pages dealing with the Houthi rebellion, there is NO MENTION that the Houthis are Shia and the oppressors Sunni, as if it was a non-issue... hmmm...

Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen

and here:
Houthi insurgency in Yemen).

There is some good shit in Wikipedia though, gotta give them that:
Described as a "humanitarian disaster" and a "catastrophe", the blockade left 78% (20 million) of the Yemeni population in urgent need of food, water and medical aid. Aid ships are allowed, but the bulk of commercial shipping, on which the country relies, is blocked. In one occasion, coalition jets prevented an Iranian Red Crescent plane from landing by bombing Sana'a International Airport's (SIA) runway, which blocked aid delivery via air. As of 28 April, 300,000 people had been displaced by the fighting.
Let me break it down for you.

I will now state obvious facts, without links to back them up - do your own fucking research (I know that researching current events is not the strong point of a Western man nor woman but... ).

Shia official governments - Iran and pretty much no one else.
Sunni official governments - every other Arab country.

Now, every arab country has the following population breakdown:
On the bottom, there are the 70-90% of a given arab country's population Shia, who are basically the niggers of the arab world, treated like dirt and second class citizens at best by the

10-30% Sunni population who hold ALL the government, police, judicial, big business, intelligence service and army top posts.  In fact, in many countries the Shia are not allowed to join certain army/military/police units, nor go to a university, etc.

The undisputed leader of the Sunni coalition is Saudi Arabia.

The undisputed world wide leader of the Shia people is Iran.

(Cue the boxing announcer's Let's get ready to ruuuuuuuuuuuumble!).

In fact, the whole Arab spring could be explained as the Shia deciding that they have taken enough shit from their overlords, the Sunni, and stating that opinion rather loudly.

But something interesting happened - all the terrorist (or freedom fighters, whichever you like best) groups which received weapons and help from America and France and the UK were Sunni.

(Oh yeah, the UK likes money too - Britain accused of hypocrisy over Arab arms sales, dated 14 January 2012, i.e. Arab Spring time.  This is from the UK's The Independent, btw).

In the Yemeni civil war, America was firmly on the side of the Sunni coalition - i.e. the Saudi Arabian side.

From Wikpedia:

US supported the intervention by "providing intelligence sharing, targeting assistance, advisory and logistical support to the military intervention," according to the state department. In April 2015, the US expanded its intelligence-sharing with the coalition. Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken said: "As part of that effort, we have expedited weapons deliveries, we have increased our intelligence sharing, and we have established a joint coordination planning cell in the Saudi operation centre." Human Rights Watch (HRW) said that evidence shows that SA had been using U.S.-supplied cluster bombs outlawed in much of the world
Got that?

America (and lets face it, NATO) is clearly on the side of the Sunni.  To the point of expediting weapons/ammo deliveries, sharing intel from satellites/humint so the Saudis could bomb more effectively, etc etc.

Even outlawed weapons were promptly shipped to the Saudi/Sunni side.

In the Sunni/Shia internecine religious war, America proudly supports one religious sect over another.

Now, what I will state is fact, and you will have to do the research yourself.

Sunni islam is nowadays a very crazy, insane, expansive movement, an extremely aggressive religious/political movement whose aim is to spread the Middle Ages version of islam - the sharia law.


And so Saudi (and UAE, but mostly Saudi) weapons, moneys, support, intelligence was used to create terrorist groups and seed them throughout the world to bring forth the glorious vision of every woman to be treated like a 3rd class citizen (don't worry, feminists and our Western leaders are A-OK with this!) and for children worldwide to only study the koran... and nothing else.

I watched the TV programme "ISIS in Afghanistan" on PBS recently, and it was rather excellent.

During that show, the (local, Afghani, perhaps Pashtun?) reporter asked an ISIS member why they quit Taliban (which is a Pakistani run terrorist group) and have joined ISIS (which is a uhmm censored run terrorist agency).

The answer was straightforward - ISIS pays its members $700 per month, which in Afghanistan is... a huge sum of money.  Hell, in most countries it is a huge sum of money.  Even in America.

So the reporter was told that EVERY MEMBER OF ISIS was PAID $700/month.

Now, a sane TV show on a sane network would have a tiny question asked at that point.

Which would be:

Who fucking pays ISIS, especially the $700/month per soldier?

But alas, this is an American TV "news" story, and that question was not asked.  They simply moved on to other, pressing matters, like the reporter filming some guys with AK's walking in sandals.

Now, we can rule out the Taliban/Paki connection, because ISIS is actively fighting the Taliban (I shit you not, google it).

So if not Pakistan, which is the closest regional actor, then who?

Mystery deepens (snicker snicker).

Let the Independent shed some light on the matter.

Paris attacks: Where does Isis get its money and weapons from?, 16 November 2015.

To a large extent Isis is now funding itself – through oil sales, kidnap ransoms, smuggling, extortion, taxes, looting, bank robberies.
When it was starting out, Isis was ‘seed funded’ by wealthy donors –individuals and charities from across the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait.
At first, the governments of the Persian kingdoms openly gave money to the opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, including Isis.
This has since become politically and diplomatically incorrect – but large amounts of money still finds its way to Isis from wealthy individuals from the Persian gulf.
So it was the Saudis and their coalition of the terrorist-supporters aka the Sunni side of the Shia/Sunni divide.

Now, of course, claims the UK's "journalist", Saudi and other sunni scum do not give money to ISIS anymore, because, well, you want proof, oh look, shiny!

Of course the Saudis give all the support they can give without getting into trouble to the ISIS butchers.

But here is the thing.... ISIS started as murderers fighting the President's Assad's government in Syria.

Why would Saudi and UAE and Quatar regimes... err, excuse me, officially "private donors" (LOL!) give millions to some ragheads fighting in Syria against that government?

After all, the Baath party which runs Syria (well, nowadays parts of it) was Sunni, just like them (Remember when I said that ALL arab countries have a sunni elite and shia 2nd class citizens aka niggers?  Pay attention!).

Why is it their interest to do that?

Wiki: Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party – Syria Region

The Ba'ath Party, and indirectly the Syrian Regional Branch, was established in 7 April 1947 by Michel Aflaq (a Christian), Salah al-Din al-Bitar (a Sunni Muslim) and Zaki al-Arsuzi (an Alawite). According to the congress, the party was "nationalist, populist, socialist, and revolutionary" and believed in the "unity and freedom of the Arab nation within its homeland.
So we have a Christian (!!!), an Alawite (a minor religious sect which is a major power in Syria, even more "!!!") and a Sunni getting together and deciding that they would like to rule a country.

The joke is that, as usual, the Sunnis were not included even when the (hated by moslems) christians and (even MORE hated by them) Alawites were invited to share power!

Amazing world we live in.

The wikipedia does not mention a crucial, crucial word in its overwiew/history of the Baath Syrian party.

That word is:


The Wikipedia page on the Baath party itself (not just the Syrian branch) does include it.

This means that whatever they were/are - dictators, regime, mass murderers - they were not guided by a religious dogma.

They were not guided by islam.

Unlike, say... Saudi Arabia.

Saudi vision is to fight back against the secular Baath party (which was/is a socialist, dictatorial, but secular and modernizing movement in the arab world) in the Middle East and wherever islam is found.

The Saudis are the reactionaries, the old guard, where the goal is to combat any hint of change/reform of islam wherever it may occur - whether it is Afghanistan, Syria, Libya or France or Indonesia.

This is a crucial thing to understand here - the Shia just happen to be the largest, most organized bloc which is acting against this Saudi dream.

