Thursday, March 20, 2008

Two minute movie shows military contractor war crimes.

Caption: This is real. It is 2 minutes long. Hit play NOW.

This is a movie filmed by a private "military" contractor in Iraq. It is very short. In it, the military contractors drive around Iraq and shoot at random civilian cars - shoot to KILL. Without provocation.

Perhaps this partly explains why the Iraqis' views of American troops changed from those of "liberators" to "occupiers" so quickly.

As far as I know, this private contractor, nor any other contractor, were not prosecuted for war crimes. If anything, US Army and US marines were prosecuted for much lesser infractions.

The contractors are untouchable, by American civilian and military law, and by Iraqi law.

Here is the background story on The Christian Science Monitor webpage.

The company in question is Aegis - Specialist Risk Management Company.

In the Christian Science Monitor, the response by the Aegic CEO, ex-Lt. Colonel (ex of UK Army Scots Guards) Mr. Spicer was this:

"(ex colonel - AG) Colonel Spicer posted a note on the site asking men to be careful about what they posted on the site. The video in question has been removed."

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Razor1924 said...

Shows the true nature of the American Occupying forces and their true colours, anything for a bit of fun, even if it means killing innocent civilians going about there daily routines.

Day by Day my hatred of these dogs increases.

good girl roxie said...

Here's the thing about this video: It's been out there circulating on the internet for a very, very long time now, so long that it is inconceivable that our senators are unaware of it. Yet there has been no response whatsoever to it by any members of the Senate Armed Services Committee, including Sen. Clinton, who has sat on that committee for five years, since the beginning of the invasion of Iraq.

For five years, the Armed Services committee has not done one damn thing to rein in the outrageously bad behavior and actions of mercenary troops like those who work for Blackwater. After the Nisour Square massacre in Sept., legislation was introduced to ban the use of mercenaries, but nobody signed on to it.

I wrote a piece about this at my blog, focusing on Clinton's complete lack of action as a potentially influential member of the very committee with the responsibility to oversee these goon squads.