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$300 million given to a 22 year old with criminal record... for military supplies - the FULL story

Caption: Botach Company Logo; a Star of David, with lighting striking from it and a sword laid across it.

The opportunity to scam the government in this "war on terror" is immense.

The following is a true story.

Source - Reuters:

A Florida company hired by the Pentagon to supply ammunition to Afghan soldiers sent the troops Chinese gun cartridges that were more than 40 years old, the U.S. military said in documents obtained by Reuters.

According to Army documents, AEY and its president, Efraim Diveroli, 22, appear to have knowingly misled the military when they said last year the ammunition supplied was manufactured in Hungary between 1965 and 1975.

"In fact the majority of the ammunition was manufactured in the People's Republic of China between 1962 and 1974," the Army legal services agency told Diveroli in a letter on Tuesday notifying him of AEY's suspension from all federal work.

If true, AEY would have violated U.S. law that prohibits the acquisition of munitions from Chinese military companies.

So lets sum up - the company, AEY, sent 40 year old ammunition (which is VERY dangerous to use - more dangerous to the user than to his enemies...), which said ammunition was produced in China, and doing so breaks American laws - it is illegal.

But wait, there is more:

Who is this guy, Mr. Efraim Diveroli?
What is this company, AEY, that gets $300 million (yes, you did read that right) to ship 40 year old Chinese ammunition to Afghanistan?

Source - tpmmuckraker:
House sleuth Henry Waxman (D-CA) read the news today, oh boy. And he wants 22 year-old AEY President Efraim Diveroli, his 25 year-old VP (and masseur) David Packouz, and the company's general manager, also 25, to testify before Congress about how they managed to get a $300 million U.S. contract to supply (sometimes forty year-old) ammunition to the Afghan Army, among other contracts. Waxman also wants officials from the Department of Defense and Department of State to appear as well. He's set the date of April 17th.

Wait, lets re-read this.
The president of this multi million dollar company is 22 years old, Mr. Efraim Diveroli. The Vice President, whose qualification is as a masseuse, Mr. David Packouz, is 25 years old.

Oh and here is the 22 year old, Mr. Efraim Diveroli's, MySpace page (no, again, I am NOT kidding you!).

On the myspace page, the multi millionare describes himself thusly in the section About Me:
Well of course im a super nice guy!!! , i know what i want out of life but not exactly quite sure how to get it yet. I was born and bred in miami beach and have no immediate plans to leave but i have thought about it. Im a pretty easy going guy and many say i have a good sense of humor. I had problems in high school so i was forced to work most of my teen years and i probably grew up way to fast. I finally got a decent apartment and im content for the moment , however i definately have the desire to be very successful in my business and this does take up alot of my time.

Again, let us sum up- a 22 year old Efraim Diveroli together with a 25 year old "massage expert" David Packouz get $300 million and the know how to send old ammunition to the Afghan army to fulfill a United States Government contract?

So who else to turn to for the REAL scoop - of course, a fellow blogger.
Source - Lindsay Beyerstein, freelance journalist:

Efraim Diveroli's uncle is Mr. Bar Kochba Botach. Mr. Bat Kochba is in the weapons business; he supplies police and military with various supplies.

"The Botach Defense/Botach Tactical logo, a red Star of David and a sword, emanating lighting bolts.

Botach Tactical's website sells everything from boots and "tactical undergear" to handcuffs to tomahawks to pocket search mirrors."

Caption: the Kley Zion company, a simple Star of David with USA under it and letters "KZ" in it.

Kley Zion is Botach Tactical's sister firm. Arguably, Kley Zion and Botach Tactical are the same company. According to the masthead on its homepage Kley Zion is "Your Professional Specialist Serving the World[:] Law Enforcement - Military - Public Safety Special Operations - Corporate Security."

Botach and Kley Zion not only share quarters at 43rd Place in Los Angeles, they also have the same federal tax ID number, the same DUNS number, and the same GSA contracting number, according to their respective websites. The domain is registered to Bar Kochba Botach. The fictitious business name "Botach Tactical Kley Zion" was filed at the Los Angeles County Recorders office in 2006. "Botach Tactical" is a separate fictitious name for a California partnership between BK and Schlomo Botach.

"Over the past 8 years, Botach Tactical amassed federal contracts worth over $10.8 million."

On, Botach Tactical has two profiles. One of them lists physical and mailing addresses in California. The other says that Botach Tactical's mailing address is the same Miami Beach address as AEY, down to the suite number:

925 41ST. SUITE 306 MIAMI BEACH, Florida 33140-3339 3423 W 43RD PLACE LOS ANGELES, California 90008, USA Tel: 305-534-0777 Fax: 305-534-1297 Contact

Information: Michael Diveroli 3423 W 43RD PLACE LOS ANGELES, California 90008, USA Tel: 305-534-0777 Fax: 305-534-1297

Note that Botach's contact person is Michael Diveroli, Efraim's father.