But there are others - there are Yazidis in the Middle East, and Alawites, and Coptic Christians, and other people who may or may not be praying to muhammad.


They are all an enemy of the Saudi version of islam, over which they want to hold TOTAL power (After all, all moslems must/should if they can make a pilgrimage to Mecca, and guess where that holy site is?  Yes, even the shia must go to Mecca at least once in their lives).

And so even Sunni, but secular (-ish) governments/regimes must go.

The Saudis set out to cleanse islam, to make it conform to their vision.

And so it is correct and proper and right that ISIS boys, paid by (censored by PBS/USA news) shoot Yazidi men and take turns raping Yazidi women and children.

After all, those whores do not follow the Saudi way of islam!  They deserve it!

Same with Assad - yes, he is moslem, but he is Alawite - which is a weird subbranch of Shia/Christianity (I shit you not), so he must go.

And the Arab Spring?

The "totally spontaneous", "popular" movement which just removed governments hostile to Israel and created a Mad Max movie in the countries where this disaster happened?

You can bet your bottom riyal that where there is an opportunity like that, where various groups compete for power - shia, sunni, more reform minded secular movements - that Saudis will spend millions... tens of millions of dollars... to support the most extreme sunni movement which supports THEIR version of islam.

No deviation, no reform, nor even any thought of such is permitted - or ISIS springs up in your country!

Which brings us to Syria.

I already have written extensively on why Saudi scum support the ISIS butchers/rapists there (and everywhere else, whatever name they happen to be at the moment).

But this gets even better.

America, doing Israel's bidding (basically at this point of time is run as a fiefdom of Israel - this is a fact, which you can do your own research on - I could list a bazillion of links proving the point but I will leave that to you, even though, as a Western person, criticizing anything Israel is anti-semitism and you're going to hell for this... or at least, when you start to question some thing publicly, your career will be over (whether academic, government or private employment).

Saudis are fighting for their version of islam over which they want to exercise total control, Israel is fighting to... help them.

It is in Israel's best interest to divide the arab/moslem world into warring factions, and even better when this results in open, armed conflict!

Both sides started as enemies of Israel - all arab countries, especially sunni, went to war with Israel multiple times - or at least sent support to those that did.

Now... now the situation is different.

Israel is aligned with Saudi Arabia.

They are allies - Saudis want to rule over islam and eradicate any reform/deviation of it, and Israel wants chaos and war in the arab world.

Israelis and Saudis Reveal Secret Talks to Thwart Iran, Jun 4, 2015.

Since the beginning of 2014, representatives from Israel and Saudi Arabia have had five secret meetings to discuss a common foe, Iran.
On Thursday, the two countries came out of the closet by revealing this covert diplomacy at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington.
Among those who follow the Middle East closely, it's been an open secret that Israel and Saudi Arabia have a common interest in thwarting Iran.
But until Thursday, actual diplomacy between the two was never officially acknowledged. Saudi Arabia still doesn't recognize Israel's right to exist. Israel has yet to accept a Saudi-initiated peace offer to create a Palestinian state.
It was not a typical Washington think-tank event. No questions were taken from the audience.
After an introduction, there was a speech in Arabic from Anwar Majed Eshki, a retired Saudi general and ex-adviser to Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the former Saudi ambassador to the U.S.
Then Dore Gold, a former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations who is slotted to be the next director general of Israel's foreign ministry, gave a speech in English.
While these men represent countries that have been historic enemies, their message was identical: Iran is trying to take over the Middle East and it must be stopped.

Actually, it is Saudi Arabia which is trying to take over the Middle East (actually, that's a lie - they are trying to take over everywhere there is any islam whotsoever; they are supporting terrorist organizations from Syria to Indonesia to Afghanistan to Nigeria and probably many other places not recently in the news... but which soon will be).

Iran stands in their way.

And because of their support for terrorism in Syria, so does Assad and his moderates (yes, that is a good word to describe Baath in the Middle East right now, it's crazy, I know) in Syria.

And Israel is just happy to foment the arab-to-arab killing...

And those moslems paid by the devils to murder other moslems (and Nigerians, and Frenchmen, and Libyans and...on and on and on)...

They are as misguided as the so called "christians" in America who support Israel.

3. Turkey

Modern Turkey is a nation which is a conspiracy.

It is not a nation - it is a conspiracy.

The verdict is still out whether Ataturk - the father of Modern, secular Turkey (there is that "s" word again!) was jewish.  I lean towards the "not" section.

But the fact is that he modernized turkish islam, made it into a national affair.

Islam beforehand always took precedence over some petty country's borders - i.e. islam, the religion/political movement (lets not kid ourselves - EVERY world religion is a political movement, islam is just brutally open on this).

Now, this young upstart, reformed islam and, what is worse, made it a subbranch of the national identity.

One is Turkish first, moslem second (if at all).

During the time of Ataturk, Saudies were just sand eating shitheads, totally unimportant in a global setting.

Moving on...

There is such a concept called "Deep State".  It exists in the majority of nations, even in America (Americans, of course, are the only people on this planet who do not notice this, make of that what you will, world).

It is a concept that basically states, in simplified form: "Yes, we have democracy, and elections, but behind the scenes there are people who REALLY run the show and make the IMPORTANT decisions".

Turkey was the most blatant example of such.

It is a known fact (again, won't list the links) that while Turkey had elections and was a democractic country, if the situation demanded it, the deep state took over, and things... happened.

Usually the deep state in Turkey was the army which vetted any turkish politician.  If the Turksish army did not like a politician...

Things happened.

Enter Erdogan.

This guy is amazing - because he took on the deep state... and won.

Generals were dismissed; in groups.  Officers of the Turkish armed forces also.  Erdogan's way was not an election - although officially it was and it was stated as such.

It was a coup - a perfectly executed behind the closed doors of government ministries power struggle.

Erdogan is much more of a hardcore islamist than Ataturk (actually, me being an atheist; I AM more of a hardcore islamist than Ataturk :-)

It is (again) a known fact that Erdogan has made noises that women should wear a traditional garb and, more Turkey has annuled islamic religious headscarve in public i.e. government (schools, army, etc) places.

Erdogan is firmly guiding Turkey closer to the islam version that the Saudis like.

And lo and behold:

al Monitor, March 3, 2015:

A month after attending the funeral of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was back in Riyadh this week holding talks with new King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud on regional issues in what diplomats are interpreting as an effort by Ankara to regain some of the regional clout it lost in recent years.
“[Erdogan] is in a very tight corner. There is no foreign policy left worth mentioning," he said. "He needed to start somewhere, and he most probably felt Saudi Arabia was a good place to start,” Iskit told Al-Monitor.
“Both countries are predominantly Sunni. Besides, there is no other influential country in the region that Erdogan can go to at the moment,” Iskit added, also pointing to the frosty ties between Iran and Turkey.
And a paragraph from the article which will tie it all together:
Abdullah Aydogan Kalabalik, a former Cairo bureau chief for the Ihlas News Agency, currently an analyst for the pro-government Foundation for Political Economic and Social Research, argues that ties between Turkey and Saudi Arabia will be different from what they were under Abdullah.

Kalabalik maintained in an analysis of Erdogan’s visit that for Salman, “the real threat is not the Muslim Brotherhood, but Iran.” He added that developments in Yemen have heightened the perceived threat from Iran for Riyadh, while driving a wedge between Saudi Arabia and Egypt.
The guys in Egypt who want to bring the joys of Sharia to Egypt (which is run by a secular, Sunni army junta) are not a threat.  Iran is.

And so Turkey is aligning itself with Saudi and Israeli interests.

