Sunday, March 15, 2009

Democracy: an example

This is an example of how our "democracy" really works in the Yoo Ess of Ey.

From the blog:

I am the epitome of an American. I served our Nations armed forces in SPECWAR for more than 20 years, managed, trained, and led this nations most professional warriors for reasons not apparent to those in Congress; “Rights, Liberties, and Freedoms”. I left after 20 years due to recent injuries sustained in service to my country while serving in a hot zone, honorably retired with several serious disabilities and a litany of medals and commendations from those men whom I most admire and respect in this world.

My return to being a civilian after a lifetime of service hasn’t been easy, but it’s only been complicated by the corruption of my local municipal government, the Town of Flower Mound, Texas.

In August 2008, I wrote my congressional representative, the Honorable Michael Burgess, a nice form letter in support of medicinal & recreational cannabis. I mailed it once, faxed it once, and followed up with a phone call, all in the same day. Three hours after my phone call, three Flower Mound police offers appeared at my door and threatened me with arrest and incarceration for contacting my congressman. They informed me that he wasn’t interested in hearing my opinions, and any further contact would be considered harassment.

The Congressman is not interested in hearing the opinions of his constituent, and police officers show up to rely the honorable Congressman's orders to shut the fuck up to this American citizen.

You see, writing your Congressman with your (unacceptable) political views is harassment.

I really do hope that this piece of shit gets arrested, held over and then stays in jail for his actions, and gets beaten up during his stay while the camera in the police station "malfunctions".

You see, I can't stand these sanctimonious types - he thinks that because he was a soldier, and served this country honorably, that he is somehow special and that laws apply to him.

He thinks that this country is about freedom and liberty.

What a scumbag.

He is just a shit, like all of us, with no rights, living at the mercy of a police officer's arbitrary whims.

He should realize that the elite of this country are better than him (or me), and that they rule, and whatever they say and decide, goes.

He better shape up and recognize the reality of the situation - after all, this is the greatest country in this world.

Of course, 9/11 changed everything...

Skeptic view: I have absolutely no proof that this story is real. Whereas all my blog entries have usually multiple links to back up my claims and viewpoints, here all I have is a blog post on an obscure blog. If this is proven to be a hoax, then I will quickly write an article saying so.

Of course, if this is for real, then this (even to me, unbelievable) story needs to be shouted to everybody you know.

But do you remember this story, about the professional poker player who had $15,000 in cash in his pocket, which was taken from him - alongside his Rolex watch! - by DEA agents at an airport because he bought a first class airplane ticket for himself and his girlfriend?

Food for thought about America, AD 2009.

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