Friday, February 22, 2008

Extreme police brutality

Watch this:

Read this.

Read this too - note how the title changed to protect the policeman.

Bonus: More pictures of woman's face and shoulder here.

Now think.
If I, John Q. Public, or you, Joe Schmoe, were in the place of this policeman, we would be in jail. I guarantee it. In fact, you or I would make the local news, with the shocked newscasters informing their viewers that a woman was brutally beaten up by her assailant.

But this is a police officer we are talking about.

So he just gets let go from his job.

And why was he fired?

"KTBS states that "Willis was fired by Police Chief Henry Whitehorn earlier this month for how he treated Garbarino during the whole episode, not for her injuries.""

He was fired because of his not following procedure when he had this woman in his power, not because he sadistically beat the crap out of her.

""Although unfortunate, her injuries were caused by her own erratic behavior and her failure to comply with lawful, reasonable and standard instructions for persons under arrest," said Willis' attorney Eron Brainard in a statement to ABC News."

It is HER fault.

End of story.

"(Police Chief -AG) Whitehorn fired Willis earlier this month but decided against criminal charges, concluding he could not determine whether it was a case of police brutality."

Move on Americans, nothing to see here...
Nor here...

I mean, it is not as if there is a pattern here...

What will happen is the usual in these cases of police brutality - the woman will get her blood money from suing the police, the policeman will cease to be one and have to find a new career (possibly become a prison guard)...

"Late Tuesday afternoon KSLA News12 received a statement from Chief Whitehorn. He says, "After reviewing the evidence, we decided it was something that needed to be handled internally and there was not enough to pursue criminal charges.""

Well, not quite... internal this, asshole:
U.S. Attorney, D.A. to investigate what happened to Garbarino
Sorry, this one you WON'T be able to sweep under the rug.

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Joseph said...

jesus fucking christ

Anonymous said...

No surprise there.. the police are just a bunch of thugs with state sponsorship. Wanna know where the real terrorists are? Just look for a uniform or title.