Monday, March 17, 2008

"Expert" on TV - for idiots, by idiots

Jim Cramer, March 11, 2008 on his show - answering the question from a caller about whether the caller should pull his money from Bear Stearns. His answer is pure hilarity.

For background, look one post down.

I always find it hilarious when people on DIGG or even in actual, face to face conversation (I ask the questions verrrrry surreptitiously), whenever I bring the subject of blogs I get the "But CNN/CNBC/newspaper pundit-guy said it ain't so! Anyway, blogs are biased and stupid!".

Yes, because people who are on TV, on the radio, writing in the newspapers, by default get more respect from people because they are (drum roll)... "experts"!

And those stupid bloggers whom no one reads - tsk tsk!

Go ahead - play the embedded video again!
Make sure to play the video to the end, as you will get a special greeting from bush.

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zfolwick said...

Cramer seems like a god to the personal finance world. Frankly I haven't read his books and don't know what to make of him. Crazy guy though.


Anonymous said...

hey americangoy .. i didnt see your response to my message on digg until now. I think you misunderstood my message. The point I made about CNBC/CNN etc.. was that they were not trustworthy - i watched 4 hrs to try to hear about the insider trading etc... That they weren't giving any time to it at all - I even wrote in an e-mail asking why it hadn't been covered. Even if CNBC and CNN are biased I still think that mainstream media can give me some news.. and by reading blogs such as yours and other articles online I can make a sound judgement on what is happening. For your reference:

Anonymous said...

Hey you should chage the video embed to this: