Monday, June 2, 2008

The fear in the eyes of Bill Maher

The guy whom Bill Maher interviews is Micheal Scheuer, the former head of the CIA 'bin Laden Unit'. The guy who was leading the CIA assets to capture and/or kill bin Laden.

The fun starts at minute 3:50; feel free to fast forward to that moment.

Bill Maher states that 'I am a big supporter of Israel', and when Mr. Scheuer disagrees then one of the greatest shows on American TV starts!

Scheuer: "I think we can reduce it very seriously sir (the threat of Arab terrorism and Arab hate towards the USA), I disagree with you on Israel."

Bill Maher, interrupts: "In what way (do you disagree with me on Israel)?"

Scheuer: "I hope Israel flourishes, I just don't think it's worth American life and American dollar".

Audience - hesitant, fearful applause.
Some boos sound off also.

The fear in Bill Maher's eyes begins now, it is palpable, it is there for all to see.

Some topics are simply taboo in America...

Bill Maher: "You don't think the existence of Israel in the world is worth an American life or an American dollar?"


Scheuer: "What I am most interested sir is the survival of the United States!".

Mr. Scheuer, welcome to my blog. Let me buy you a drink, hell, it's a whole bottle of your choice of beverage on my tab for you!

Here, Bill Maher feels like he must say some inane shit to save himself, his TV show and his money that he (99.99% probability!) uses to spend on whores and coke.

And so he LIES:

Bill Maher: "But Israel is a democracy in a part of the world that has none!".

Note that at this point I gagged while watching the video. Israel is a democracy, but it just so happens that some of its citizens, like Israeli Arabs, have less rights than Jewish Israelis, and some Arabs living on the so called 'occupied territories' (West Bank) have no rights at all.

Scheuer: "So what?"

Bill is shocked. Snip, snip of broadcast, and we come to...

Scheuer: "I think it earns America tremendous pain and increasingly dead Americans fighting wars that are not ours to fight".
Audience LOUDLY applauds.

Bill Maher: stammer, stammer.
Bill then ignores this remark of us, America, fighting wars on behalf of Israel, wars which are not ours to fight, as if it wasn't there.

Bill then tries another tack, something which I saw many pundits employ when confronted with the questioning of the WHY?! of America's war in Iraq and the occupation, which inevitably leads to the pro-Israel Lobby here in the USA and its power.

Bill Maher throws in the old canard of the war for oil.

Bla bla bla, yada yada, music, the panelists sit down.

After the music, the panel sit themselves.

And just so Bill Maher is clear on his politically correct views, he makes it a point to say: "Did anything Mr. Scheuer say upset anybody as much as the comments on Israel upset me?".

Right Bill. Gotta make it clear to your paymasters that you are a Zionist, otherwise you would be liable to lose your 'Politically Incorrect' show once again.

You know, for being politically incorrect.

About a topic that matters.

Jeneane Garofolo answers Bill's posturing: "Well I actually... What upsets me is that any substantive conversation about Israel gets stopped because of something similar that you did. You, ahh, immediately had an attitude, when he was saying something that's actually very viable - that our support of Israel, to the detriment of the Palestinian people, and to the detriment of the American people, is not wise, and it's been responsible for a lot of problems. And the way the mainstream media portrays the Palestinians is totally unfair..."

Audience applauds.

Jeneane Garofolo: "And you shut him down with your tone of voice..."
Here Bill Maher interrupts her rudely and states his undying love for Israel, Israelis and all things Israeli.

Jeneane Garofolo: "Our Israeli policy is very dangerous to us (USA)... and for them (Israel). The right wing of the Knesset does not represent the Israeli people anymore than the right wing American government represents the American people".

Color me stunned...

Bonus Material
Oh yeah, this guy Scheuer: wikipedia source here.

He wrote this besteller: Imperial Hubris: Why the West is Losing the War on Terror.

The nerve of this guy, stating that Israel is not worth an American life and an American dollar!

