Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dual Loyalty - another example

In my article about Dual Loyalty? The case for dual loyalty of the Jewish Diaspora, I have explained (or tried to explain) the truth, the common sense conclusion that:

Now, lets cut the bullshit.
America is a woderful country, and it attracts hordes of immigrants, of all skin colors, races, religious beliefs, economic status...

Christians, moslems, jews, buddhists, atheists.
Mexicans, Irish, Poles, Brasilians, Tibetans.
A rich university student comes here to study advanced mathematics in a top US university and decides to settle here.
A poor Mexican comes here to get a job in a restaurant and to send some money back home to his family.

There is one thing that unites them - they are either first generation immigrants, or first generation Americans.

Which means that they (of course, it is a given) have patriotic feelings toward their country of origin, not their adopted country - the USA.

What I tried to do is to state that most, if not all ethnic and national groups have dual loyalty to their home countries. Especially if they are a relatively recent immigrants, or if the ethnic group refuses to assimilate into the "new" country and tries very hard to remain aloof, different and separate from its other citizens.

But dual loyalty is true of almost all national and ethnic groups.

Whether Mexicans, Poles, Russians, Irish, Jews, Chinese - whatever.

It is normal.

Nothing proves this case as another example, this time from Australia.

So... case in point:

Source: Reuters article:

CANBERRA (Reuters) - In the biggest pro-Beijing rally of the protest-marred Olympic torch relay, more than 10,000 Chinese Australians rallied in Canberra on Thursday, bringing a sea of red Chinese flags and drowning out Tibetan demonstrators.

Got that?

10,000 Chinese-Australians have rallied not to promote Australia, of which they are citizens, but to help their REAL country, the country to which they are loyal and feel patriotic feelings to, regardless of small things like being now citizens of another country.

And they were not waving Australian flags - in fact, not a single Australian flag was present during this "Australian" rally in Canberra.

On Thursday thousands of Chinese chanting "One China" packed the start and finish of the torch relay in the Australian capital.

Gosh, all those Australian citizens screaming for "One China"!

And waving those red Australian flags! Oh wait...

So lets not act that surprised when we discover that Mexicans stage patriotic rallies for Mexico and cheer on the Mexican soccer team (while booing Team USA), or Chinese-American engineers spy in America, or Jewish-Americans spy on behalf of Israel.

Lets cut the politically correct bullshit, ok?

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Anonymous said...

it is the same all over the world as well. I am a Canadian Citizen, however, I am dutch.

I am and will always be a loyal Oranje because it is right to remember the foundation of one's youth.

I wonder if the "shock" of 1st nation patriotic demonstrative attitude is really jealousy or envy, since those born in America have no such foundation to pull from, no national food, or national sport. Yes yes, i realize that there are "nationally declared" foundations such as "apple pie" and "baseball" but really, apple pie was german before it was "american" and was brought over by German immigrants.

Americans played a version of the British game Rounders in the early 1800s which they called "Town Ball". In fact, early forms of baseball had a number of names, including "Base Ball", "Goal Ball", "Round Ball" and simply "Base". In at least one version of the game, teams pitched to themselves, runners went around the bases in the opposite direction of today's game, and players could be put out by being hit with the ball like in Schlagball. There are also records of equal to similar games in Russia and Romania.

Which again, are only two examples of the reality that a nation or people's without their own true grasp of roots or foundation, will just not ever understand.

Anonymous said...

yup...........blood is thicker than water.

our grandmas were smarter than we are now...........

Anonymous said...


Football is the American National Sport, and it isn't even close. We DID invent that, and its the most enjoyable spectator sport ever invented, hence the huge crowds, sometimes in excess of 100,000, that give proof to that assertion.

Baseball is nowhere near football in real popularity, but baseball IS played over here.........and not in Europe. Possession is nine tenths of anything, and the baseball prototype's inventors have left off it, while we embraced it.

AmericanGoy said...

Mr JVL, if that is your real name (hah!).

The comment you posted is funny, considering that you consider yourself Dutch.

Which is funny to history buffs, as EVERYBODY knows that the Dutch are a bastard nation, and are traitors to the most Catholic of majesties of that most Catholic of nations - Spain, and those mongrels rebelled against the proper authority and royal order and created their own, immoral mongrel country of bourgeoise shopkeepers and merchants.

Talk about dual loyalty!

Traitors to the Spanish Crown!

To any Dutch readers of my blog, this is called sarcasm and "making fun of" a person.

Take it in good fun :-)