Wednesday, December 26, 2007

American Goy turns you on to see: The future scam of America is now

Simple story.

Police come to your house, find a smudge of marijuana and confiscate all your money. Take your house. Your car. Did I mention that they take away all the money that the nice people in uniform can get their hands on?

First, read this and this.

Your blood boiled yet?

Here's the law's statement:
"Title 18, section 981 of the United States Code is the general-purpose civil forfeiture statute applicable to most federal crimes. Among other things, it authorizes the forfeiture of property involved in money laundering cases,2 property derived from or used to commit certain foreign crimes,3 and the proceeds of any offense designated as a "specified unlawful activity."4

Section 806 of the Patriot Act added a new provision to [sec] 981 that is an obvious response to September 11. Section 981(a)(1)(G) authorizes forfeiture of all assets of anyone engaged in terrorism, any property affording any person a "source of influence" over a terrorist organization, and any property derived from or used to commit a terrorist act."

That is some pretty broad law. Depending on the judge, you can lose virtually everything.

Check that.

You WILL lose everything. Car, house, money.
After all, please do not forget that since 9/11, everything can and WILL BE classified as terrorism. An ounce of marijuana, in your kitchen drawer, say...

There is of course no way for the government to abuse this law, since as we all know, judges are god like in their justice dealing and the police never, ever and ever plant evidence...

...Which will allow them to snoop around your house and then for you to lose everything as you pay 100% taxes that year...

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