Wednesday, January 23, 2008

US government: Desperate about the economy

Stumbled upon this article

U.S. deficit estimated at $250 billion
The deficit for the current budget year will jump to about $250 billion, the Congressional Budget Office estimated Wednesday, citing the weakening economy. And that figure does not reflect at least $100 billion in red ink from an economic stimulus measure in the works.

Confirmation in Raw Story.

This is an Associated Press Article. The amount of dollars that the economic stimulus will cost is making my head explode.

New projected USA national deficit: at least $350 billion

And just to piss you off (from the AP article):
"The deficit picture remains worse than it was when Bush took office seven years ago. Then, both White House and congressional forecasters projected cumulative surpluses of $5.6 trillion over the subsequent decade."

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Anonymous said...

The End is here. For the why visit: ... for the how:

I went to HS in MWC {bombers!!}

AmericanGoy said...

Personally, I do not think it is in Europe's or China's interest to make any hostile moves toward the US market.

In fact, since the US market is desperately propped up by China and other foreign investors (European, Saudi, UAE), and since the US market affects all other markets, it is in EVERYBODY'S best interest to not America slide into a recession or even a depression, regardless of what America's leaders are doing.

You might say that American government or whoever rules this country is getting carte blanche from the world to do as they please, because of the US market global effect on other world markets.