Again, Saudis are fighting reform and change and any deviation from their version of islam, globally.  And Israel is doing its utmost to make the moslems fight each other - wherever, doesn't matter, for whatever reason, as long as they weaken themselves and Israel is left alone both by them and international news.

And Turkey?

Erdogan is an islamist, plain and simple.  He is a man Saudis can work with.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan - Turkey's bruised battler, BBC

Erdogan's rise to power

1970s-1980s - Active in Islamist circles, member of Necmettin Erbakan's Welfare Party
1994-1998 - Mayor of Istanbul, until military officers made power grab
1998 - Welfare Party banned, Erdogan jailed for four months for inciting religious hatred
Aug 2001 - Founds Islamist-rooted AKP with ally Abdullah Gul
2002-2003 - AKP wins solid majority in parliamentary election, Erdogan appointed prime minister
Aug 2014 - Becomes president after first-ever direct elections for head of state
Inciting religious hatred.
Party made illegal (too islamic for the deep state aka the Army).

And yet... he won.

Amazing (also, it shows us that the current crop of Turkish officers are major pussies).

The whole Erdogan phenomenon, where he turned the whole "modernity of islam" movement of Ataturk (it was really an Ataturk movement - the man is a legend, a philosophy and a political movement) and is now in the process of totally destroying it bears some serious looking into, hopefully by some analysts (please - no american, western european ones).

But lets skip forward to the most current events.

To justify his grip on power, there must be a danger - and the Kurds are placed in that role.  The Turks, like most normal peoples, dislike an alien presence in their country.  After all, the nation they live in is called Turkey (you know, where Turks, the people, live) and not, say Kurdistan.

The hatred propaganda against the Kurds has been turned quite a bit in Erdogan's Turkey, and they fill the role of the "internal enemy" quite well.  After all, some of the bombs going off in Turkey MAY have even been placed by Kurdish terrorists, and not the Turkish intelligence service.

For example, there was a peace march, a pro-Kurdish one, in Turkey recently.

Now, we can't have moderate Kurds marching with moderate Turks and spouting some nonsense about peace between these peoples - all that effort that went into some hardcore racial hatred, anti-Kurd propaganda would go to naught.

In fact, it was even worse from Erdogan's point of view - these were Turks marching, championing the cause of peace with Kurds.

How can Erdogan strengthen his grip of power without a convenient internal enemy?

The peace march ended predictably, and you can guess how.

Turkey bomb massacre kills 97 and injures over 246 at pro-Kurdish peace rally, 10 Oct 2015, The Telegraph.  Includes a spiffy video, go check it out.

These were suicide bombers in action - and having read a lot about Turkish intel services and how Turks operated throughout the ages (hint: Armenians have had some dealings with Turks during WW1 which are not, repeat not, genocide), they murder, but do not suicide themselves.

This is simply not the Turkish way.

I am sure then that it was the Kurds who bombed the peace march where:
A group of young activists doing a traditional Turkish dance flinch and duck as an sheet of orange flame punctures the sky behind them. They had been setting off on a protest backed by the pro-Kurdish HDP political party and leftist secular groups calling for the government to make peace with the Kurdish guerrilla group, the PKK
So we can rule out the Kurds themselves, we can rule out the turks (who do not do suicide bombing, just like, say, americans don't)... and then we remember that there is ISIS right across the border.

For ISIS to go across the heavily militarized Turkey-Syria border without the knowledge of the turkish intel/border guards is somewhat ludicrous.

Which leaves us with a pretty hefty conspiracy where the Turkish regime cooperated with jihadi terrorist to kill off some of its own citizens (again, note that there were a lot of turks taking part in that peace march).

But as we all know, conspiracies simply do not happen, so lets move on.

Again, the official internal enemy of Turkey are the (boo, hiss, etc etc) Kurds who are currently in combat with ISIS in Syria.

As usual, the enemy of my my enemy is my friend, and Turkey under Erdogan happily supported ISIS with ammo, weapons, with ISIS fighters happily crossing the Turkish-Syrian border back and forth while the Kurdish peshmerga were prevented from doing so.

Turkish Border Guards chatting with ISIS jihadis on Turkish border, Daily Mail

From the video it looks like these are representatives of two armed forces who are allies behaving friendly toward each other... because that is what they are.

Senior Western official: Links between Turkey and ISIS are now 'undeniable', Business Insider, Jul. 28, 2015.

The Guardian, 25 July 2015:
When US special forces raided the compound of an Islamic State leader in eastern Syria in May, they made sure not to tell the neighbours.
The target of that raid, the first of its kind since US jets returned to the skies over Iraq last August, was an Isis official responsible for oil smuggling, named Abu Sayyaf.
From mid-2013, the Tunisian fighter had been responsible for smuggling oil from Syria’s eastern fields, which the group had by then commandeered. Black market oil quickly became the main driver of Isis revenues – and Turkish buyers were its main clients.
The estimated $1m-$4m per day in oil revenues that was thought to have flowed into Isis coffers over at least six months from late 2013 helped to transform an ambitious force with limited means into a juggernaut that has been steadily drawing western forces back to the region and increasingly testing state borders.
That's 1 to 4 million American dollars per day.

Let me repeat that - 1 to 4 million dollars per day that ISIS got from the oilfields it controls.
Gone from the narrative are the fanciful notions that ISIS' funds are from kidnappings and sale of ancient art pieces looted from museums, which was heavily pushed by some blonde, small breasted coke fiends on CNN.

And it was going so swimmingly for our nation-states actors: Turkey, Saudi, Israel, USA.  ISIS was growing in strength, becoming an icebreaker in islamic world, pushing pro Saudi version of islam (i.e. the most barbaric interpretation possible) and destroying arab societies wholesale.

And then suddenly!

4. Russia
Middle East destabilized.  Whole peoples fleeing for their lives, women and children raped, murdered, sold into slavery (for real yo, google ISIS slavery, it's some heavy shit).

OK, the war versus Assad was not going that well, but then again, start to think about it in a serious way and try to analyze the situation from Israel's point of view.

Would it suit Israel (and its bitch, the USA) for Assad to be toppled and to be replaced by murderous, sadistic jihadis?  Perhaps the aim of the whole destabilization programme run by Israel is not to have "democracy take over (tm)", which was the version promoted on American news shows (I swear the news readers, when the pictures of Arab Spring were shown,  were almost screaming "Freedom, yo, for realz!"... or something to that effect.

So what happens when a democracy takes over an Arab state?  Most arabs hate the jews and israel (well, not all, just 99.9999999999% of them).  It is only in states that have a heavy secret police presence, where any inkling of freedom is shown the way of the police baton up the ass (google it, perhaps try Egypt Police Ass, you'll be entertained for sure), that this hatred towards Israel is suppressed in any given arab country.

Israel already tried the Hamas gambit - they created a jihadi organization from scratch, to counter-balance Yasser Arafat's PLO - how did it work out for them (hint: not that well, while PLO is the typical arab sycophancy and corruption so familiar to those familiar with the whole Mediterranen mentality (think bazaar merchants who try to cheat you and each other every chance they get, and you get all the arab nations and israel and finally understand their cultures and norms they follow).

Hamas became a very well organized political party with an armed wing, with zero corruption, disciplined, and in a proper ground war it literally kicked Israel's ass (the air war was something different - the IDF was happily bombing and shelling hospitals, water purification facilities etc).

In short, it became a bigger threat to Israeli goals (well, locally - in Lebanon and the nearby region) than the PLO... and it was created by Israeli intel (again, this is a known fact).

