Thursday, May 22, 2008

Woman loses home because of a $68 unpaid dentist bill


Source: ABC news:

Can you imagine losing your home over a $68 dental bill? That's what happened to one Utah woman.

Sonya Capri Ramos says her Salt Lake City home was sold out from under her in 1996 to pay a collections agency seeking payment for dental work performed on one of Ramos's daughters. And despite the fact that she had made three years of payments on a $51,000 mortgage, the title changed hands for just $1,550 at a sheriff's auction.

But the story doesn't end there: Ramos, 41, said she didn't find out that her home no longer belonged to her until two years after the sale. To date, she hasn't moved out.

Instead, she said she continues to make mortgage payments on the home and is fighting what has become a decade-long legal battle to reclaim ownership.

What can I say...

America, fuck yeah!

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Anonymous said...

that is beyond wrong............

your 'other possessions' should never be forefeited over a debt while you have employment. If you refuse to repay the debt, but have been found in a court of law to legally owe it, some portion of your earnings (less than 10%) should be garnished until the debt is repaid---with interest based on the FED's current discount rate to banks.

Problem solved. Them taking your home is bad for society over something like a dental bill...............but the dental bill does need to be paid and you should have to pay it and it should put a black mark on your credit report.

There IS a little problem in America that doesn't get talked about much and that is "some" people, after they get into a house, start to decide they dont really have to pay for much of anything because they no longer care what their credit looks like (they already have a house, remember) and can buy used they fleece everyone else. I knew a guy once, still know some of his aquaintences, who was in construction-contracting. He oft-would buy something with a check, and then call the bank and cancel the check. That guy fleeced alot of materials-providers over the years. He's used family members ID's, and other evasive identification measures, lied to get credit cards to use, etc. You'd be shocked at how much building material he was able to scam for free in this way. He now, (suprise!) employs about 10 illegals to put in floors while he goes out and drums up business. He makes over half what his business makes while paying the illegals 9 bucks and hour with no benefits.

The American dream right? He still owes me about a thousand bucks and owes several other people we know money, but he got in a pretty nice house, always gets co-signers to get new vehicles about every two years, takes vacations, and otherwise enjoys a pretty good standard of living. He is a middle easterner...................and unfortunately Ive found out through him and some of his aquaintences that financial ethics in that part of the world can be very creative. Youve been warned.