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Things are hoppin' - the second great Israeli spy scandal in America

Lots of stuff happening in the news.

The most important news in America is yet another AIPAC spy scandal. You know the news is important because the mainstream media - ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX - all did not cover it and studiously ignore it. At the least, the mainstream refuse to acknowledge the role of AIPAC - American Israel Public Affairs Committee - has played in it.

The only outlets that dare to tell the full story are internet outlets - such as and

To those American citizens who still watch the TV shows for their news - I pity you. You are like an adult who still believes in Santa Claus; it was cute at 5 years old, but really, beyond the age of 21 you should start thinking for yourself.

So what's the story here?

Lets piece this together, piece by piece, with no omissions, unlike the very selective media articles and the, of course, "not a peep of this" mainstream media TV shows.

Here's the story in a nutshell, the way it went down, with none of the mainstream media's omissions.

Ms. Harman was recorded on a wiretapped call offering to intercede with the Justice Department on behalf of operatives for Aipac, the pro-Israel group, who were under investigation for espionage, in exchange for help in pressuring Ms. Pelosi to award her the chairmanship of the House intelligence committee.

In other words, AIPAC, the (alleged) spying organization for a foreign power (cough - allegedly for Israel - cough) was, and is, a target of a federal investigation. They were, and are, being investigated and they are being eavesdropped on, just like mafia members, or KGB spies of old, using a legal wiretap.

Representative Jane Harman was caught accidentally in this investigation.

Jane Harman, a democrat (as if that makes any sort of a difference in the lobby monies dominated American politics), has back in the day (2006 or so) defended Bush's warrantless eavesdropping program.

Think on this for a second - a democrat defending illegal eavesdropping, a very republican policy which was hated by both the so called liberals and the right wing, libertarians, and everyone in between - in effect, by the majority of thinking Americans.

Why did she do this?
Roll Call adds that the original CQ story “not only targeted Harman, but carried a stinging charge against a top Republican: that then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales stopped a federal probe of Harman’s actions so she could remain a credible ally in the Bush administration’s defense of its warrantless wiretapping program, which was about to be made public by the New York Times."

Why was a democrat engaged in defending Bush's illegal wiretapping program?

Why was a republican "heavy", Alberto Gonzales, then Attorney General, stopping a federal investigation into Harman's acting on behalf of Israel... errr, acting on behalf of AIPAC.... errr, allegedly, so that the story only comes out now?

I don't know - it does not make much sense now, does it?

Unless, of course, the American "democracy" is in reality a witch's cauldron whose fire is stoked by lobby money, provided by foreign, business and private donors to further their agendas, and American officials and politicians being so corrupt that they only think of themselves, their bottom line and promotion of their pet ideologies - whether that be the neocon "shock doctrine" (read Naomi Klein's book - you ought to do that, trust me) or Israel.

But thinking like that inevitably leads to laughter and being called a (shock! horror! gasp!) conspiracy teorist, a tin foil crazy.

And that could lead to...

Say, asking questions such as why are Israeli companies paid for by American tax money to spy on Americans and report their findings to American law enforcement agencies (and Israel also, one might presume).

That's crazy talk, of course.

And anyway, Israeli companies being paid for by the American government to spy on American citizens is another outrage, which I profiled before (and which the media, of course, ignored).

Lets go back to the narrative here.
Weiss' blog, quoting NY Times:

[One official, who has seen transcripts of several wiretapped calls] said that someone seeking help for the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee employees was recorded asking Ms. Harman to intervene with the Justice Department, but that she responded by saying she would have more influence with a White House official she did not identify.

In return, the caller promised her that a wealthy California donor would threaten to withhold campaign contributions to Representative Nancy Pelosi, the California Democrat who was expected to become speaker after the 2006 election, if she did not select Ms. Harman for the intelligence post.

Weiss' commentary:
Later, the Times states that "Haim Saban, a media mogul, one of the world’s richest men and a vocal supporter of Israel" is the mysterious California donor, according to an unidentified official said to be familiar with the transcript of “at least one phone call.”

So Saban's name came up, but not as the "Israeli agent" and his participation is not exactly clear.

Got that?

To repeat, an AIPAC official, has asked Rep. Harman to intervene in the Department of Justice as it was putting heat on the treasonous (allegedly, of course) American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

In return, the AIPAC official promised that a wealthy California donor would threaten to withdraw Nancy Pelosi's campaign contributions, "if she did not select Ms. Harman for the intelligence post".

So - treason, under the table bribery deal, and blackmail of another politician.

Is there a bigger case that showcases how the pro Israel agents of influence have infiltrated the American political establishment and how they manipulate it at will?

So who was the mysterious California donor who uses his money to help out the treasonous (allegedly) AIPAC organization?

Haim Saban.

Who is that you ask? Remember the Power Rangers? And all the other crappy kids shows on your TV? Yeah, that guy.

Lets look for more connections here.

Off to Weiss blog we go:
Feb 15 2006: Policy Luncheon on a New Strategy for America in Iraq
Iraq, Middle East, Terrorism, Islamic World
Event Summary
In November and December 2005, the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution convened a small group of experts on Iraq, the Iraq Policy Working Group, which under the direction of Kenneth M. Pollack, the Saban Center's Director of Research, elaborated an integrated alternative approach to the current U.S. military, political, and economic policies in Iraq. On February 15th, 2006 the Saban Center held a policy forum luncheon at which Kenneth Pollack: A Switch in Time: A New Strategy for America in Iraq

Got that?

Mr. Saban not only makes crappy TV shows, he also tries to steer American foreign policy.

A small group of "experts" on the Middle East got together for a good ole time at the Saban Center. A Mr. Kenneth M. Pollack, "the Saban Center's Director of Research", was the star of the tea party, and he presented a case for, what else, America bombing the shit out of Iraq, Iran and Syria - in other words, the "Clean Break" (the Israeli version - again, google it) and the PNAC declaration (again, google PNAC for yourself), both of which amazingly were done by the same people.

American citizens.

The first paper, calling for "taking out" Iraq, Iran and Syria, was done for then Israeli president Benyanmin Netanyahu.

The second one, amazingly written by many of the same people (Israeli agents of influence... err, sorry, American citizens of Jewish descent) was done for the American presidents Clinton and Bush.

But I got off on a tangent.

Per Mr. Weiss, Ken Polack was in and out of government.

These elites are like that - one minute they work for the government, the Department of Defense, shouting that America needs the F-22 Raptor, the next moment they are working for a private company, Lockheed Martin/Boeing, being given a multi million dollar contract for "consulting".

Or, another scenario, one minute these "experts" work in the Israeli government, writing a policy paper advocating the destruction of Iraq, Iran and Syria, but not necessarily by Israel, and the next moment they are working in the Bush administration, where they scream that America should bomb and occupy... Iraq, Iran and Syria (just a friendly suggestion: fucking google "Clean Break" and then google "PNAC").

Dammit, got off on another tangent! (actually the same tangent)

Anyways, going back to Mr. Weiss' blog:
One last thing about Pollack: He was one of two former White House officials (he was in and out of Gov' t) "mentioned in the indictment against Rosen and Weissman as government officials who provided information to the two former AIPAC employees."

Pollack is said to be a key part of the case that the gov't was building against Rosen and Weissman. And Pollack worked for Saban.

Isn't the subversion of American politics, of the so called "democracy" we got here in this nation, fascinating?

Off to Weiss blog we go;

Weiss bringing forth the MSNBC transcript:
ANDREA MITCHELL: ... so a well-known and very strong and very politically powerful pro-Israel lobby, and that you were either offering to intervene on behalf of these AIPAC lobbyists who were under investigations for espionage, in exchange for their help in getting you the chairmanship.

HARMAN: Well, I’ve had a long friendship with AIPAC. I didn’t need to cut some deal with AIPAC for any reason.

So, Representative Jane Harman has had a "long friendship with AIPAC".

In any normal country, a politician would try to bend over backwards rather than admit that they have had a "long friendship" with an organization which is under investigation for spying and subverting one's own country.

In America, being friends with a spying (allegedly), subversive (alleged) organization is a point of pride for our politicians.

Why is Rep. Harman so gung ho on Israel?

Off to Weiss' blog we go:
Jane Harman's Jewish. There, I just said it. That's why we have the blogosphere. Any intelligent person discussing this story at dinner is going to mention that she's Jewish. That's because Alan Dershowitz said that supporting Israel is the "secular religion" of American Jews. And because Walt and Mearsheimer point out that Jewish-Americans play a prominent part in the Israel lobby.

