Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Meow grrrr scratch scratch - internet debates in the comments section

I was reading the isteve blog, chiefly due to the fact that he linked one of my stories.

Here are some of the comments; I find them fascinating in their mindset:

"Especially race realists should know that Ashkenazi Jews are, on average, simply a lot smarter than the rest of the world peoples. That's why they're so succesful. There's not much more to it."

"that Ashkenazi Jews are, on average, simply a lot smarter than the rest of the world peoples"

"But still, none of your races of shkutzim come close to doing the amount of good that we do relative to the amount of evil that we do. And I mean that seriously."

"American Goy, was the "apartheid" remark a reference to Israel's immigration policies? Do you think they should be non-discriminating? I bet people at this blog would be plenty upset if you suggested that for the U.S!"

"Yes, there is a double-standard when it comes to White Christian Males. Our culture allows anyone considered a minority (including women, interestingly enough) to do whatever they can for social cohesion as well as to assist each other in getting a leg up while WCMes are supposed to take it in the ass. Shitry and true and worthy of being loudly pissed about."
Well that one is true actually. The Jewish community in America (and every other country) helps each other, while the myth of rugged individualism is prevalent in (majority) non-Jewish households.

"American ~

You have a Jew problem. Claiming that you don't is an exercise in Denial. The very name that you've crowned yourself with points to your obsession. You should have that looked at and treated.

To get you started on the road to recovery I'll simply reproduce the paragraph that you claim points to the crux of your problem with Jews and ask you to stop flashing your hideously distorted views in public. They do you no credit:

Jews in America represent the whole political spectrum - from anarchists, hippies, centrists, far right and fascist viewpoints (just like every other group in the country, duh!), the Jews in positions of POWER, the NEOCONS..."

"In any case, people's feelings aren't logical, so you can't use your Ashkenazi-powered intellect or verbal facility to convince anyone who doesn't like Jews to like them."

"And most of your US aid (which I personally think we should do without) comes in the form of US weapons (which puts Americans to work---makes for a nasty little dilemma). About $500 million is in actual money. You're welcome to keep it all."

I am blown away.

Here is the URL to the comments section
for this blog post on isteve.

Incidentally, here is what I posted on the comments:
"Hi Steve.

If you could link to the actual article on my blog about this Diveroli affair, that would be swell.

It is:

I think that even though you and your readers did a bang up job on this case (I mean really, all it takes is less than an hour of google'ing), you still have not reported the whole story.

The Botach angle is very important - Bar Kochba Botach (a VERY Israeli name if there ever was one) is the uncle of this 22 year old Efraim Diveroli, the alleged "doofus" (in my opinion, this 22 year old is an extremely ruthless and efficient businessman).

The Botach's are multi millionares, going by the wedding they threw and the biggest palimony case in the USA (details inside my blog).

So this is not just a 22 year old doofus, who lucked out into $300 million (ha ha, this is all there is to it, say the media, nothing more to see here - just a funny story and the usual government ineptitude ha ha).

This is a story of a VERY interesting family clan, who makes their living (partially) of selling weapons around the world, on the fringes of legality.

I won't hold my breath to wait if the minority Botach's, and the uncle of Efraim Bat Kochba (they are a minority in the USA - guess which one... hint - they are not African American) will be investigated.

I bet my money on it that the Botach's will NOT be investigated, nor this story followed in the media beyond the very misleading angle of "ha ha a 22 year old made $300 gosh, that goy government shuuuure is stupid!"..."
Yes, pretty incendiary stuff there AG, if I do say so myself...

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Mark Prime (tpm/Confession Zero) said...

Wow and ha! Nothing like a bit of meow grrr scratching.

Anonymous said...

That Israel is the world's #1 Apartheid state is known by people who can and do search for the truth, since the truth is not what one will find in the predominantly owned Zionist MSM.

Separate roads for Jews and Palestinians, with the roads for the Jews being kept in immaculate condition while the roads for Palestinians are little more than dirt paths.

Different colored license plates for each, so that the IDF can pick on and torment the Palestinians at their will.

Roadblocks in Palestine, controlled by the IDF, that cause endless amounts of suffering for the Palestinians, again, controlled by the IDF.

Theft of Palestinian land, by the Jews. This works by first sending in the IDF to run the indigenous Palestinians off their farms, with threats of violence or actual violence against the farmers.

After awhile, that "elevated" race of beings, the Ashkenazi Jews, then move onto the land and petition Jewish courts to transfer the land to their possession, claiming that the land is vacant.

Or, the Jewish squatters move onto the land, using violence to run off the indigenous Palestinians. If things get a little hot, the squatters call in the IDF and the whole cycle, described above, repeats itself.

These are the actions of superior race of beings, as isteve claims the Ashkenazi are?

Sound to me more like the actions of a group of well armed thugs, thieves and murderers, who are willing to do ANYTHING in order to steal.

And since, according to the dictionary, Ashkenazi Jews are from eastern Europe, doesn't that negate their claim that since they came from the not-so-Holy Land, that the land is theirs?

Using the Old Testament for a domestic and foreign policy manual is a recipe for disaster...

But disaster is just the kind of environment that the Ashkenazi Jews thrive in.

P.S. What, he didn't call you an "Anti-Semtite?"

Ashkenazi |ˌa sh kəˈnazē; ˌä sh kəˈnäzē| noun ( pl. -nazim |-ˈnazim; -ˈnäzim|) a Jew of central or eastern European descent. More than 80 percent of Jews today are Ashkenazim; they preserve Palestinian rather than Babylonian Jewish traditions, and some still use Yiddish