Saturday, February 23, 2008

Israel is why I became a member of Foreign Affairs Committee says American(?) Congressman

This is thanks to the incomparable Philip Weiss Blog, and kentminault, who posted the youtube video for our displeasure.

The speaker on the video is Howard Berman, a Democratic Congressman from California.


Absorb information:
From Weiss' blog: "He (Congressman Berman -AG) said Israel "is why I went on the Foreign Affairs Committee--" he corrected himself-- "it's part of why I went on the Foreign Affairs committee in the first place. I'm a great supporter of Israel.""

There you have it.
The issue of dual loyalty in American politics in a nutshell.

If you are a Jew, Mexican, German, Polish, Italian, Irish, whatever American - ask yourself one question.

Do you love, or perhaps like, United States more than your old country where your family originated?

If not, then get the fuck out.

If you love Mexico and proudly call yourself Mexican, fuck off.
If you are Jewish and support Israel over the interests of this one, fuck off.
If you are Polish and you dislike this country that you just became a citizen of - fuck off.

No excuses are accepted - German and Italian Americans, as well as Japanese Americans proudly wore US Army, Navy and Air Force uniforms as they went to war with Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Tojo's Japan during World War 2.

I expect the same from you, Jewish, Mexican, German, Italian, Irish, Polish hyphen Americans.

I do excuse you if you do not hide your patriotic feelings for another country and it is in the open. Or rather, I have less of an ill feeling towards you. You are open with your views, and you are hopefully not a citizen but working to support yourself and/or your family back in India, Europe or wherever.

Or perhaps you are citizen proudly supporting the cause of another country over the one you are a citizen of... These people used to be called communists, back in the days of the cold war, as they championed the cause of the Soviet Union over the United States. There is a simpler word for you now, since world revolution thankfully died in the blood of its millions of victims.

Traitor (Use your dictionary to see that, yes, this word does apply to you).

What I believe is most dangerous, however, are ethnic lobbies, well organized and well moneyed, such as the pro Israel Jewish lobby and the anti Castro Cuban lobby in Florida, which have political power to steer, guide and actually in the case of AIPAC and the Cuban Exiles lobby MAKE American foreign policy towards the world.

To the detriment of this still great country.

As an American, you, yes you, reading this blog, should view all foreign policy decisions with the prism of "Is it good towards the United States, the best interest of THIS country?"

If you cannot do that - you have no business being here, and you have no business calling yourself an American Citizen.

And yes - it is that simple in the final analysis on what makes a good citizen.

Congressman Berman - kindly go fuck yourself.

An American Citizen

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Anonymous said...

Well shit.
Thank for the video

Anonymous said...

To use American blood, American money American power---for Israel.
Seems almost anti-American.

Anonymous said...

Most Israelis in NYC where I grew up are the most arrogant and vile people on the planet. They are cunning, deceptive and calculating beyond belief. They are well aware of their "special" status and exploit it fully. What we must do is begin to influence our politicians from a grassroot level and insist that our foreign policy has been hijacked by the "true" terrorist of our modern age.