Sunday, August 30, 2015

The purpose of modern TV shows

There is always an agenda.

There is always a purpose.

Anybody who doesn't say that they have an agenda (a purpose) for doing something is lying.

Easiest example: Any reporter in Yoo Ess of Ey will tell anybody who will listen that they are "unbiased".

He or she, the reporter that is, IS telling the truth, surprisingly enough.

What the word "unbiased" means when translated to normal, easy, even-a-moron-like-me-can-understand speech means that: "I will write, speak and report whatever I am told to report because I am getting paid for that".

So the agenda, the purpose, is NOT the reporter's (whether TV, radio or in print).  It is his or her paymasters.

We live in a make believe world.

We are bombarded by images, by pixels on screens, whether computer screens, TV screens, movie screens or now, even the "smart" phone screens.

The new generation of kids and young adults are in SO DEEP that they literally spend as much time as they can away from the real world, and glued in to their electronic screen devices.

In an elevator, on the bus, on the train - hell, walking down the street... Youth today walks in a very weird way, with head down, their hands holding the "smart" phone device and their eyes glued to it.

I used to say something when they were (literally, as in the literal meaning) walking into me on a sidewalk, then I got lazy and just sorta clucked or "uhm-uhmm" fake coughed... Which resulted in them  raising their eyes up to meet mine for for literally (you know the meaning) three or less seconds.

They mumbled something and (or not), walked a wide circle around me, head down, eyes glued to their electronic leash.

I decided to NOT say anything, nor to make a noise anymore.  I walk very quietly (youth training, you see) and had a grand ole time of the modern "future leaders of the world" (muahahahaha.... it's a joke) literally (I abuse this word, tis true) walk into and BOUNCE OFF OF ME.

There is a war for your, your spouse, your grandparents, but most importantly, YOUR KIDS' brains.  Their mannerisms (effeminate boys, butch girls), their attitudes to trans, err, sorry, HERMAPHRODITES (that's the CORRECT word to use), to sexual deviants (anybody who cuts his own penis off is not normal, period, end of discussion), to behaviours that from 1AD to 1960AD were considered vile, disgusting or at the least weird...

Those behaviours are NORMALIZED now.

There are three main trends on TV right now, pushed again and again on TV shows, during movies - hell, even commercials.

The main trend is (drumroll and fireworks, maestro!):
Promotion of the White woman and black man relationship

I am sure, unless you don't watch TV (which is a VERY good option these days), you have noticed this also.

But there's tons of stuff out there, and I'll just link some shit to prove this point, for the hell of it.

Clutchmagonline from 2012, Val writes:

I predict that Kerry Washington’s character will never date a Black man on the show. Lol
Don’t get me wrong; I have no problem with IR relationships on TV. But when you consider that all of the ‘attractive’ Black women on network TV are dating White men, then you have to consider that something is going on.
Kerry’s character is dating a White guy, Vanessa Williams’ character is (666 Park Ave), Joy Bryant is (Parenthood), Anika Noni Rose’s is (The Good Wife) and there are more.

TV is fantasy for White people. And that’s why the White guys get all of the ‘attractive’ women. We have to be aware of what messages are being sent when we watch TV. That’s really all I’m saying.

Whether Val is black or White, she is intelligent enough to spot a trend.  Which is what this blog is all about.

This is from 2012.

This has been going on for a while. 

Another random forum with some truth, this time from 2015:
First of all I would like to start off by stating I am not against interracial/ethnic dating or marriages as I am engaged to a Mexican-American woman. My question is why is the media constantly only showing pairings of black men with white women when statistically Hispanics marry whites at 4x the rate and Asian women marry white men at 2x the rate that blacks do. Why focus mainly on black man white woman pairings when statistically it is the 3rd most common. You see this pairing of black men with white women in both TV commercials and print ads but I rarely see Asian woman with White man in advertisements or even Hispanics with Whites even though it is the most common.

Ding ding ding!

We have a pattern!

America, I think we can all agree (whether we like that fact or not) is a multicultural nation.


Notice that part of that word is the stem "multi" - even a moron like me knows that that means "more than two".

There are MANY races in America.  Whites (which, despite the media saying otherwise, are VERY DIFFERENT from  each other in racial characteristics) are VERY DIFFERENT from each other.

Some are almost albino, some much darker some have curly hair, others straight - I mean, if you're not blind nor a moron you should be able to tell a difference between an Italian man and a pure Swedish/Nordic man.  There is a HUGE DIVERSITY in the EUROPEAN human stock, despite the media lumping ALL White people into one homogenous mass.