He also states that American lives are lost, as if the war in Iraq was not in American interest but in the interest of Israel!

The nerve!

And Jeneane Garofolo was spot on with her comment too, about the techniques pundits use to control the conversation and to shout down any intelligent discussion on Israel and its effect on the USA.

I am stunned, and shocked. and bewildered that this blatant criticism of Israel and of our relationship with Israel, our bestest friend and ally is allowed to be shown on American TV.

It is obvious that Bill Maher, with the animal fear in his eyes, did what he could to minimize the damage.

But, it is Bill Maher who is responsible for putting out this show. He must be made to pay.

His show, 'Politically Incorrect' on HBO, needs to be cancelled. Alert the relevant authorities!

Take action now!

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Shootingsparks said...

great post, did Markus send you a copy of that LGF Border Patrol recruiting ad capture?

AmericanGoy said...

He did.

Unfortunately, I am all for making money off adverts and to me it is perfectly OK for a govt agency to advertise on a blog, so this is a non issue to me.

After all, marines, Army etc do so.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the video isn't working for me. Youtube strikes again!

Anonymous said...

Jeneane Garofolo is pumping iron and getting tatoos all over her body??????????????????????????

I guess that gal really wants to kill her acting career. How in the world can she be cast with that "look" she is fronting now? I thought she was a talented comedic actress who was kinda cute. Now she appears hard and edgy.

Back on the subject at hand.....You could almost sense Maher's tension at the uneasy territory of the discussion of the United States backing Israel. His voice raised an octave but lost volume. His heart beat probably speeded up, sadness chemicals were being secreted in his brain and the frontal lobe of his cranium was working like mad to come up with talking points to make himself and his cause look "wronged" so he could go on the "victims" offensive.

"Do you equate Israels imporatance to America with Saudi Arabia's?"--------------Well, being that we get oil from the Saudis, but do nothing but give three billion a year to Israel, and get classified secrets stolent/and perhpas sold by Israel Mr. Maher, and the fact we get despised for our monetary and military aid and our UN votes on the behalf of Israel, I'd kinda be inclined to think we get more from the Saudi's than what we get from Israel, unless trouble is what we actually WANT.

Israel, as Carter has pointed out, has 150 nukes, and can pop a cap in any Iranian Nuke program in the matter of hours. Its their war to fight, not ours.

I wonder if we have ever "offered" to allow all the palestenians to move to America and live? I mean hell, we have got 20 million Mexicans in the past 15 years illegally here, what in the hell would it hurt to let the five or six million Palestinains just come here? Israel is going to keep abusing them, setting up settelments on their land, bulldozing their would be an at least "solution" if they'd be willing to live here instead of there, where they are never going to get an even break.

TGGP said...

I'm with Scheur in saying Israel is not worth any American lives or money, but I was under the impression that Iraeli Arabs (and Muslims) have the right to vote and have members in the Knesset. The difference seems to be that they are not required to serve in the military, though some choose to do so. In that sense, they could be said to have more rights.

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't stupid Goyim (non-jews are less than animals, Goyim, according to the Jew "holy" book the Talmud) die for Israhell? The final solution for the Goyim is here with the "bailout" for Wall Street zionists, the internet is abuzz that the Mossad may have another false flag, like their staged 911, ready for on or about October 7th to shut up the Goyim who have caught on to Israhell and the zionists. It will be martial law and off to the detention camps for wise guy Goyim . . . with the head of "Homeland Security" a Talmudic Jew leading the way . . . obviously the Goyim are as stupid as the Talmudic Jews believe . . . .

george einrib said...

Only when America can "Wake-UP" and understand that America was Stealthily (as always) Registered as a "Corporation" by Jews in 1871; so They actually Parasitically "OWN America!" It's now Time in the Hi(S)tory of the Entire World (if they Really want Freedom) to Understand Why the Jews made "Anti-Semitism" Their "Weapon" of Non Public Detection! Does "Israel" fight alongside its "Allies?"