Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Republican speaks the truth! Oh... my....

Off the Reuters service:

In a separate hearing on Tuesday in the U.S. House of Representatives, several lawmakers from both parties criticized the Bush administration approach as anti-Russian and to the detriment of U.S. interests.

"Our friends in Russia are as important as our friends in Georgia. We must find a balance," said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a Texas Democrat. She said $1 billion dollars in aid for Georgia was "over the top" and hoped Congress would cut it.

"The Russians are right! We're wrong! Georgia started it, the Russians ended it," Rep. Dana Rohrbacher, a California Republican, told Assistant Secretary of State Dan Fried, who testified on administration policy to both the Senate panel and the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Rohrbacher said the situation with Georgia's breakaway regions was clearly analagous to Kosovo, which was part of Serbia until it declared independence in February with U.S. support. For U.S. officials to keep saying there was no correlation "undermines our credibility," he said.

Wait, say that again, Rep. Dana Rohrbacher, a California Republican.

Repeat please.

What did you say?

"The Russians are right! We're wrong! Georgia started it, the Russians ended it"

Well, guess he didn't read the script or broke free from the reservation.

What script you might ask?

This one:

Russia invades Georgia!

See, in the American and other "freedom loving" countries with "free market" governments it was Russia which invaded Georgia, and not Georgia which tried to murder Ossetian civilians in a sneak attack on the first day of Olympics... and the Ossetians were only saved because the Russian Army intervened as a peacekeeping force and pushed the murderers out.

Facts never are high on the list of things to report on American "news" - look at my previous post, where the CBS' 60 minutes cut out some statements that made Ahmadinejad sound too good (you see Ahamdinejad is FOR democracy, while Israel and us, the Yoo Ess of Ey are AGAINST it - and we can't have that shown on American TV, now can we?).

Moving on with the narrative...
U.S. weighs sanctions, Russia nuclear deal at risk, Aug 28, 2008

Washington may scrap a civil nuclear pact with Moscow and consider sanctions as punishment for its military action in Georgia, the White House said on Thursday, raising pressure on Russia to comply with a ceasefire.

Sanctions, huh?
And no deal on nuclear disarmament - we, the USA, want the cold war to restart. Our economy (read - the military industrial complex) needs all the help it can get. Dammit we need a new enemy - al Kaida is not cutting it anymore. After all, do you really need aircraft carriers and nuclear weapons to combat ten guys sitting in a cave in Afghanistan or squatting in a malarial jungle in Indonesia, eating stale, rotten rice? We need Russia as an enemy dammit - pronto!

Moving on with the narrative...
U.S. plans to give Georgia $1 billion in aid, September 3, 2008
The United States on Wednesday announced at least $1 billion in aid to help ally Georgia rebuild after its war with Russia, but U.S. officials said it was too soon to consider military assistance.

Gee, no military assistance planned. Too bad so sad...

Hey, wait a minute!
U.S. examines rebuilding Georgia's military, September 9, 2008
The United States said on Tuesday it would examine how to help rebuild Georgia's military after Tbilisi's devastating war with Russia, risking renewed Russian wrath over military aid to the small U.S. ally.

But some lawmakers berated the Bush administration for its pro-Georgia policy, saying the Russian-Georgian war had highlighted U.S. weakness and harmed ties with Moscow -- and they questioned the cost of the U.S. committment to Tbilisi.

"The Department of Defense is sending an assessment team to Tbilisi later this week to help us begin to consider carefully Georgia's legitimate needs and our response," Eric Edelman, the Pentagon's undersecretary for policy, told lawmakers.

"After assessment of these needs, we will review how the United States will be able to support the reconstruction of Georgia's economy, infrastructure and armed forces," he told the U.S. Senate's Armed Services Committee.

So, now we will re-arm Georgia.

Presumably so they can try to murder the Ossetian civilians in yet another sneak attack. Which will result in even more hand wringing from the pathetic "democratic" governments of Western Europe, even more barking and baring teeth at Russia from the "new Europe" (and if Russia even looks at them funny then immediately going to hide behind the legs of Uncle USA - which holds the leash on all the "new Europe" countries such as Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Georgia etc - while peeing themselves from fright).

So to sum up - Russia invades poor, "democratic", "freedom loving" Georgia. Georgia gets its ass kicked. After the initial flustering and threatening sanctions against Russia (bad for business), we are now going to rearm Georgia (good for business!) so they can try to start another attack on Ossetia, presumably triggering a USA-Russia confrontation (look for American and Israeli "advisors" to be caught in that conflict, murdering Ossetians errr "advising" the Georgian army).

So it's best of both worlds - we are going to trade with Russia as if nothing has happened (good for business!), while rearming Georgia (good for business!).

It's a win win for the people who rule this country.

I have news for my fellow Eastern Europeans - it is very possible that Russian gas pipelines will have a series of "accidents" and that you will be freezing this winter.

Feel free to petition Uncle USA and see what happens. See if Unka Yoo Ess Ey gives a shit.

Best of luck to you.

What should I call you - what's that word for a female dog, or a prostitute that is too stupid to charge for services rendered? Hmm, the "new Europe" - a woman with, errrr, issues - and USA - the, errrr, pimp. That about describes the relationship.

Except prostitutes get paid.

You are doing it for free.

Yeah, that word. Which descibes most of the "new Europe". What is it again?

Wag your tail now and lick Unka Yoo Ess Ey hand (which gives you old F16, which will cost you more in spare parts as you are just now discovering - idiots) but will you wag your tail when the winter comes?

The winter belongs to Russia.

And they are (justifiably) pissed.


VORPAL said...

Great post!!! I stopped here for the first time by accident because I have been reading Russian news sites and almost fell over when I saw a Republican (Dana Rohrbacher) speaking the truth. Naturally now I'm combing the internet looking for a single instance of any western news sources showing this, and finding nothing. I even tried to write Rohrbacher, but he only accepts email from people in his own district (he even makes you enter your 4 number ZIP extension). Where did you read this, if you don't mind my asking?

AmericanGoy said...

Vorpal - the link to the Reuters story is in the article itself.

The first sentence of this blog article contains the hot link to the Reuters article :-)

This one:

James Mendham said...

hiya... I haven't read this one that you had written, and actually it is nice that someone (especially a republican, who will probably be shot, or lose his membership for not fitting on the propaganda wagon) actually told the truth.

I've been digging up a lot of really interesting information about this conflict from where else?

The UN Security Council documentations which are public knowledge, and free accessible.

neato huh?

here, you can read, download, link back to, reference, and of course a little shameless plug won't hurt either of our stats :P