There are latino Americans in the grand Yoo Ess of Ey - from the cave-dweller-like looking men and women proudly sporting moustaches (protip - I mean Mexicans) to the extremely white, very easy to mistake them for a European latinos (protip - here I also mean Mexicans)... because they look like Europeans (and really, are completely separate from the "cave dwellers" - guess which racial group rules Mexico and which is used for manual labor?).

There are Asians in America (I mean Asian Asians - not what the retards in the UK call "asians").  Every major city has a "Chinatown".

And, when you REALLY look at them, there is (surprise!) diversity in the Chinese population too.  I am not even talking about the offspring of White men and their Chinese wives or the children of Black men and their Chinese wives (protip - psst! that does NOT happen, like ever).

I mean there are mongols, Han Chinese... there are actually 55 minorities in China (do your own damn research on the web).

We have "Viet town" in Chicago and other cities now, where you can eat some (eh, yuck, good for a tough winter maybe) Pho.

We have Japanese.

When you work in IT, the (White) programmers and employees were almost totally displaced by Hindus (Indians... you know, dot-indian, not rain-dance ones).

Speaking of which, we have Native Americans.

There are surely multiple groups of races and people which I have skipped for brevity here.

The point is, this is a multicultural, many races and cultures, nation.


A TV show, "Proof", has piqued my attention.  It is a show about an investigation by a dying billionaire named Turing (LOL) and a (rather fetching) female arrogant cutter, err, I mean surgeon (and most doctor specialists are overpaid, arrogant assholes who deserve to be slapped with a fish, but I digress - the show got that realistic part of medical milieu correct.

But everything else WAS wrong.

Starting with the hospital scenes where a lot of the action took place.

There are only two kinds of people present in the TV hospital - black men and White women, with a sprinkling of White men in support positions.

So, only two races are present in the hospital - White and black.

The authority, the big kahuna, is (no points for guessing) a black man.  That is standard now in ALL TV shows.  I think it is written into law at this point.

Surprisingly, the woman asshole cutter is married to a White guy (I know, I was - and am - shocked also).

But there are no Indian doctors.... anywhere.

Weird, isn't it?

There are no latino doctors, either.

Hell, there are no latino cleaning ladies, come to think of it.

I won't mention Vietnamese or Chinese or other Asian Americans - they don't exist in America... obviously.

Nope - it's a black and White world.


And of course the show served us an out-of-the-blue scene of a not-good-looking black male nurse sexing up a rather pretty White woman nurse... in a morgue (Oh, shock factor!  Shock sells TV shows and gets water cooler convos going! No, not the black guy and White woman you silly racist!).

And of course, it wouldn't be a show on modern TV sets without a huge (say it Trump like) HUGE subplot of a Nigerian doctor who came from Africa and a White woman who is an assistant to the dying billionaire.

As a matter of fact, the actor playing the role of the Nigerian doctor is QUITE OBVIOUSLY from either Eritrea or Somalia - but obviously the (jewish?) writers of the show can't tell a difference between one "darkie" from another, unlike your racist writer.

So, the trend is - BLACK AND WHITE ONLY, with other races quite obviously excluded from the mix.  Fuck multiculturalism, it is an empty word - there is only the black and White.

And the subtext is, if you haven't spotted it (of course you have) White women and black men.

And the sub-subtext is White men are dweebs and black guy are not only good looking, athletic studs who look so-much-better than a White male (it's a given, and anybody who disagrees is a racist) but also they are ALWAYS SMARTER than any and all White men on the shows.

If there is a genius hacker needed by the plot, or a superb specialist doctor - whelp, call the negro, stat!

And of course, as I have already stated, the boss is always, ALWAYS, a black guy.  Never a Chinese, nor Vietnamese, nor European, nor Mexican nor Colombian nor female of any race... black guy.

That is the law, people.

And of course, to drive the point home, there are the commercials.

It is obvious to me that advertising companies (who are all... or most of them.... err... dare I say it?) don't REALLY have as an aim the goal of selling the product they are paid to promote and market.

I mean, fuck, look at this:

Do you really think that any White guy would buy the promoted product (in this case - insurance) after watching this?  I mean, really?

(Well, they would, but these are the emasculated white losers which the media is working so heavily to turn all White men into).

Of course, it it entirely NORMAL that an attractive White woman would choose a black gentleman over ANY White guy, right?  That is totally so normal now...

And that's the goal.

This "black and White" is inserted as much as can be inserted into TV shows.  Yes, the protagonists might be a White couple, but there always is a black male and White woman couple hovering about, you know, because that shit happens.

Well, as a mater of fact, that shit happens.  A LOT.  However, the couples don't look like the ones on TV.