Now follow two key points made by Lindsay:
The media are captivated by the idea that a boy genius and his twenty-something buddies cooked up a $300 million arms deal. No doubt, Efraim has a very impressive CV for an arms dealer his age. (He was allegedly caught on tape negotiating with Albanian officials.) (Note that the "alleged" Efraim-Trebicka conversation audio is embedded later in the article - AG) Yet, the record suggests that members of Efraim's family probably had a much greater role in this enterprise than they're letting on. At the very least, family connections help explain Efraim's extraordinary success in securing contracts.

No shit - remember, the 22 year old doofus has an uncle that made $10.8 million last 8 years.

Of course the uncle, his arms dealer father set the deal up with whomever was corrupt enough in the US government to supply our allies in Afghanistan with 40 year old (illegal to trade in USA) Chinese ammunition.

Last point:
"Now that Efraim has left the country, the Michael Diveroli appears to be shifting the blame to his absent son."

You got one (1) guess only: What country did Efraim go to?
Hint - His uncle, Bar Kochba, sounds VERY Israeli. American Jews, for one reason or another (to blend in, duh!) change their names to more, shall we say, anglo-saxon or italian sounding names, short and simple, like White, Richards, Bogus, etc etc. Jews with names like Bar Kochba can usually be found only in Israel these days... Also, the company logos of Botach Tactical and Kley Zion are a dead giveaway...

This whole family seems connected. To pull in that kind of money, to pull a fast one like that and then AVOID any legal action against them (where is the 22 year old again? All articles state that he "left the country", destination unknown of course, hence, fuggedaboutit!). They made $300 million, and blamed it all on a stupid (or is he? Read bonus material) kid. Reminds me of that Simpson's episode where the mobsters all testified that the kid Bart Simpson was the REAL chief of the mafia...

Bonus material (and it's real good shit!):

Source - (note that this is unsubstantiated, but shit, this makes SO much sense when put against all the facts we now know and you just have read about - so am including this):

MOE: Okay, so the company is called AEY. Hedquarters: Miami Beach. 22-year-old CEO Efraim Diveroli: hott. In a shaggy way. Contracts up to $300 million. Wiretap suggesting: corruption; old arms; everything made in China. I haven't gotten to the jump, but already I am going to tell you: Israeli mob. Ecstasy trafficker family. And that brings me back to Trump, and this story I did about how he was doing business with the Israeli mob — unwittingly of course. everything is unwitting with him.

MEGAN: Because he is witless?

MOE: But yeah. I'm telling you. Mark my words. His family is in the ecstasy business. If only they were selling that to the Afghans. Also: how are you supposed to transport anything into Afghanistan if you aren't somehow wound up with contraband traffickers? No one talks about what logistics geniuses the drug traffickers are, and how we could probably make business a lot more efficient by legalizing drugs and learning their secrets.

MOE: OH my god best. So last summer, Trebicka and Diveroli, the 22-year-old, were talking about how tough it was to do business in Albania, and the 22-year-old suggested that Trebeckia send "one of your girls" to have sex with the head of the export agency. "Money might help too." It always comes back to whores.

And what about David Packouz, the masseur?
Any connection to Kalman Packouz, "an Orthodox rabbi (born in Portland, Oregon) who has pioneered various Jewish educational initiatives geared towards baal teshuva ("returness to Judaism") outreach. In 1979, after receiving rabbinical ordination in Jerusalem, Packouz started the first Aish HaTorah branch in St. Louis. In 1980 he founded the Jewish Computer Dating Service which earned him an appearance on The Today Show.

Packouz speaks out on Jewish continuity through marriage, and in 1976 authored the book, "How to Stop an Intermarriage." The book was recently expanded and retitled as: "How to Prevent an Intermarriage - A Guide For Parents to Prevent Broken Hearts."" Why, yes, David Packouz is (fairly certain here) the good rabbi's son - the rabbi's life work is to prevent Jews from marrying non-Jews goyim and his son's work is to give the non-Jews weapons so they will kill themselves... or give them a massage... or be a front man for a Mossad front company...

And here is Efraim Diveroli negotiating an arms deal with an Albanian, Trebicka:

"Call him up, beg him, kiss him, whatever... Send one of your girls to fuck him... Lets get him happy" - Efraim Diveroli, giving his Albanian business partner advice on how to seal his arms deal.

If you have trouble following this, or want to know who Kosta Trebicka is, go to the transcript page - here.

I suggest you read the transcript / watch the video to get a better handle on just how professional this 22 year old is. He is FAR from the goofball portrayed by the media.

Now, lets dig a little into the Botach family. Hmm, a few google hits later we get this:
This Week The Botachs Married Off A Daughter At The Century Plaza Hotel

I’m told there were 800 guests for the wedding of the daughter of Shlomo and Dalia Botach. Shlomo is Yoav’s brother. The daughter is Shmuley Boteach’s cousin.

How do they afford it? The Botachs own much of downtown Los Angeles. They live under the radar in the modest Pico-Robertson neighborhood. They send their kids to Hillel and YULA and get scholarships because of their large families. No one dreams of the vast amounts of money this family accumulated. Yoav (Shmuley Boteach’s father) is the largest owner of warehouses in California. Rumored to be Israelis, their roots are Iranian.

