Friday, August 22, 2008

America, XII A.D.

Off Reuters:

More than 200,000 children were hit as punishment in U.S. schools last year

Texas accounted for a quarter of the instances of corporal punishment in the 2006-2007 school year, according to the study compiled by Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Twenty-one U.S. states still permit the use of corporal punishment in schools. In Texas and Mississippi children as young as 3 are struck for transgressions as minor as gum chewing, the report says.

The punishment often involves hitting a child on the buttocks with a long wooden board, or paddle.




Citing U.S. Department of Education data, the report said 223,190 students nationwide received corporal punishment at least once in the 2006-2007 school year. This included 49,197 students in Texas, the largest number of any state.

Some U.S. conservatives view moves to ban corporal punishment in school and spanking at home as "liberal permissiveness" which can lead to bad behavior and wider social problems such as juvenile delinquency.

Excuse me while I go get my baseball bat (aluminum) and go in search of a "U.S. conservative's" child.

Am off to knock off any "liberal permissiveness" off that juve.

This is insane.

I can't believe (and didn't know) that in America teachers are allowed to hit students.


Anonymous said...

Sorry but I have to disagree with Goy here.

We used to get one-to-three "licks" after the fourth grade for major infractions. During junior high, getting a "paddling" by the prinicipal was the only way a few really bad behaving boys could be persuaded to not interrupt the class constantly. Some kids misbehave to the detriment of everyone else's education and therefore must be persuaded not to. The paddlings (three "licks", usually from one of the science teachers or principal which hurt like a motherfucker) would at least get them to sit in the back of the class with their mouths shut so everyone else could learn.

Our paddlings were for major offenses however. Nobody ever got paddled for gum or drawing pictures or the like, unless they simply refused to take it (gum) out of their mouths and throw it away--directly disobeying an order. Paddling offenses were for fighting, running in the hallways, hitting a teacher, cussing a teacher, refusing to do what one was told by a principal or teacher, or vandalism of school property. That was about it. Fighting and running in the hallway was the only thing I remember anyone getting paddled for. I once got paddled for running in the hall (school was over and we were the last guys each other to the front door for fun----and got caught by a teacher who didn't go home yet, the absolute worst one to get caught by----the wrestling coach. He busted our ass good. I never ran in the hallway again-----although over the summer we got my go-cart in the school when nobody was there and rode it around the hallways for a few minutes, but thats another story).

I can't imagine how one could discipline our "new" students thesedays without giving them a punishment that was really unpleasant. Sitting them in the back of class wouldn't "get it" in my opinion.

If you dont love your kids enough to lovingly, but sometimes sternly lay down the law-----society and our penal institutions will be happy to do that for you later. They get paid to do it, and prisons have become a racket that psychologically wreck young people's lives making big money doing it. Id rather they learn to not "disobey control" early when relatively little is at stake than to flout felony laws later because they "fucking wanted to", only to get sent up hard to the big house---where they will be beaten and raped and emotionally ruined.

I dont think a couple of hits on the ass with a paddle is cruel or unusual. If a kid gets some sort of deep bruises from it, then its too much, but a stinging, smarting pop or two on the ass can show them that there is authority in this world that we have to obey. I have a cousin who has a problem with authority. He is yet again fired from yet another job. He is now 30, and doesn't have a cent to his name-----living with friends and unemployed yet again. He has actually hit a couple of cops and resisted arrest twice now. He's a smart guy, but he still cannot accept that the state has the right to pull your car over. If he'd have learned that in his damned bones in his early teens.......he might not be a convicted felon now, shutting him out of some pretty good jobs that are at his skill level. His smart mouth and fists certainly have cost him.

Self-restraint is a must in society, and in my opinion negative re-enforcement of this dictum is best done early while the offenses are not major. South Africa has a BAD BAD BAD problem with rape at the moment. Too many young men their dont restrain themselves and do what they feel like. I hope it doesn't ever get anything like that here.

Anonymous said...

A better way is to get rid of compulsory education. Make education valuable and desirable by letting those who don't want it leave. If they have a change of heart later in life they can restart their schooling. School should not be a prison. Discipline is necessary but if it has to be enforced with clubs then something is seriously wrong. What you have is a prison not a school.


Anonymous said...

Try subbing in an American school. You'll wish for a Maxim gun.