So perhaps Israel is in not such a hurry to allow the insane murderers a total victory in Syria.  Understandably, USA is of a similar mindset in Iraq.

The best situation for Israel is for the whole arab world to be destabilized, at each others' throats for as long as possible.

Because when one side wins, it is a guarantee that it will be hostile to Israel.

Also, to Israel and its supporters (no, not americans - jews in america in government positions and thinktanks) a good arab is a dead arab, a good moslem is a dead moslem.

So lets keep this going for as long as possible.

And then, there are the business opportunities for everybody.

It is a gigantic, humongous mystery on american TV news shows as to where the oil trucks are going - what's their route?

I mean, they start at the ISIS controlled oilfields, but then, I guess the american and NATO satellites do not work, or there is cloud cover, because the FUCKING THOUSANDS OF GIGANTIC OIL TRUCKS DRIVING IN AN OPEN DESERT are impossible to find and to ascertain their route.

Much mystery.

Anyway, because ISIS is a bad guy de jour (before that it was the taliban, then al kaida - excuse me, the toilet, as in arabic al kaida also means toilet), something had to be done (tm).

And so the western european leaders - you know, the ones who are paralyzed and unable to secure their countries' own borders - they sent jets and shit to bomb ISIS.

And america, why, this is a country that simply cannot say no to a good bombing of something, anything.

And so a strange air bombing campaign commenced.

Syrian Kurds say air strikes against Isis are not working, 6 October 2014, The Guardian.

US-led air strikes in northern Syria have failed to interrupt the advance of Islamic State (Isis) fighters closing in on a key city on the Turkish border, raising questions about the western strategy for defeating the jihadi movement.
Almost two weeks after the Pentagon extended its aerial campaign from Iraq to neighbouring Syria in an attempt to take on Isis militants in their desert strongholds, Kurdish fighters said the bombing campaign was having little impact in driving them back.
 Air Force Pilots Say They're Flying Blind Against ISIS, 10.10.14, The Daily Beast.

Within the U.S. Air Force, there’s mounting frustration that the air campaign against ISIS in Syria and Iraq is moving far more slowly than expected. Instead of a fast-moving operation with hundreds of sorties flown in a single day—the kind favored by many in the air service—American warplanes are hitting small numbers of targets after a painstaking and cumbersome process.
The single biggest problem, current and former Air Force officers say, is the so-called kill-chain of properly identifying and making sure the right target is being attacked. At the moment, that process is very complicated and painfully slow.
“The kill-chain is very convoluted,” one combat-experienced Air Force A-10 Warthog pilot told The Daily Beast. “Nobody really has the control in the tactical environment.”
U.S. military limits warplanes used for Islamic State bombings, Washington Times, September 28, 2014.
The U.S. is relying mostly on warplanes already positioned in the region for its air war against the Islamic State, as opposed to dispatching a major buildup of aerial forces that happened in previous campaigns.
The set inventory illustrates the slow, methodical nature of the air-to-ground battle that the Pentagon says will go on for some time. A Pentagon official said there are no plans to send additional U.S. aircraft into the theater.
Since the start of the air campaign on Aug. 8, U.S. Central Command has been choosing predominately small tactical targets in Iraq. It so far has held off from targeting harder-to-find objectives in urban environments where the Islamic State, also called ISIL and ISIS, maintains headquarters, start-up regime offices, courts and military installations.
So you get the picture, right?

Thousands of oil trucks going DAILY, IN FUCKING OPEN DESERT from ISIS controlled Syrian territory to Turkey, where the oil was then sold to Israel and western europe and of course used internally, but there are no planes to bomb them, no sat or drone recce (pilotless) planes spotting targets, and only some locally based warplanes were used to bomb some sand here and there.

An interesting strategy designed to... what, exactly?

Answer that rhetorical question, please, in your own mind.

Then suddenly!!!

Russian military intervention in the Syrian Civil War (Wiki)
On 30 September 2015, following a formal request by the Syrian Government for military help against rebel and jihadist groups, Russia intervened militarily in the Syrian Civil War. The activities consisted of air strikes primarily in north-western Syria against militant groups opposed to the Syrian government, including al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda in the Levant), the Islamic State and the Army of Conquest.
How did the political leaders (not necessarily americans, but dual citizens and their allies in power) respond to this?

First, there is outrage.

U.S. Admits: We Can’t Protect Syrian Allies From Russia’s Bombs, 10.01.15, The Daily Beast.
Putin’s warplanes are targeting the CIA’s rebel friends. And the U.S. doesn’t know yet if there’s any way to respond. 
United States officials conceded Thursday that there is little the they could do in Syria to protect CIA-vetted rebels, the very people the American government trained and armed, who are now coming under fire from Russian airstrikes.
Oh, let me write about this, because this bit important.

You see, in american official narrative, there are the "good rebels" who fight assad, and then there are the "bad rebels", aka ISIS and jihadis and whatnot, who also fight Assad, but whom we do not like and we bomb them in dramatic fashion on CNN as our 10 million dollar bombs and missiles attack hostile mound of sand!

Trouble is, then that both the "good rebels" and "bad rebels" fight as allies against a common enemy, the legitimate Syrian government.

So the USA has trouble bombing stuff over there, because they might hit the good guys, oy vey, the humanity, the tragedy!

Another thing that is extremely important to highlight is that american mass media is now openly admitting to having organized, trained, armed and supplied the, err, "good guys" fighting the Syrian legitimate, secular government.

But if you're a curious sort of a person, you might rub a few brain cells together and start to think and ponder the whole narrative of the "good guys" (or "moderates" as they are portrayed in the american mass media)  and "bad guys" both fighting Assad's forces in Syria.

After all, they are allies, in a common fight.

Lets shed some light on this.

The Daily Star, Lebanese newspaper: Frustration drives Arsal’s FSA into ISIS ranks,
“We are collaborating with the Islamic State and the Nusra Front by attacking the Syrian Army’s gatherings in ... Qalamoun,” said Bassel Idriss, the commander of an FSA-aligned rebel brigade.
“We have reached a point where we have to collaborate with anyone against unfairness and injustice,” confirmed Abu Khaled, another FSA commander who lives in Arsal.
Young, battle-hardened men around Arsal are joining the militarily successful, deep-pocketed Islamist militias in increasing numbers.
ISIS “wanted to enhance its presence in the Western Qalamoun area. After the fall of Yabroud and the FSA’s retreat into the hills [around Arsal], many units pledged allegiance” to ISIS, Idriss said.
“A very large number of FSA members [in Arsal] have joined ISIS and Nusra,” Abu Fidaa said.
“In the end, people want to eat, they want to live, and the Islamic State has everything,” he said.
The "good guys", the "moderates" have limited funds and so, if their men want "to eat" and "to live" and, I guess, to be paid just like the ISIS jihadis in Afghanistan, they just abandon the Free Syrian Army (the good guys per the official narrative) and join ISIS.

Again, ISIS has lots of funds, weapons, training, while the "moderates" who are so effectively supported by the CIA and USA, trained, armed, financed, have... not a dollar.

So where is all this american support - money, ammunition, weapons, explosives - going?  The Free Syrian Army is apparently NOT paid nor supported by the CIA and from what I've seen they count every bullet they shoot, while ISIS sprays their AK's and other guns indiscriminately.

While ISIS is rolling in cash, and the FSA guys have to join them so that their families will eat.

It's a mystery.

(I won't even write to which group of "good guys" Saudi petrodollars, arms, bombs, explosives are going, and I think you, the reader, are intelligent enough to infer a bit about the situation).