There are plenty of American Jews who don't support Israel. Some anyway. But they don't get into Congress for some reason.

Do you realize now why Mr. Weiss blog is the most important blog in America right now?

Do you begin to understand the uselessness of our traditional media, and the power of the blogs?

Can you imagine if a leading evangelical politician was allegedly mixed up in a shady deal involving pressuring the White House on gay rights, and the papers didn't mention his religion? I can't. Do you think it's possible to talk about the power of the Israel lobby, which is what the Harman leak is about, at bottom, without talking about religion in American life? And without Jewish reporters talking about the religious orthodoxy they're familiar with? No. Heck, Wolf Blitzer, who did this story on CNN yesterday (and I bet left out the religious angle), used to work at AIPAC.

You do know that Wolf Blitzer is a Zionist, and that the fact of his undying love for Israel and terrifying bias when dealing with any story profiling Israel colors the whole CNN coverage whenever he is on the screen, right?

So, this is the whole sordid story in a nutshell.

An AIPAC spy is being investigated, and caught in the eavesdropping by American law enforcement officials is a politician, the democrat (again, as if that matters these days), who implicates herself as working hand in hand with the spy - she was asked to intervene in the Department of Justice for it to lay off its investigation of AIPAC and in return the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" guy, Haim Saban, is tasked with withdrawing his campaign donation monies from Nancy Pelosi if she does not select Jane Harman for the position of chairman of the very powerful Intelligence Committee.

And now for an fitting ending.
To end this sordid tale of subversion and the reality of our American "democracy", I turn again (shamelessly, might I add) to Mr. Weiss:
Marcy Winograd, a member of Progressive Democrats of America, challenged Jane Harman in the 2006 Democratic primary in California's 36th congressional district. Winograd made the decision to run against Harman after watching her defend the Bush administration's warrantless wiretapping program on Meet the Press. Harman won the primary, 62.5% to 37.5%.

Why did Winograd lose?

Because she was against the system, against the party line. In Winograd's own words:
Right after the 2006 primary, Israel invaded Lebanon. As the Israeli bombs turned Lebanese neighborhoods into blood-filled craters, Harman went on television to justify the invasion. Never mind the carpet bombing.

Days later, after I, together with LA Jews for Peace [], organized demonstrations in front of the Israeli consulate, Harman invited me and a dozen others who worked on my campaign to meet with her in her office. I begged her, literally begged her, to call for a cease-fire in the middle east. She wouldn't hear of it and drew back when I suggested she at least talk to members of Americans for Peace Now, an American offshoot of an Israeli peace group.

Was Harman a true believer in Israel and AIPAC or was she caught up in a script that had spun out of control?

As much as this story is about Harman, about her collusion with a Bush administration bent on breaking the law, it is also about the pernicious influence wielded in Washington by lobbyists for a foreign government. Israel.

Let us remind Harman and the rest of Congress that they represent the people of the United States of America.


I did say this is the second great Israeli spy scandal in the USA?

Got me there.

To learn about the first one, go here.


silver said...

Just commenting because I recognized your avatar as "Battle of the Planets." Loved it as a kid.

(PS - you're a vile racist and a vicious anti-semite. Just kidding.)

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according to @silver you're a vile racist and a vicious anti-semite that's why you are a GOY. keep up the good work on the blog and try not to be too lazy and write more

Frank Hope said...

Great post in your inimitable style.

Also check out Justin Raimondo has been all over this. His latest article is titled "The Shamelessness of Jane Harman".

Also on, Scott Horton who hosts AntiWar Radio has done a couple of sensational interviews.

Check out this one with Jeff Stein who wrote the original CQ article, and this one with Philip Giraldi.

The Giraldi interview has this summary:
Philip Giraldi, contributing editor at The American Conservative magazine and regular contributor to, discusses the confirmed existence of an incriminating Jane Harman wiretapped conversation, the appearance that Harman is effectively an asset of a covert Israeli intelligence operation, the perception among some U.S. politicians that the road to higher office runs through AIPAC and the increasingly apparent near-total corruption in U.S. government.

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so should I think the holocaust is treue or not? I am confused about which one is true.

AmericanGoy said...

If you don't believe the holocaust is real, may I recommend a visit to Poland where the Germans built the Auschwitz camp.

A lot of Jews, Poles, Russians, French, and others died there.