Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Does Colbert read my blog?

Colbert tonight:
"Superdelegates are unelected representatives. I like that!"
"That's almost 40% of the votes!" talking about superdelegates and how they make up almost 40% of the majority delegates needed to win.

Mr. Colbert, if you are reading this blog, I will now make my best "giggling girl who just saw NSync live" impression... Been a fan of yours since your "brass ball" performance at the White House Correspondents Dinner before Bush and the sycophantic press back in 2006...

Worst case scenario - Colbert does not read my blog, in which case great minds think alike :)

Well I am just happy to be topical. I do it for my hardcore readership of about 100 folks who log in daily to see my rantings/musings, as well as the legion of people who downmod me at reddit :)

I am now google'able and yahoo searchable... "american goy" is now a trademark (not in a legal sense but yah know what I mean).

Quake in fear, CNN "da situashon rum!" - cuz Americangoy is coming (in case you can't tell, that was sarcams folks) :-)

This exhausts my "smiley" limit for the decade. Tomorrow back with more "soul crushing, want to slit your wrist" cynicism y'all love, I promise.

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