It looks like the line between the "good guys" and "the bad guys" is somewhat blurry, as members of one group can simply go join the other one... and presto, shazaam, the "good guys" turn into "the bad guys".

Funny how that works.

But what is not funny is Russia's aerial bombing campaign in Syria.

Suddenly, how shall I put it, shit got real.

Fearing Russian air strikes, Islamic State didn't hold Friday prayers, report says, The Times of India, Oct 2, 2015.
Activists say the Islamic State group did not hold Friday prayers in several mosques in its de facto capital of Raqqa in northern Syria, fearing Russian air strikes.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said a drone carried out strikes on an IS-run camp near Raqqa on Friday. It had no word on casualties. A Raqqa-based collective called Raqqa is Being Silently Slaughtered said several mosques were evacuated for fears of air strikes.
Oh the humanity!

Putin hits ISIS where it hurts: Russia hits more than 200 targets in 24 hours as Moscow aims to cut off jihadists' income by taking out refinery and oil trucks, Daily Mail (deal with it),
Russia has released footage which shows its fighter jets targeting oil trucks and a refinery, as Moscow confirmed it hit more than 200 targets in Syria in 127 sorties.

On Tuesday alone, the day Russia confirmed a terrorist attack caused the downing of a passenger jet in Egypt, it hit 206 targets a defence ministry source told RT. France meanwhile said it had destroyed 35 targets since the terrorist attack.

As well as flying from an airfield near Latakia, they also flew strategic bombers from Russian territory.
We'll get to that passenger jet in a moment.

But from the article snippet you can see that while the American military and its western european allies were strangely ineffective, Russia is the opposite - very effective.

In their defense, it is very hard to miss thousands of trucks driving on a road in an open desert in daylight.

Russian airstrikes blast ISIS oil facilities in Syria, CBS News, November 20, 2015.
Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to President Vladimir Putin on Friday that Russian warplanes destroyed 15 oil refining and storage facilities in Syria and 525 trucks carrying oil during this week's bombing blitz. He said this deprived ISIS of $1.5 million in daily income from oil sales.
Somehow Russia was able to find the thousands of oil trucks driving slowly across the desert, and to bomb them, and then to find the oil producing facilities located in ISIS controlled Syrian territory (which, unlike trucks, do not move), and also to bomb them.

The response from the american military was twofold.

First, there is doubt:
Pentagon skeptical of claims Russia hit 1,000 ISIS tankers, FOXNEWS, November 23, 2015.
The Pentagon is casting a skeptical eye toward Russian government claims that its airstrikes hit more than 1,000 Islamic State oil tankers in just a few days.
One U.S. defense official told Fox News it would be “nearly impossible” to destroy that many tankers with the kind of unguided bombs used by the Russians. 
Secondly, there is lies.
Media Manipulation: US Shows Footage of Russian Airstrike against ISIS as Its Own, Global Research, 22 November 2015.
The US Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), aired a program on the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group on November 19, purporting to show how their oil trucks were destroyed by US airstrikes, as part of Washington’s new plan to disrupt the group’s main source of income, according to the Information Clearing House.
Earlier this week, the Pentagon said it would escalate its airstrikes on Daesh and bomb the terrorist organization’s oil infrastructure in Syria.
The new operation is supposed to cripple eight major Syrian oil fields over the next several weeks, about two-thirds of which are said to be in Daesh’s hands.
On November 16, the US military claimed it has destroyed 116 tanker trucks carrying stolen Syrian oil from those fields, but failed to provide video evidence.
Two days later, however, the Russian Air Force destroyed some 500 oil trucks and promptly released footage of the airstrike.
On November 19, a program dubbed PBS NewsHour used the Russian footage and passed them off as US airstrikes, without revealing the true source.
“For the first time the US is attacking oil delivery trucks,” a voice-over said while the exact same video released by the Russian Defense Ministry was being shown.
While the Russians are releasing footage of their airstrikes, american news and mass media are also releasing footage... of the same, Russian, airstrikes, and claiming it is american warplaines.

Oh, there were some bombings of some sand dune or other bombed especially viciously shown on CNN, ABC etc etc but very little of actual, you know, oil trucks being destroyed... or of oil refineries being bombed and burning.

Much mystery, this situation is.

Enough with this farce.

Remember this?
U.S. Admits: We Can’t Protect Syrian Allies From Russia’s Bombs, October 1st, 2015.

Well, guess what story ran on October 2nd, 2015?
Pentagon weighs using force to protect US-backed Syria rebels targeted by Russia, FOXNEWS.

Yes, the situation is so dire in Syria that Pentagon is pondering protecting the jihadis with american pilots and soldiers lives.

After all, the Russian bombing is so effective (despite claims to the contrary) that not only it cuts into ISIS, but most importantly Israeli and Turkish profits from the stolen Syrian oil, it also degrades ISIS as a viable fighting force bit by bit, as the guys being paid $700 (or more?) per month by the (oh so mysterious) ISIS paymasters are now pondering whether it is worth burning alive in a Russian napalm strike or being ripped to shreds by a modern air-to-ground bomb.

Before sending american soldiers to die protecting heroically their ISIS comrades... err, Israeli and Turkish interests.... or.... something...

Well, hell, a message should be sent to Russia and this obtuse, uncooperative Putin guy!

And so a message was sent, and it was spectacular.

Egypt plane crash: Russia says jet was bombed in terror attack , The Guardian, 17 November 2015.
A homemade bomb brought down the Metrojet airliner over Egypt’s Sinai desert last month, the Kremlin has said, confirming for the first time that the plane was destroyed by a terrorist act.
The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, vowed to find and punish those responsible and ordered an increase in airstrikes on Syria as “inevitable retribution” for the attack that killed all 224 people on board, mainly returning Russian holidaymakers.
Egypt denied reports that two employees at Sharm el-Sheikh airport had been arrested in connection with the bombing. The final flights clearing British tourists from the Red Sea resort left on Tuesday.
Russia previously distanced itself from the assertions of other countries, including Britain, that a bomb was almost certainly responsible for bringing down the Airbus A321 plane.
Take that, Russia and Putin!

I mean, sure, it was an ISIS terrorist... or perhaps a moderate "good guy" who did this... I mean, I am sure that the CIA, Mossad and Egyptian intel service (remember, Egypt is Israel's ally, and lots of american funds and aid flow to that country to keep it that way) had no inkling of this happening nor, goodness forbid, encouraged such a thing.

It was simply another random arab just making a homemade bomb.

Funnily enough, the crazy jihadis from ISIS have NEVER attacked an Israeli target, nor really an american one.  They are just very good at killing off other arabs - especially other moslems not following 100% the true Saudi version.

It was one of those things.

However, being an Eastern European guy, I know from first hand experience how obstinate Russians are.  Apparently "The West (tm)" has no idea of the Russian psyche.

And so the message fell on deaf ears - more, Russians intensified the bombing of the oil trucks and oilfields, and really put the hurt on ISIS/Israel/Turkey/USA.

Something had to be done.

Another message had to be sent.

And so it was.

CNBC, 24 Nov 2015.

President Vladimir Putin called Turkey's downing of a Russian fighter jet "a stab in the back" carried out by the accomplices of terrorists, saying the incident would have serious consequences for Moscow's relations with Ankara.
Not to mince words, Putin has just told the truth which is unmentionable in western media/news: Turkey is an accomplice of terrorists.
Speaking in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi before a meeting with Jordan's King Abdullah, Putin said the downed plane, which Turkey said it had repeatedly warned, had been attacked inside Syria when it was 1 kilometer from the Turkish border and had come down 4 kilometers inside Syria, according to Reuters.
That's the Russian version.

What's the "good guys" (tm), american version?
A U.S. military spokesperson confirmed later that Turkey had warned the Russian pilots repeatedly before it was shot down, and had received no response. U.S. defense officials also told NBC News that it wasn't clear that the plane was in Turkish airspace when it was shot down. The officials claimed that the incursion into Turkish airspace amounted to only a matter of seconds before it was shot down.
Modern jets travel at tremendous speeds.  It is hard to orientate yourself in a desert where the only signs are the burning oilfields and the burned out oil trucks bombed on their way to Turkey.

Apparently, the Russian warplane was never in Turkish airspace - and if it was, it was there for a whole of a one second.

But not to worry, this story was quickly changed to fit the narrative:
The Associated Press later cited U.S. and NATO officials as saying the jet had entered Turkish airspace before it was shot down
Aha. Definitely, yup yup, the first version of events was untrue, not we have the one and only allowed narrative in the west which is "Russia bad".

But wait, it gets better.

Turkey Shoots Down Russian Military Jet, Nov. 24, 2015.
In recent days, Russian airstrikes have turned their sights on Turkmen fighters in northwestern Syria, raising concerns that a new wave of refugees from that distinct ethnic group could pour into Turkey.
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu publicly warned last week that Turkey was prepared to take more aggressive action to protect them.
After an emergency meeting convened at Turkey’s request, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance backed Turkey’s actions on Tuesday while urging “calm and de-escalation” on both sides.
Let me break it down.
Russians are bombing terrorists fighting the Syrian government army.  Some turkish-lite guys, called turkmen, live outside of Turkey and Syria - shit happens, people move all over the place.  Russia bombed them, because, well, they are terrorists fighting the Syrian legitimate government (or, if you follow the american narrative, "the moderates" fighting evil Syrian hitler).

Turkey has had enough - not only have the profits from stolen Syrian oil went up in smoke due to Russian bombing, now Russians had the temerity to bomb turkish-lite guys right on its very border.

Incidentally, the "moderates" or "good guys" who observed the Russian pilots parachute to safety, this happened:
Surviving pilot gives his first interview since jet downed - latest updates, 25 November 2015.
One of the two Russian pilots in a jet shot down by Turkey yesterday was rescued by the Syrian army and is being treated at his air base while the diplomatic fallout from the incident continues.
Alexandre Orlov told Europe 1 radio that his co-pilot was killed by “jihadists” in the area but that the rescued man managed to flee the area after landing in his parachute and had been picked up by Syrian army, Russia’s allies.
He was taken back to Khmeimim Air Base, the Russian air force’s operations centre in Syria, as the diplomatic fall-out of Tuesday’s incident continued.
A group of anti-Assad Turkmen rebels claimed they had shot at the falling pilots and posted a graphic video online showing one of the men’s dead body.
Jahed Ahmad of the 10th Brigade in the Coast, a group affiliated with the US-backed Free Syrian Army, said his group would consider exchanging the body of the Russian pilot they are holding with prisoners held by the Syrian government.
Yes, Jahed, that will surely work.  I am sure the Russians are very much in a cooperative mood and they will willingly negotiate with a terrorist leader.
One of two helicopters sent to the crash site to search for survivors was also hit by rebel fire, killing one Russian marine and forcing it to make an emergency landing before it was blown up.
The terrorists have also shot at a rescue chopper which tried to rescue the pilots.

Incidentally, here is the western world's official response to the incident:
“As we have repeatedly made clear we stand in solidarity with Turkey and support the territorial integrity of our Nato ally, Turkey,” Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said.
Words fail me.

5. Summing up
Report: Israel treating al-Qaida fighters wounded in Syria civil war , The Jerusalem Post, 03/13/2015.

Strangely this story did not gain major traction in neither the american nor western european news media.

It's a mystery.
Israel has opened its borders with Syria in order to provide medical treatment to Nusra Front and al-Qaida fighters wounded in the ongoing civil war, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The prominent American newspaper reported that Nusra Front, the Sunni Muslim al-Qaida offshoot which is currently fighting the Iranian-backed axis of Bashar Assad and Hezbollah, "hasn't bothered Israel since seizing the border area last summer" along the Golan Heights.
While Israel views al-Qaida and its allies as enemies, it is far more disturbed by what it views as an even bigger menace – Iran and its proxies.
Is the picture clearer for you, dear reader?

Let me make it crystal clear.

There are two coalitions shaping up in the world; in the 1950's to the 1980's we had the western, free world on one side and the Soviet Union and its proxies/lackeys on the other.

I lived in one of these lackey countries.

I did not like it much.

Now, there is a new conflict brewing, between countries that align themselves to one of two political axis.

On one side we have the side representing freedom, the good guys, if you will.

This is the Axis of Good: Israel, Saudi Arabia, USA, Turkey with minor, insignificant nations, bit actors playing their part also; nations such as the United Arab Emirates, UK, France, Quatar, etc.

Incidentally, the countries were listed in the order of their importance in the Western Alliance, i.e. who calls the shots and makes the decisions.

This is the Side of Good, the side that you are on, my dear reader in USA, UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada.

This is the side which organizes, trains, pays and gives weapons, explosives to these guys:
Convert or die: ISIS chief's former slave says he beat her, raped U.S. hostage, CNN September 11, 2015.

'Hundreds' of Yazidi women killing themselves in ISIS captivity, CNN October 5, 2015.

WATCH: ISIS Executes Hundreds of Boys & Men Into Mass Graves,,  July 12, 2015.

You know, the good guys.

Because they also are part of the Axis of Good.

Make no mistake - the coalition of the good guys, what I call The Axis of Good, takes all kinds - American democracy and Saudi.... medieval barbarity, UK's elites ruling system and ISIS caliphate.

They are all on the same side.

We, living on those countries, the "good guys" countries, like USA, France, UK, are also on the same side.

On the other side are the "bad guys", what I would like to call The Axis of Evil.

Those are the countries actively fighting terrorism and Saudi version of islam

(Which is the good version of islam, supported 100% by America.  America opposes secular moslem governments and tries to destroy them at every opportunity.)

This is the Axis of Evil: Russia, Iran, Syria with minor, state and non-state actors playing their part in the alliance also: mostly, Hamas.

These are the bad guys, who recklessly bomb terrorists killing men, women and children, who use bombs and missiles to target those who implement sexual slavery for women, to ruthlessly kill off those who shoot French men, women and children in Paris.

You know?

The bad guys.

Whose side are you on?


0ccidentalist said...

Great read goy. You did a good job here of providing enough background information so that people can grasp what you are talking about.

In case your readers are wondering how the Axis of Good and its 'War on/of Terror' are playing out in South Asia they may want to check in with Hamid Karzai, the former President of Afghanistan:

Can you believe it? Somehow this nutty conspiracy theorist got it into his head that the US may not be serious about fighting terrorism and that the US may have had some undisclosed agenda in Afghanistan, and that measured against this agenda, the war in Afghanistan may not have been a failure.

Next thing you know conspiracy theorists will get it into their nutty little heads that the US had an undisclosed agenda in Iraq (apart from finding those WMD's) and that the neocons don't regard Iraq as a policy failure.

Btw, prior to his departure as President of Afghanistan, there were all sorts of rumors in the msm about Karzai being a heroin addict who was mentally incompetent and spent the days stoned out of his mind.No wonder Karzai believes these crazy things to be true!

AmericanGoy said...

Thanks for the comment, Occidentalist.

My blog is just a shout in the wind, as I have roughly 180 readers, if that.