No, what I see walking down the street in my hood, as I watch the 'Muricans queue for free food at a local "Help the Poor  Pantry" which opened nearby (I am so happy of that fact!  So very glad!) look like this:

I saw.... some THING like this walking around, with four (yes, fucking FOUR!) black kids in tow, swearing and hollerin' like a true ghetto queen she was (four black kids, tatoos everywhere, neck, arms, seen through a pink "wife beater" shirt...I almost pitied the black kids whose, err, mother (?) this was).

She was of course queued for the "gimmie dat" free food at the "Help Da Poo!" pantry.

As she was swearing F-Bomb and excrement and some words I couldn't make out... for a reason which also eluded me (still does; perhaps that is the normal, standard mode of communication for this whi...err... woma....err... creature).

So there is some heavy promotion on TV (and movies) to promote black man and White woman couples.

To do that, the White guy is always an emasculated dweeb, in a position of subservience to his black boss, the White guy is always the loser.

I talked to a co-worker a few years ago (who adopted an interracial child) and his child said something interesting as she watched Sesame street.

She said (to his White father): "Daddy, why is the White guy always a dork and stupid?".

The kid spotted the pattern EARLY, and not only that, spoke out loud about it.

This has been going on.... for a long time.

And of course, being the glutton for punishment that I am, I (tried to) get into the TV show "Fear the Walking Death".

And of course the first few moments it hit me with full force what the franchise is all about (protip - no, not zombies, silly!).

The first ep (or second, heck, can't recall exactly) of the original series had a situation where a (cliche inserted White racist hick guy, huck-spit chewing tobacco, c'mere, boy.... you know, White men that ONLY EXIST in abe foxman's diseased brain) had a "situation" with a black guy.

And by that I mean, they had an exchange of words, and the (boo! hiss!) White guy has said: "Well, that will be the day when I take orders from one of you people!".

To which the black guy, naturally replied with VIOLENCE.

Because, you see, racism is sooo evil that beating up somebody, hell, murdering somebody for doing something racist, is not only normal, it is EXPECTED.

Such are the laws of the TV world (and our own, if you have followed a few famous judicial cases).

The rest of the group comes up, and of course (drum roll, please) they don't restrain the attacking black guy, no... they set upon the White racist (boo! hiss!) and say make gestures and utterances of the "We're with you, bro!" to the frothing at the mouth...err... African-American.

And so, of course, in the "Fear the Walking Dead" we have a junkie White kid, who belongs to a blended family (I shit you not, those are the words used to promote the show... WOW, JUST WOW, amirite?) of a Hindu doctor (whoa, we ARE making progress in depicting multicultural America, FINALLY!) and a White woman (of course, duh, what did you expect, a sari-wearing indian auntie?)...

And of course, the (rather good looking) White daughter of the couple (well, from the first marriage, hence the "blended family" - he has his own kids, and she her own, and let me tell you, even on a TV show LA LA LAND this works as well as you would expect)....

Well, the boyfriend of the beautiful White girl is...

Ah, fuck it.

The struggle continues.

Next up - cut your penis, for fun and profit (and to be the coolest kid on the block!).

Next next up (if I get to it) - why do European nations which were HEAVILY involved in colonizing Africa and Arabia and so have a historical debt to help these people due to centuries of colonialism, so reluctant to take in poor refugees from Africa, Libya and Syria?

I am speaking, of course, of countries such as Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Poland...


Anonymous said...


D_Shawn said...

The obvious point is that White people have to kill their televisions. It is insane to support a media which pumps anti-White agitprop into your homes.

B.Fuddled said...

But Noam Chomsky and Chris Hedges tell me that the only agendas of the media moguls is to promote consumerism and to defend capitalism. So where does this fit into their critique?

M.G. said...

American Goy--

I just saw your lovely comment at my blog and I wanted to stop by and say thank you and I hope you are doing well!

As for the interracial romance propaganda, France is catching up to the U.S. at high speed. Here's an example:

These were brochures someone saw at a hospital, about conceiving a baby when you're HIV-positive...Luckily 'Max' and 'Salama' are able to have their mulatto baby!

I think we can agree anywhere in the world, a health brochure at the local hospital is meant to represent the 'average couple' one sees every day in that country. This white man / black woman pairing I can promise you must be less than 1% of all couples in France...What can one possibly see in this, but a 'New Coke'-style pushing of a new 'product' no one's tried yet, but, the advertisers hope, will catch on quickly...? It boggles the mind.

Anyway, all the best and keep on keeping on!

Those Who Can See

AmericanGoy said...

Thanks for the comment.

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