Monday, December 15, 2008

Forgotten History: Chicago anti war protest 2003

I was at my grandma's.

She was cooking me dinner.

My mom was with us.

We were discussing the war in Iraq and chatting in a good natured way.

The TV was on and the anchor was droning.

Suddenly, the news showed these pictures.

"Lake Shore is blocked by protesters", the anchor calmly said.

The clip shown on the news was about 5 seconds.

"And now, the sports," the anchor said.

Me and my family were flabbergasted, standing there with our mouths open.

Thousands of people, tens of thousands, blocked Lake Shore Drive - the symbol of Chicago.

Only later, did I learn that it was a global event. All around the USofA. All around the globe. In every major city.

Not tens of thousands.
Hundreds of thousands.
Millions of people.

This will never be shown on TV again.

This is ignored.

Did not happen at all.

The sleeping masses must not awaken.

The masters, staying in the shadows, must not be disturbed. article.


Unknown said...

Um, this is old footage.
And there isn't any current footage.

I didn't just comment without checking... but then you know that about me.

Hope you're having a good holiday season. you should email or call me, I have some neat news to share with you, though not in a blog...

big brother is watching you heh

Hollywood said...

Well, I participated in a march in Chicago this year on the anniversary of the start of the Empire's reign in Iraq. There were thousands of people there. Not a peep in the news local or otherwise. Thanks for these clips I didn't know anything about it.

BtW, have you seen this? 60 minutes on the ARM mortgages.

TGGP said...

I was surprised you hadn't already gotten to this:
WASPS are bad for invading the land of the native Americans. But Mickey Cohen couldn't have been so bad if he really sent a shipful of guns to Irgun like he promised!