"The Botachs own much of downtown Los Angeles."
"Yoav (Shmuley Boteach’s father) is the largest owner of warehouses in California. Rumored to be Israelis, their roots are Iranian."

Interesting. This profile page lists the Botach Management group annual profits at only $2 million.

There is also this interesting article:
"Makeup artist to the stars Judith Boteach thought she had found true love when it took four people to carry all of the flowers and jewelry lavished on her the day multimillionaire Yoav Botach proposed marriage."
Ahhh, to be a multimillionaire in love. Owning most of downtown L.A.? Not so far fetched after all... This is an interesting family...

But wait - lets continue the article:
But their relationship ended unhappily, with Boteach kicked out of the couple's Beverlywood home in her nightgown. And she is now embroiled in a court battle for half of Botach's fortune - millions of dollars she claims he promised her should the couple ever split.

`This is the largest palimony case in American history,'' said Robert W. Hirsh, Boteach's attorney, who explained that his client cannot fight for alimony since she and Botach were never legally married.

"This (Botach's -AG) is the largest palimony case in American history".

This is just an ordinary, dual citizenship ISRAELI-american family here, running a usual sort of family business... You know, warehouses, real estate, possibly ecstasy, definitely dealing weapons around the world...

American Goy Analysis:
Smells like Israeli mob. But Israeli mob does not explain the ease with which this contract got awarded. Smells also, then, like a Mossad operation using Israeli mob... and stupid Americans, who once again come out looking like idiots.

Late late addition to the article:
The botach tactical blog. Yes, REALLY. This is simply advertising their stuff online - notice please that KleyZion logo is prominently displayed as an "advertisement".

And clicking on that we get the KleyZion blog.

And how are customers rating the Botach company? Take a peek at and on consumers' views on Botach Tactical.

Lets peek at
Hmmm not good...

And how are KleyZion's business practices? Remarkably similar to the Botach Tactical customer service shown here and shown here. Almost as if KleyZion was the same company as Botach Tactical (haha!).

How can you run a successful business with so many negative reviews?

Judging by the Efraim Diveroli activity with Albanian mafiosi, and the sad story of the $300 million deal to supply Afghan Army with 40 year old Chinese ammo, by scamming people... and being very good at it.

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. That other organized swindle known as the ADL won't like it at all.

LanceThruster said...

Yet another excellent connect-the-dots piece. The extent that issues such as this are ignored in the MSM clearly shows the bias and establishes exactly who benefits from this bias.

Anonymous said...

The 22 year old had been in the gun business as a teen ager, and the U S Defense Department could not find any other U S teenagers who had a lot of experience in Ak-47 automatic rifles. IN a lot of states owing a Ak-47 rifle , in automatic mode is illegal, but obvious this Miami kid knew his way around a lot of corners.
Sure beats going to college and studying hard. Straight from his pops side to a $ 300 million DOD contract. Dick Cheney is proud of the kid. He was living the American dream He did a Halliburton to the fast lanes, presto a Mercedes hot car, a top end Condo on Miami Beach, The fact he was not like a lot of Orthodox Jews with those old black suits and back hats proves this kid is a genius, in fact his pop touted he was a genius. Now, I see some on this Blog are a bit miffed, thinking he got the contract because he was a Jew.
There is no proof of that. And, the people who awarded the contract to him--- were they Jewish, not one iota of a fact on that. Besides, in a war, it takes ammo to kill the enemy, and the Jewish people know Arabs a lot better than any average American kid. The only problem is the Moslems in Afghanistan are the US GOV allies, so it is difficult to tell who is the enemy.
If you had started dealing in Ak-47's from the time you were 12 , you might have had some basis to comment on the matter. However, are there even any on this board who know anything about Ak-47's.
That proves you don't speak with a lot of insight. In fact, the people who wrote the DOD contracts must know even less than you do--almost nothing on Ak-47's, their ammo, their storage conditions
But, that is great for people taking advantage of the USA and its taxpayers, and there are a lot of sorts jumping at the opportunity to score big ON a Uncle Sammy ticket to 300 mil

Anonymous said...

saw this on TV

tudza said...

The US Government had/has a program that distributes war surplus rifles, like the M1, to citizens. You can also get ammunition for them.

I believe the surplus ammo I fired was manufactured in 1957. Worked fine.

Granted, it's American made and not from China and it's not being used in a war zone, but the US didn't see anything wrong in letting people use fifty year old ammunition.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to note that 40-year old ammo is only dangerous if it is improperly stored. The U.S. has a sophisticated ammunition surveillance program to assess munitions stocks on an ongoing basis to assess the real shelf-life of stored ammo vice those often foreshortened claims of the industry that desires to sell more ammo.

The Chinese ammunition is the appropriate ammo for the harsh and primitive environment of Afghanistan. It has a steel-cored bullet for a high target penetration potential, and has a copper-washed case that functions as a dry lubricant (c.f. Glock copper based lubes and U.S. Luballoy bullets) for a very dusty climate where wet lubes would accumulate dust and cause binding failures.

So, in short the 22-year old Jewish kid is NOT your average Anglo-American, GED-coveting, game-playing, couch-potato, wanna-be.