Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tibetan protesters beat down in... New York City, USA

This is what happens to all the monkey nigger protesters. So you want to protest in front of the United Nations in NY, you shits? You want to march peacefully on a sidewalk and pretend you don't bother anybody?

Well fuck you!

Where is your protest permit, niggers?

Don't you know that in America there are now free speech zones, where we tolerate nigger scum like you "protesting", where no one can see you. Step out of line, walk away from the free speech zone boundary, and we will break your knees and beat the shit out of you.

See the white wigga nigger wannabe filming this, walking alongside these tibet niggers? Well, film away white nigger! Read the police officer's badge number - what do you think will happen to him?

Nothing, that's what. He'll probably get a medal for beating a brown tibetan nigger in broad daylight on a busy New York City street.

And that woman with the flag was getting uppity, and so had to be shown her place in America. Woman my ass - just another nigger needing to be put into place.

Let this be a lesson to YOU - step out of line, or even if we think you stepped out of line, we'll beat the shit out of you and arrest you.

You've been warned, all you niggers who read this subversive blog!

Remember - communist China is our great friend and helps us out with our economy. We are going to the Olympics in Beijing, and these niggers want to embarrass our great friend.

We can't have that.

At the end of the video, the niggers are contained in a small area of a sidewalk. That's their free speech zone, until we get bored and beat the shit out of them anyway.

I guess we need to make something up to justify us beating them niggers down... hmmmm.... oh yeah, they threw rocks on the Chinese embassy. That will do it!

Some of you fucks, hippies and liberals reading this blog - you think you have rights and other shit.

Guess what dipshit - you ain't got shit! This is pre-9/11 thinking. We can come in, take you for questioning and arrest you without a warrant if it's terrorism related. Hell, if you annoy us, you might find yourself on a plane flying into Egypt, where our Egyptian boys will stick a police baton so deep into your ass that you will squeal like a stuck pig, boy!

But you would probably like that, you liberal hippy faggot!

Here's a preview of what's coming to you, lib!

You could be one of those "renditioned" to Egypt, liberal boy! So you better watch what you do.

Have a nice day!

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