Saturday, May 2, 2009

AIPAC conference: lets celebrate treason

I have lost all hope.

We have lost comprehensively.

And by "we", I mean America.

Tomorrow, May 3rd, 2009, the AIPAC conference begins.

Lets go straight to the source - the AIPAC web page and see what they are about.

AIPAC - the American Israel Public Affairs Committee - has one goal:

For more than half a century, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee has worked to help make Israel more secure by ensuring that American support remains strong.

Think on that statement for a minute.

Here is an organization which as its goal does not have the well being of American citizens, nor the betterment of our nation (which, may I remind everyone, is called the United States of America), nor is it concerned with the betterment of the Jewish-Americans, similar to the NAACP and other organizations which promote black-Americans causes.

No, this organization proudly and openly proclaims that it's goal is to make American support of Israel "strong".

This organization does not concern itself with American citizens, nor the United States, but instead is all about America's support for Israel, a foreign power.

Here are some of the AIPAC achievements, again taken from their web page:

  • Securing critical security assistance to Israel each year to ensure that Israel remains capable of facing increased threats.
  • Passing legislation requiring the administration to evaluate all future military sales to Arab states in the context of the need to maintain Israel's qualitative military edge over potential adversaries.
  • Strongly urging the administration to take its decision to designate Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist group and weapons proliferator through an amendment supported by 76 senators and key legislation passed in the House of Representatives.

These are just the tip of the iceberg, but they are enough to prove that, indeed, AIPAC does not give a shit about America or its citizens well being, but rather is all about supporting Israel.

No matter what, no matter if it is good for America or us, its citizens - what matters is if it's good for Israel.

That is only what matters to AIPAC (and similar organizations promoting Israeli goals over America's) - if it's good for Israel, whether it's also good for America is of no consequence.

What is the power of AIPAC?
Lets see who is scheduled to be a speaker there, as per Ben Smith blog:

Vice President Joe Biden will headline, with some other notable speakers being Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry, Newt Gingrich and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, as well as congressional leaders Steny Hoyer, Dick Durbin, Eric Cantor, and John Kyl.

Ben then writes:

"The event typically draws more members of Congress than any outside a joint session or State of the Union."

Think on that for a second.

More Congress politicians, our "elected" "representatives" attend the annual AIPAC than a president's State of the Union.

What does that tell us about the state of our "American" "democracy"?

But, you might ask, what does it matter - American politicians pander to every and all groups with money and political influence; they are effectively prostituting themselves for election campaign money, perks during and "consulting" jobs after their terms.

That is correct, anonymous conversator in my head - American politicians are basically whores, and they do and will pander to absolutely anybody and everybody.

But there should be limits, even in our "democracy", on the whoring that our politicians do.

Lets go with exhibit A: our charismatic president.

Americangoy on November 5, 2008:

A mere 12 hours after claiming the Democratic presidential nomination, Barack Obama appeared before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee yesterday -- and changed himself into an Israel hard-liner.
He promised $30 billion in military assistance for Israel. He declared that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps' Quds Force has "rightly been labeled a terrorist organization." He used terms such as "false prophets of extremism" and "corrupt" while discussing Palestinians. And he promised that "Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided."

The key sentence there is "A mere 12 hours after claiming the Democratic presidential nomination, Barack Obama appeared before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee".

No sleep or rest or celebration is necessary nor permitted when AIPAC comes calling - a future president of the most powerful country on Earth was made to tuck in his tail, and without further ado was flown to the AIPAC conference and made to swear his loyalty to the state of Israel by faithfully acting to realize its goals.

That is (supposedly) the most powerful politician in these united states; supposedly his position is so high that he is independent and can make decisions that he thinks are best for this country.

Alas, if you are following the narrative, that is not how our system works in reality...

If the American president is obligated to be at the AIPAC's beck and call, where does that leave someone lesser - like a Congressman or woman?

Glad you asked, crazy person voice in my head., from 2006:

On July 18, the Senate unanimously approved a nonbinding resolution "condemning Hamas and Hezbollah and their state sponsors and supporting Israel's exercise of its right to self-defense." After House majority leader John Boehner removed language from the bill urging "all sides to protect innocent civilian life and infrastructure," the House version passed by a landslide, 410 to 8.

Protecting civilian lives and infrastructure was not, and still is not, in the interest of the Israeli state and the military. If you have been paying attention, there was a "war" between Israel and Gaza (the scary Hamas run entity, oh my!) recently: the casuatlies were (and this is according to the IDF, a very conservative estimate) 1,166 Palestinian fatalities vs. 13 Israelis killed.

I'll let you calculate the ratio of deaths (rememeber - this is the Israeli version - in reality the Palestinian death toll was much, much higher) and let you decide whether to call this a war or a massacre.


Would you call the extermination of the Warsaw ghetto by the nazis, with 13,000 Jews killed vs. 17 nazi soldiers killed, a war? Or a massacre?

Of course, by comparing the two massacres and the two resistances vs. a savage, racist power, by conflating human suffering as if Arab suffering was somehow equal to the suffering of the Jews, I have at this point crossed the line into anti-semitism, racism and bigotry, because such thoughts are very much forbidden in today's land of the free, home of the brave.

Seeing how many apathetic, uneducated and stupified Americans somehow got to work their two brain cells together started asking questions about AIPAC anyway, starting with university professors and students, the elite in this country made a quick push for the hate crimes legislation, which Americans at large suppose will be used to protect gays and minorities from racist acts, but the agenda, of course, is that it will be used to shut the voices critical of Israel, by calling people who dare speak up racists and then charging them with an actual crime.

