Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our useless media: unicorns, rainbows and Rahm Emanuel

Ah, the mainstream media.

The useless, all fluff no substance source of non-news.

On Yahoo front page, there is a link Emanuel choice sparks Web frenzy.

All right lets see what Yahoo claims the bloggers say about this vile man.


However one spells the first Obama Cabinet member, the online frenzy for Emanuel surged an astonishing 75,473% on Yahoo! before he accepted the position. That number makes him the fastest moving search term in the past seven days on Yahoo!.


So what can the people who go to Yahoo learn about this man?

The Buzz had plenty to offer in Emanuel reminisces.

Yes, yes go on...

Both Defamer and Time offered fun facts, such as his ballet training, and how he inspired the Josh Lyman character on "The West Wing" (which, incidentally, bubbled up 56% in searches).

Oh, he took ballet training.

That's... relevant?

He was also an inspiration to a character in a TV series.

Well, OK, I am sure that important facts that he served in the Israeli Army, that his father was an IRGUN terrorist, his service in the Israeli Army during the first Gulf War, that as head of DCCC he ONLY supported pro Iraq War 2 candidates...

I am sure that comes later in the article right?

The Huffington Post dug up an old Valentine's Day Politico blog that ran through his wicked political punch lines at a party.


He had wicked jokes at a party.

Shiver me timbers!

In case all this rough stuff has worried people, NPR does talk about how his infamously short temper may have mellowed with age (he turns 49 on November 29), which would put him more in sync with Obama's calmer "change" mode.

Oh, so he mellowed out.

Rahm Emanuel - the good witch in the Washington Enchanted forest, dancing and prancing with unicorns under a maaaaaagical rainbow...


So again - where are the facts, the actual RELEVANT facts about this man?

His service in Israeli Army during the first Iraq War.
His father was a member of IRGUN.
His unflinching support of Israel over American interests.
His being a neocon.

I guess those facts are not relevant, while him taking a ballet class is.

Stay ignorant America - that's how they want you.
(and remember - everything written on a blog is blogspam, to be ignored, while anything written on a major media outlet, such as Yahoo, must be taken seriously).


A. Peasant said...

Goy, What do you think about Rahm's active FBI file and Mossad connections suddenly coming into view?

Search on 'Mega File Mossad' for more info. Perhaps Rahm *is* 'Mega'.

He is now potentially exposed to a very embarrassing situation of not getting clearance for the job. I'm not holding my breath, of course, as this might all never get out of blogtopia (like too many things), but that would be so awesome if the FBI refused to clear him. And everyone would be shocked, just shocked. And saddened. And then one might begin to wonder just who is playing who.

OK ok. So far it's a fantasy....

The Depressing Truth said...

We Should Call this what it is...A Bloodless Coup d'etat...Thanks to The MOSSAD

The Israeli MOSSAD has greater control over our goverment than the American People and It's nothing NEW

They OWN us

Take Bush as an example

"Bush has already stated publicly that he believes Mossad's intelligence reports over 16 of our own intelligence agencies."

The CIA and FBI have a different opinion.

" Behind this.. is the long-standing suspicion that both the FBI and CIA have about Mossad and its ongoing activities in the United States.

Ostensibly, Israel denies it has ever spied on its most powerful ally. But the reality is otherwise. Both the FBI and CIA regard Mossad as a clear and present danger to U.S. national security. It places the Israeli spy agency just below the espionage totem pole that has China's Secret Intelligence Service at its top"

And some of you are still living in denial about how the World REALLY WORKS

A. Peasant said...

Mmm hmm. And how long does this go on before some people in the FBI and CIA and wherever actually DO something about it? The defeatist attitude that the Israel's have just won, and nobody is ever going to be able to fumigate this country from their spying and treachery, and it's just over so sit down and shut up... oh boo hoo hoo. If that's the attitude, we *are* fucked.

The Depressing Truth said...

And if we stand up and scream our heads off...We are dismissed as


Anonymous said...

As another blogger has opined:

"Obama has always played ball". He played ball in Chicago with Rezko, T. Wright, Ayers, Daley, Ophrah, Jesse, et cetera.

Obama will also play ball IN HIS FIRST TERM with the neo-cons, because the neo-cons can call their media chits in on Fox, Disney/ABC, Redstone's CBS (Viacom owns it), NPR (the lineup there is laughably stacked), and several talk radio shows. They can incite the moderates and wingnuts against Obama on the middle east by fearmongering if they want to and incite the whites, asians, and hispanics against the blacks Obama cares about here if they want to (If you are wondering how, just imgagine if the press reported every crime a young black committed against hispanics, Asians, and whites over a summer instead of burying them to focus on whatever celebutard hogwash....believe me they could ratchet up resentment against this new president in a six month period that would have his approval ratings down to half of what it was if they so desired, and they could also report what affirmitive action's consequences really are for whites and asians who have better grades and better resumes getting locked out of colleges and jobs in many instances to make room for a quota set-aside. Yes, the media, if they wanted to get nasty, could embarrass Obama. Hell they could let America know what black liberation theologists sometimes teach as know, the spaceships in ancient Egypt and all that tripe. Even Obama can be brought low by the media if they turn on him like they would over Israel).

Obama will be his own man in his second term if he wins it, especially right after the mid-term elections when he has only two years to go and he is relatively popular. That is when he can make his mark other than judgeships and appointments to agencies he will be making along the way.

I have a feeling that advancing black's fortunes in this country is his number one priority and this is what he really cares about. He will lob cruise missiles and maybe more at Iran or Syria if thats what it takes to pursue his first love and keep the media satisfied. When it comes right down to it, Obama understands who has to be appeased to get to a higher rung and always has. Now that he is on the biggest stage, he has to keep the media happy to pursue what is dear to his heart personally, and throwing some Arabs/Persians under the bus will be no problem for him.

I hope none of you expected otherwise.

A. Peasant said...

The racist canard holds no water when we're discussing states. My problem lies with Israel's behavior toward the US. The response to complaints...."Oh, sorry. I thought you were an American. When are you emigrating to Israel?"