Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hillary thanks DIEBOLD for her win

Really, all this discussion about the candidates and wondering why people voted the way they did…

I mean people are listening to tweety (that's chris matthews in liberal speak y'all) again. And analyzing his words... and serious journalists and pundits and bloggers and such say that perhaps, by tweety being all meanie to Hillary (because he hates the Clintons - I guess for personal reasons; there ain't much logic behind anything tweety says on the air), that because tweety was a meanie, the people got a reaction to it (awww he is making her cry awwww) and voted for her.

"I voted for Hillary because the bad men on TV were all meanie to her!"



Hullaballo on the tweety effect

People voted for Hillary because tweety said dumb shit on teevee?
If that is true and this idiot clown on TV has such a big effect on how people vote then we as a country are in REAL fucking trouble.

So - everybody repeat after me now:
'Hillary won in NH because tweety was mean to her and she cried'.


The interesting thing I find in all this hullabaloo is that:


Actual expected results here (from amalgamation of various polls pre vote)

Obama should be winning over Clinton, if the true numbers had reflected what the pollsters had predicted…

But you will never hear this from the mainstream media.

The whole fucking purpose of the exit polls was to check which candidate really won, and compare it to "actual" vote results. If the two things were out of whack, we got us a problem.

But now the folks in power are playing a pretty devious trick. The exit polls are not used now to predict (and/or confirm) who will win, but who voted how - see LA Times bullshit here.

The LA Times article goes thru a ton a meaningless statistics, such as how did grandma vote, how did junior vote, do you strongly favor your candidate (you better fucking strongly favor your candidate - you are voting him/her for president you dickhead!), which issue is important to the voters, bla bla bla, yada yada yada...

One piece of exit poll information is missing.

Guess which one?

Spoiler for idiots:
(Pssst! Its who people said they would vote for - you know, the actual winner of the vote).

Perhaps the exit poll / actual vote discrepancy was due to a company called Diebold counting the votes? Hmmmm?
Who is counting the votes?

And who really controls the vote counting in New Hampshire?

Since bush/Kerry, funnily enough, the exit polls, which were fool proof predictors in the whole history of American elections, are now considered passe and not of any consequence. Or perhaps since we as a country started using Diebold machines to count our votes. Whichever.

But it doesn’t matter now because Hillary is OUR big business, Washington elite and AIPAC candidate as opposed to a republican one right?

I will leave y’all now to your illusions…

Ta ta,


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Anonymous said...

I am a Hillary supporter and you are full of shit!

Anonymous said...

I am not a Hillary supporter and the AmericanGoy is full of it. First off, when trying to win an argument, try to avoid insult those you are talking about, it limits your credibility. Second, your title implies that Clinton went on record as thanking them, an intentionally inflammatory and false statement. Once again, undermining what little credibility you might have had left.

AmericanGoy said...
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AmericanGoy said...

Sorry My title....

As in:

My title does not imply that Hillary personally thanked Diebold for her victory.

It does imply this though: