Saturday, December 29, 2007

Shorter Christianity post

A: So you believe in heaven?
B: Of course.
A: So heaven is much better than the mess we got on Earth, huh?
B: Of course its perfect.
A: So compared to heaven, Earth is terrible huh?
B: Yeah thanks to moslems and people like you!
A: OK, I will now bring you a gun so you can shoot yourself and go to heaven.
B: Are you crazy? That's insane! Besides, suicide is a sin!
A: OK, I bring the gun, and I shoot you myself. That way, we both win - you get to heaven, and I will no longer be annoyed by you.
B: You are insane!
A: So you don't want to go to heaven?
B: I do!
A: If heaven is so wonderful, why not speed up the process?
B: Well umm uhhhh umm
A: I'll be right back...
*pitter patter of feet; door slamming*
A: Hey! I didn't load yet! Dammit. Guess she isn't a true believer...

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