Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mr Michael Todd - "suicide" victim

Sky News - the bottle of gin:

The body of police chief Michael Todd was discovered face down in the snow beside a half-empty bottle of gin, sources say.

Mr Todd, who had been tipped to succeed Sir Ian Blair at the Metropolitan Police as Britain's highest-ranking officer, is believed to have sent worrying text messages on Monday afternoon, prompting a search.

A source close to the rescue team said: "The body was found next to a half-full bottle of gin, slumped face down on a gentle slope.

"There was no evidence of any pills or tablets but that is something the coroner will have to look at.

Ah of course - you see the police official who was in line for the top UK police post was really a crazy, insane person - one who walks into the mountains, in blizzard conditions, to drink a bottle of gin as the blizzard swirls around him. And just because no pills were found around the body (perhaps the blizzard scattered the "evidence" that just lay there), that does not mean that the body was not pumped full of drugs. After all, we already established that the man is crazy right? And a drunk?

t was thought the married father-of-three's affairs may have prompted him to kill himself.

It was an "open secret" he had indulged in at least one fling with a female police officer, according to reports.

Some news outlets have reported he had an illegitimate child and had separated from his wife, who lives in Nottinghamshire.

Isn't it funny how already the media is saying that this is a suicide, before any autopsy is even begun. And of course the media is already giving us multiple reasons for his "suicide" - his affairs, possibly an illegitimate child, my goodness - of course he HAD to kill himself. So, the man to succeed to the highest UK police chief position was a drunk, crazy man, who has had multiple affairs and is possibly the father of an illegitimate child. The word "possibly" speaks volumes here - lets smear this guy to establish probable "suicide" motives.

BBC - Police chief death may be suicide:
The 50-year-old father-of-three was found dead near the summit of Mount Snowdon, north Wales, on Tuesday afternoon, his body covered in snow.

He is believed to have killed himself and sources said letters addressed to his family have been found.

BBC - "worrying text messages":
Greater Manchester Police chief Michael Todd sent a series of "worrying" text messages before he was found dead in north Wales, the BBC has been told.

The alarm was raised after he sent the messages to various people, which caused concern for their safety and his own, the BBC has learnt.

His text messages caused concern for his safety and the police friends of his he sent the messages to? What did he text them? Was it "I am a psychopath and will kill you and then myself, right after I drink this gin here in the blizzard?" Or perhaps the text messages were something like: "They are after me, please help me for the love of God?"

Oh - there is one thing that is not reported now on BBC nor SKY nor most media. You see, Mr. Todd was working on investigating the CIA rendition flights that used the UK as a transit point for CIA captives on their way to be tortured. Heck, since BBC and SKY speculate on Mr. Todd's causes of the "suicide", let me speculate now myself and tell you that possibly the UK secret prisons for the rendition captives had one or two torture rooms in them...

BBC - Mr. Todd says no evidence of UK being used for CIA rendition flights:
"Mr Todd has now examined all of the information available relating to this issue and has concluded that there is indeed no evidence to substantiate Liberty's allegations.

"There was no evidence that UK airports were used to transport people by the CIA for torture in other countries."

Oh? ABC News says differently:
In a serious embarrassment to the CIA's official record on rendition flights, the agency acknowledged today that a U.K. territory was twice used as a stopover point for planes transporting terror detainees, in contradiction to previous statements that the U.K. was not involved.

Perhaps Mr. Todd was close to something.

Perhaps he got too close.

Hence, he just had to walk into the mountains, in the blizzard, to drink his bottle of gin.

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Anonymous said...

What is additionally disconcerting is that the unlucky folks to be "renditioned" are described as terror detainees.

An interesting term.

They will never get the chance to provide evidence refuting that allegation. No courts, no due process, just go straight to the torture chambers.

And we all can go to sleep, knowing that big bro is keeping "terrorists" away.

Until the day comes when one of US through no fault of our own, acquires that unlucky label - or ends up like Todd.

Is it time for IMPEACHMENT yet?