Still, it feels good for me to get things off my chest.

I think that I write about stuff that, once one thinks about, should be obvious, crystal clear. The spanish language has a word, claro, which means "it" is blatantly obvious, and polish has "oczywiscie", which means the same thing.

As far as I know, english and american english does not have a one powerful word which means something like "blatantly obvious, beyond discussion, DUH" and so it leaves a room for lots of sophistry and arguing about ad hominems, spinning, obfuscating etc etc.

Incidentally, this bears watching:

Barbara Lerner Spectre (an "american", who became "swedish" aka rootless cosmopolitan, aka a jew, calls for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies:

Peter said...

Couple points:
-You and everyone else are taking at face value the Turkish claim that the explosions at the peace rally were the work of suicide bombers. It could more easily just have been something like the Boston brothers did, blending in and leaving some backpacks laying around while they walk off; shortens the links in the chain, no Arabs needed. Possibly just a Turkish government cover story.
-You seem to have mixed up Hezbollah with Hamas. The latter is Sunni and not anti-ISIS, the former is the Lebanese Shia group currently engaged in action against ISIS and allied with Iran and, by extension, Russia.

AmericanGoy said...

Hi Peter.

Maybe it came out in the article all wrong, but I am mocking the idea that it was the Kurds "terrorists" who blew up a pro Kurdish rally which wanted peace between Kurds and Turks... a rally attended by moderates, both Turkish and Kurdish.

Good point on the Hamas/Hezbollah mixup.

Vito said...

Wow you must really be a lot of fun on a date. You can really blabber away. Just cut to the chase. Vote for Trump. End of story.

Unknown said...

It's unbelievable how everything we were taught as kids and throughout life is a lie. Hitler was portrayed as the most evil Man Who ever lived by murdering the poor jews.
In actuality, Hitler was right in everything he said and we are living in the shit he predicted.
Israhell is nothing more than a criminal headquarters and refuge for criminal jews. He was our true Savior. Picture a world without jews. Paradise.

Anonymous said...


Just had a few thoughts while watching some vids on youboob:

1) 'Obama & Putin Breakfast':
Go to 0:28.
Watch Obama wipe his nose and do the coke-head hand-wriggly thing that all hard users do (those of you who use, know EXACTLY what I'm talking about).
The guy is a hard user of cocaine. Just a point.

2) 'Cargo ships with Immigrants Arrive daily In Europe; Learn the Truth!':

Now this is very interesting.

Those of you that possess the intellect to have deciphered and accepted the truth of who is responsible for all that has been happening to our world for a very, very long time (namely the KALERGI AGENDA), here's my thought:

A few years ago, I used to be a fan of England's 'QI' show, with Steven Fry.
On one of the episodes, Fry made reference to a show he hosted with Christopher Hitchens, 'Intelligence 2' (squared).
It was 'The Hitch' and Fry vs. the Catholic Church.

So I looked it up and watched it.
Some repulsive old hag (Anne Widdecomb or something like that - ugh!) was 100% on board with the Pope's 'decision' that the continent of Africa be DENIED ALL FORMS OF

I found it odd that this British Libtard and the Catholic Church would be so vehemently opposed to FREE CONDOMS to Africans, given their 'humanitarian' rhetoric and the Aids epidemic in every country there.

So...all this time goes by and I never thought of it again till I just watched the aforementioned vid about an hour ago.

Here's my opinion:

There is much evidence that the Catholic Church is part and parcel of the Globalist cabal. Personally, I have no doubt about it, but will accept any reasonable opposing argument for the sake of knowledge.

The Pope refused FREE CONDOMS and officially decreed that ALL CONDOM USE BE BANNED IN AFRICA.

Well guess where most of the 'migrants' and 'refugees' are coming from, that are being used to displace WHITE PEOPLE in their own countries (all EU member states, and both the North and South American continents, but mostly in Canada)?

Watch the video I referenced - it shows the frequency and location of the embarkation points of most of the African 'refugees'.

There was a reason why the Catholic Church banned condom use in Africa for so many years - right up till present.

These Africans are the foot soldiers of the Globalist cabal.

Condoms were banned by the Pope so that their numbers would explode - because the planned was hatched long ago by the cabal (they are very patient, and plan all their world-domination schemes well in advance...but you all know that).

Anonymous said...


Once there was sufficient numbers of the African 'refugees' and they were all fully indoctrinated and/or brainwashed and/or lied to, the cargo ships and media propaganda were underway.

Is there a need to insult your intelligence by explaining more?

My question for all of you is this:


First it will be the White Race exterminated.
Then it will be all Christians.
Then it will be all the Muslims.
And so on and so on...until only the 'Chosen Ones' remain.

And apparently all we do is bitch and whine and gripe and make idle threats...but nothing is EVER done.

At least...nothing of any significance.

I'm inclined to believe there IS nothing that can be done.

We are finished.

And what makes it all so much worse is that it is such a slow, drawn-out, undignified death. An unnoticed exsanguination.

I could expound...but I'll stop here.
Those of you who are intelligent enough to know what is really going on, will know my comments have merit.

The reactionary Libtards...well...pearls to swine. But here's hoping their brains may one day self-repair.

Best of luck, fellow human beings.

Because if we 'fight back' against the Muslim hoards, the Globalists will merely implement new legislation and laws to bolster their military and political control mechanisms.

If we don't fight back, then we will all be displaced by Islam and its minions.

But it is not just 'White' people that are being targeted. It's just we are the FIRST to be openly targeted.

Someone please tell can we stop this?

How can we stop it without handing our 'masters' another whip that would make us come to heel?

I once made a post somewhere, many years ago (once I caught onto what was going on in the world and who was responsible for it): 'STOP PAYING TAXES'.

I had made it rather hastily, as it seemed obvious to me.

But all these years rings more true than ever.

How did these delusional psychopaths acquire the wealth that enabled their power to herd us ALL like veritable sheep?


By taxation.
Plain and simple.

So if you take away your master's whip and render it asunder...he can no longer whip you, can he?

If you wait for and ambush the thuggish bully who beat you mercilessly day in and day out all your life, and you take a metal bar and crush his C4 vertebrae so that he is rendered a permanent quadriplegic...then he can never harm you again, can he?

If you cut the head off a snake, you are no longer in danger of being bitten, yes?

Okay...the premise is simple then.

If you want to stop the wars, murders, rape, torture, suicides, depression, hardships, starvation, famine, environmental degradation, and generally being used as nothing but GULLIBLE DEBT-SLAVES...then stop enabling your own oppression.

Stop WILLFULLY giving your torturers the means to torture you and the generations that come from you.


It almost sounds too simply, doesn't it?

Of course, they have that little loophole sewn-up, too, with prison sentences (nifty, eh?) and the like. And they count on the indoctrination and their oh-so-clever societal conditioning of ultra-consumers who cannot fathom going without their conveniences they've come so accustomed to.

So there is little chance of a world-wide collective decision: Suffer a little now (via the Globalist's revenge tactics), or face utter genocide and bonafide enslavement later.

The choice is yours.

I personally refuse to pay the Canadian 'government' any tax.
Let them put me in prison.

When I am ready, every time I purchase something, I will deduct the tax at the counter, and hand the teller the CORRECT amount, then leave. If they call the RCMP and have me arrested, then so be it - but I am NOT paying ANY tax EVER again.

Anonymous said...


Eventually, I plan to be self-sufficient.
I will rely on the 'government' for nothing.
I will not acknowledge that I am on the Queen's 'Crown Land' - because it is as much mine as it is hers. This is MY planet, too. I have only one life, just as she does, too. Who the fuck is SHE to determine how my one kick at the kitty will be spent?'s coming to a head.
This 'SHTF' scenario is a's just a matter of when.

They will corral and exploit us for all they can, and when we are no longer useful as either free labour, resources, or a source of psychopathic amusement, then we will be disposed of.

Of this there is no doubt - we are talking about utterly deluded psychopaths here, who think nothing of death, murder, torture, starvation, etc. They've done it time and time if you believe that YOU'RE immune to it...then you're as delusional as they are.

In addition:
As repulsive as Islam is, there is little point in allowing yourself to be sucked into the 'Islamophobia' narrative.
That 'narrative' was INVENTED BY THE GLOBALISTS.

They WANT and NEED us all to 'go to war' against Islam in our nations.

It's all part of the 'plan' they devised many, many, many decades ago.

So DON'T fall for it.

What we need to do is to appoint some reps, and go talk to THEIR reps - and explain just what the hell is going on, and how to turn the tables on the 'Chosen Ones' who orchestrated the ENTIRE DAMN THING.

Turn the tables.
Hunt these 'Chosen Ones' down and remove them permanently from our societies.

Return the world back to a manageable state - to a vastly reduced population level (the only reason why we are so prolific now is because THEY planned it that way - as it provides better odds for taxation revenue, labour source, and INDOCTRINATED FOOT SOLDIERS), and a return to country life.

It's doubtful at this juncture that we will ever succeed in freeing ourselves, but let's entertain the notion and say we do. We must then be vigilant about any recurrence, because it is human nature for those were blessed with good fortune and luck in this life to get it in their noggins that they have a reasonable shot at world domination. It just seems to happen over and over and over with our species.

One empire rises and falls, and another eventually pops up to take the charge.
It never fails.

Don't ask me how it is or even WHY that 'evolution' has ingrained in our species the need to dominate and utterly control others. What a screwed-up, antiquated premise.

That may have been fine a few hundred thousand years ago, but we are not the same animals any more. Clearly evolution has fallen behind, or asleep.

So there you have it.
My two cents worth.
Take it or leave it.

Best of luck.

Farren McDonald
Vancouver, BC, Canada
May 10, 2017

Anonymous said...

By the way: I don't trust ANY 'free' online site, including this one.

I've already exposed many bogus sites that were ordered up by the Globalist cabal (usually under the auspices of Soros) - and it's getting to be that most are, in fact, nothing more than analog data-collecting sources for the cabal's societal engineering and marketing division.

So if the 'owner' of this site is genuine, kudos to you.

If not...*yawn!*...that's really no surprise anymore.

If you would like a list of all the bogus sites I've exposed as sycophants to the Globalist agenda, I'd be happy to accommodate.

Farren McDonald.
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Anonymous said...


Our - with emphasis on 'OUR' - planet is being controlled by...DRUG ADDICTS.

The 'Globalists' - a cabal of 'Chosen Ones' which is comprised of a wide demographic of fantastically wealthy drug-addled psychopaths who agree to ascribe to some bizarre, deluded ancient ideology that picks-and-chooses various events of history to fulfill their cognitive dissonance, bunker mentality, and general contempt for the 'filthy, useless eaters of food' who are responsible for their malaise.

Generally, the head-honchos of this cabal believe wholeheartedly that their ancient 'god' has chosen them, and them alone, to rule the world. Their 'god' instructed them that they are justified in using any and all means to carry out his command - which is why they have no compunction with inflicting untold suffering upon BILLIONS of innocents (which are commonly referred to as 'heathens', or 'goyim').

Here's the drug(s) of choice for some of the prime movers and shakers in this cabal:

1) Ms. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor/Battenberg/Saxe-Coburg and Gotha/House of Hanover/House of Wettin:
- 1869 Lafite Rothschild.

2) Barack Hussein Obama (merely a mouthpiece puppet, but is deserving for a place here due to his influence in duping the gullible):
- COCAINE; banana-flavored only, and lots of it.
- A handkerchief soaked with his heady sweaty-balls and perineum 'Eau de Barack' - sniffed deeply whenever he needs confirmation of his Omega-man greatness.

3) Jean-Claude Juncker:
- COGNAC; specifically Henri IV Dudognon.

4) Angela Merkel:
- Pure, unadulterated OPIUM.
- Surstromming on candy floss.
- Crystallized Palestine virgin's menstrual-blood snacks, coated with honey from Cyclamen-persicum fed Israeli bees - from her own EU corporation 'Elizabeth Bathory House of Relaxation'.
- 5 drops every morning (under the tongue), with Juncker's leftover 'Pint of Passion'(it's almost pure spirit).

5) Donald Tusk:

6) Benjamin Netanyahu:
- 25I-NBOMe Solaris.

7) Prince Philip Windsor/Battenberg/Mountbatten:
- Methoxypiperamide.
- 5-MeO-αMT.
- βk-IBP, Indanyl-N-ethylbuphedrone.
- Nitracaine, 4-Nitro-Dimethocaine.
- Tetrahydrofuranylfentanyl, THF-F.
- Clonazolam, 8-Nitrodeschlorotriazolam, Clonitrazolam.
- GVL, γ-Valerolactone.
- Tolibut.
- Boldenone.
- Methyl-1-testosterone, M1T.
- BMS-564,929.
- Anserine.
- Ibutamoren, MK-677, L-163,191.
- Carnosine.
- Aminotadalafil[90].
- 9-Fluorenol, Hydrafinil.
- Sufranal.
- Phenylpiracetam hydrazide.

8) George Soros:
- Same as Prince Philip, but with vital organs replaced bi-yearly from donors personally selected during 'hunting parties'.

9) David Rockefeller:
- Worms and beetles.

10) Pierre Trudeau:
- Worms and beetles.

11) Justin Trudeau:
- Marijuana.
- Whatever is left over in his Rollingstones-shagging mother's medicine cabinet (especially the BLUE PILLS).

Anonymous said...


12) Recep Erdogan:
- Turkish delight.
- Frozen Christian tear drops.
- Prepubescent boy's anal-rip drippings on Melba Toast.
- AISHA(TM) brand smoked clitoris shavings on 33% vanilla seed ice cream (euphoric, apparently).

13) Antonio Tajani:
- Prepubescent scat on whole wheat toast - no gender or racial preference, as he is a staunch admirer of diversity.

14) George Bush:
Simple pleasures for a simpleton mind.

15) Hillary Clinton:
- She likes it all.

16) Wild Bill Slick Willy Clinton:
- He likes it all - and more. Ain't nothin' he won't try at least once.
- Currently undergoing Ibalizumab and PRO 140 treatment for his Aids.

17) Chelsea Clinton:

18) Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand - House of Orange-Nassau:
- MUSHROOM PIZZA - with extra cheese.

19) Reuven Rivlin:
- Same as Netanyahu.

20) Mahmoud Abbas:
- Same as Bill Clinton.

21) Abdel Fattah el-Sisi:
- Same as Hillary Clinton.

22) Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan:
- Sampler of all his chemist's inventions.
- Fermented camel cheese curds, steeped in R-30490 brine solution.

23) Jacob Rothschild (Bauer):

24) Emmanuel Macron:
- Tea made from Angela Merkel's discarded tampons.

And the list goes on and on - it's quite extensive, though diminutive in comparison to the number they affect and control.

Do you have anything to add?
Do you think this set-list is far from the truth?

Have a good day out in the pastures, my cud-chewing friends.

Farren McDonald
Vancouver, BC, Canada
May 10, 2017

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