Monday, April 21, 2008

Colbert just run a Global Food Crisis story on his show

He made two points:
1) This story "fell thru the cracks"
2) Biofuels, made from corn, are the problem
and also, he hit the corn syrup angle in his diatribe.

I mean really, once he hits my points re: pro-Israel lobby, I will be in (cynical bastard) heaven.

Thanks for reading, Mr. Colbert.

If you haven't read my post about the biggest news story happening now, do so at Global Food Crisis.

Feel free to post a comment and boost my readership by about 5 million readers per day.

Bonus Report:
OK, the cannibalism angle and "Still looking for Craig Kilbourne" comment were funny... as in VERY, funny.

Sorry Colbert - still like Jon Stewart better.

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spocko said...

5 million readers a day! Wow. I've got 19, you got me beat.

When I was tracking the tainted food story during the pet food crisis I found an interesting group of people. They bought the recalled food that killed over 4,000 dogs and cats (and sicked at least 8,000 others) and then sold it to the large chicken and pig processors in the state of Indiana. Of course when we asked the FDA and the USDA the name of the company that FED the tainted feed to the chickens and pigs they wouldn't tell us.

Why did they do this? So that they wouldn't have to cull 20,000,000 chickens and 56,000 hogs. Where they concerned about if it would kill humans? Not that we could see, they threw together a "risk assessment" document that said that it was just fine based on some rat studies from 20 years ago and some weak science.

Thanks for staying on top of this food issue. The people to watch? The Chinese working to import food working with the major processors who want to move food processing off shore to save money (with no concern for the processing conditions that we spend 60 years developing for the health of the population.)

AmericanGoy said...

"5 million readers a day! Wow. I've got 19, you got me beat."

Spocko, I love yah :-)

I get about 100-400 readers per day, with so far 8,871 this month to date.

The 54,651 is the total throughout the existence of the blog.

5 million readers a day is Daily Kos numbers, not this obscure lil blog :-)

Thanks for posting - read up and post some more, ESPECIALLY if you find that I am in error or you disagree with me.