Saturday, January 17, 2009

Brave British politician speaks out against Israeli actions

You simply have to listen and watch the whole speech.

I insist.

Wikipedia article on Gerald Kaufman.


James Mendham said...

dude! this was a perfectly orchestrated war.

1: x number of days before the new president is sworn in.
2: armistice has ended.
3: Hamas has been aching to try their new missiles (courtesy of the USA via Egypt).
4: Hamas fires their missiles FIRST!!!
5: Israel calculates how much damage they can do to Hamas (not Palestinians coincidently, but a targeted segment).
6: Armistice invoked 2 days before Inauguration of New USA President.
7: All is well with the world again.
8: Inauguration lasts 2 days on American National Television.

You're a smart guy, but you seem to miss the obvious quite a bit brother.

Anonymous said...

yikes, strong words from that man

he certainly didn't mince how he felt