Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a show! There ain't a bidness like politics!

Myself, like 99.99999% of Americans, missed most of the Obama inauguration because I was working.

Whose brilliant idea was it to have us vote on a weekday and have an inauguration on a weekday?

No other country does that - voting and such ceremony is done on a holiday or on a weekend.

Anyway, back to what I saw live and online.

America is gaga...

Simply put, I am flabergasted.

Here is a poltician speaking pointless drivel, with absolutely no substance, platitudues and bullshit, and doing it very well indeed.

America went gagaover it.

People, this is a poltician's job - he or she is supposed to speak properly in his/her native country's language (in this case English, American version), to have charisma and to be able to move the masses.

That is the minimum a politician should be able to do.

Of course, after bush 'W', who could not even do that, and the senile McCain and the clearly out of her league Palin, it is refreshing to not have a complete idiot on the podium, broadcasting "this is the real America!" to the world.

But me, being a cynic, cannot buy this circus.

I have seen this over and over again.

The real tragedy of the 'W' presidency is that we have lowered our standards so low that a good speaker has been able to drive the country wild (chiefly because his last name is not bush).

All I can say is - show me the money, Obama!

Prove my cynicism wrong!

Actions speak louder than words - lets see you work.


James Mendham said...

i hate to be a drag dude... but most people - either took the day off, or watched it on their computer, or at work on televisions, and iphones, and so forth.

here in Canada as well, and in Austria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, the Netherlands, Germany, Georgia, and yes even in Russia.

Most of the people online, watching it, were actually at work and didn't care that they were at work. They watched the inaugurations anyway.

So on this, you're totally wrong.

alibi said...

@James Mendham: "i hate to be a drag dude... but most people - either took the day off"

so - you take a day off to watch your president speak now? Nice.

@James Mendham: "Most of the people online, watching it, were actually at work and didn't care that they were at work. They watched the inaugurations anyway"

I, personally like this part even better. Fuck that stupid job let's see what's on tv.


Anonymous said...

The emperor has no clothes.

iowa-girl-in-korea said...

Hey, most of us ladies only voted for him cause he is hot. We could care less what he has to say....

No but really, he did a few notable things on his first day:

- froze white house salaries (including his own) until the economy stabilizes
-drafted a bill to close Guantanamo Bay
-changed the lobbying rules making it illegal for lobbyists to give gifts or otherwise try to influence members of his staff
-drafted new, stricter political ethics rules
-spoke with the leaders of Israel, Palestine, Egypt and Jordan about the recent conflicts in Gaza
-met with economic advisers to begin enacting his economic recovery plans
-and put in motion plans to reinvigorate the Freedom of Information Act and make the functions and decisions of the White House more transparent towards both the media and citizens.

That may be much but its more than we have gotten from a president in the last 8 years. I will take what I can get at this point.

Anonymous said...

i had the day off and didn't watch it. Same ole shit as always..

in a year or two everybody will be hating him..

Anonymous said...

changed the lobbying rules making it illegal for lobbyists to give gifts or otherwise try to influence members of his staff

Then immediately BROKE that rule:

(”Even the toughest rules require reasonable exceptions,” says Obama’s press secretary…)

WASHINGTON — President Obama’s choice to be the top deputy at the Pentagon hit a snag today over questions about his recent work as a lobbyist for Waltham-based Raytheon Co., which received more than $10 billion in weapons contracts last year from the very agency he would manage.

Democratic Senator Carl Levin of Michigan, the chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said he would delay considering the nomination of William J. Lynn III to be deputy secretary of defense until the White House provides more information on why Lynn, who was a registered lobbyist until July 2008, is exempt from new rules barring former lobbyists joining the administration from working on the issues that were the focus of their lobbying efforts


Obama did NOT draft a law to close Gitmo, he issued an executive order, which he immediately qualified by saying it might be tougher to close Gtimo than he thought.

WRONG. Gitmo was opened and put in service in a matter of weeks, there's no reason it can't be dismantled in a matter of weeks.
And Obama, don't play fast and loose on your promise to close Gitmo by shipping those poor bastards off to another CIA run hellhole like Bagram Air base in Afghanistan.

And what about all of those promises he made while campaiging, like reversing all of those Bush tax breaks for the wealthy?

He's now saying that he'll just let them expire in 2010.
Funny, but I never heard him say that before he was elected.

Or investing in alternative energy, like wind and solar?

Except now, his idea of "alternative" energy is more of the same, by using American farms to grow crops for ethanol.

It takes about one gallon of gasoline to make one gallon of ethanol.

Wow, what a visionary!

We should know by know that you can listen and shake your head approvingly at what some poltician says, but the real proof is when they actually DO what they say they will do.

Obama did NOT speak with the leaders of Palestine, only the Israeli supported Abbas.
He did NOT speak with the democratically elected leaders of Gaza, Hamas.

Speaking of elections, West Bank prez Abbas is past due on his term, do you think elections will be held or postponed, but only till the current "crisis" is over?

Obama is a charming, engaging personality, but I'd wait a bit longer before talk of carving his likeness into Mt. Rushmore begins.

P.S. I wasn't at work on Inaugration Day, but I choose not to watch the carefully scripted Dog and Pony show put on that day.

Let me see the steak and not just hear the sizzle.

Anonymous said...

Being retired, I didn't have to work, but didn't pay a second's worth of attention to the inauguration. I couldn't help but read comments on the number of people who showed up or watched, though, as well as on the supposed "significance" of his installment as President.

But most saddening, despite all the genuflections to Martin Luther King, etc., was that in every gushing comment I saw either before, on, or after the great day itself, the focus has been on the color of his skin rather than the content, whatever that may be, of his character.

A "post-racial" America we're not, despite the oceans of Cool-Ade on that particular point drunk by his legions of deluded followers. As time goes on, we'll see just what an empty suit he is.

If only that would be sufficient to keep us all from jumping for the next "new" such product to be put on the market...

Anonymous said...

"Cool-Aid" K-O-O-L_A-I-D
Empty suit+Empty Brain.