Free speech, anyone?

But I got off on a tangent.

Lets get back on track - AIPAC.

You might have heard on the TV "news" the recent scandal involving a Congresswoman, Ms. Harman.

In my article, a few days ago:
Ms. Harman was recorded on a wiretapped call offering to intercede with the Justice Department on behalf of operatives for Aipac, the pro-Israel group, who were under investigation for espionage, in exchange for help in pressuring Ms. Pelosi to award her the chairmanship of the House intelligence committee.

Please understand now, that modern intelligence organizations do not concern themselves with mere spying, with stealing secrets of another country.

That is soo XIX Century!

No, the real work that intelligence outfits do, a technique which was pioneered by the old NKVD and KGB, is called "agents of influence".

And agents of influence are exactly what you think they are - they are people who work to support your country's goals in another country.

So why steal the war plans of another country, or try to eavesdrop on a conversation between a president and his advisors - why bother?

Isn't it much better to actually own a presidential advisor - to have some hold, some pressure that can be applied, so that he or she will do, say and act exactly how the intelligence chief wants him/her to do?

Even better, if you have a hold over the president of a given country.

The difference between the old way of spying and the modern "agents of influence" way is profound, gigantic, incredible.

In the old way, a spying country after much effort, much sneaking around, risking the lives of its agents and spies finally got the plans the target country will attack a nation on such and such a day.

The spying was illegal, the activities of the spies and their handlers are illegal, and they risk their lives, including torture if captured.

In the new way, you simply find a hold over a person - the easiest one is what is happening in America, by simply paying them to vote a certain way (we call this legalized bribery LOBBYING).

So now you, the spying nation, you TELL the target nation's elite ruling class WHAT they must do - say, invade Iraq (and later attack Iran and Syria) per your outstanding plan put into action for over decade.

See the difference?

In the old way, your spies risked their lives to simply know what the target country will do.

In the new way, your agents, quite legally, pay money to a politician's campaign fund, provide him/her perks, offer them $150,000 salary for a "consulting" job after they leave the office for all the hard work they did on behalf of your country... and the target country DOES WHAT YOU TELL THEM TO DO.

So how powerful is the hold of AIPAC over my poor country? again:
Ironically, during the 2004 campaign Dean called on the United States to be an "evenhanded" broker in the Middle East. That position enraged party leaders such as House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, who signed a letter attacking his remarks. "It was designed to send a message: No one ever does this again," says M.J. Rosenberg of the center-left Israel Policy Forum. "And no one has. The only safe thing to say is: I support Israel."

Not surprisingly, most in Congress see far more harm than reward in getting in the Israeli lobby's way. "There remains a perception of power and fear that AIPAC can undo you," says James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute. He points to the defeats of Representative Paul Findley and Senator Charles Percy in the 1980s and Representatives Cynthia McKinney and Earl Hilliard in 2002, when AIPAC steered large donors to their opponents. Even if AIPAC's make-you-or-break-you reputation is largely a myth, in an election year that perception is potent. Thirty-six pro-Israel PACs gave $3.14 million to candidates in the 2004 election cycle.

$3.14 million given in the 2004 to candidates so that they would do the bidding of Israel.

American whores are cheap, really, when you realize that $3.14 million is the price that America as a whole is worth.

Low price for cheap prostitutes, indeed.

So, about Jane Harman...

A classic agent of influence there.

Think on what you read about the scandal - Harman wanted the job of the "chairmanship of the House intelligence committee".

Think on that for a minute - she is asking for help from an organization whose only goal is to promote Israeli interest, an organization which works to subvert America's system to the needs of Israel, an organization which helped embroil America in the Iraq war (see the mass of articles proving this point over and over on the right hand side) - and now is trying very hard to make the stupid goyim Americans bomb Iran so that Israel won't have to.

She is asking (what is in effect) a modern spy, subversive, gigantic "agent of influence" organization for help to get the coveted chairmanship of the House intelligence committee - basically to become the chief spymaster in my country.

Does that define irony, crazy voice in my head?

You think?

Asking a spy (modern definition = agent of influence) organization to help secure the top spy position in the world.


So what has happened to this woman who was caught subverting our American "democracy" illegally - as opposed to doing it legally as everyone else did.

She was caught, was recorded on the phone tap saying that she wants to help AIPAC by influencing others to drop the spy case - if you don't remember, I profiled the case previously here.

Short version: two Jewish "Americans" were caught by the FBI passing secret info to their Israeli spy masters - active treason.

Jane Harman, the Congresswoman, was recruited to take the heat off these two and AIPAC, to act behind the scenes to drop the case.

So what happened to these traitors (sorry - unjustly prosecuted victims, of course) , you ask?

Why, I was just getting to that, the crazed voice in my head.

NYTimes: U.S. to Drop Spy Case Against Pro-Israel Lobbyists:

A case that began four years ago with the tantalizing and volatile premise that officials of a major pro-Israel lobbying organization were illegally trafficking in sensitive national security information collapsed on Friday as prosecutors asked that all charges be withdrawn.

The two, Steven J. Rosen and Keith Weissman, were charged under the World War I-era Espionage Act, accused of improperly providing to their colleagues, journalists and Israeli diplomats sensitive information they had acquired by speaking with American policy makers.

These are not agents of influence - these are old style spies - they collect intelligence and then pass it on to their spymasters.

Again, see how getting somebody like Jane Harman into the position of a top spymaster is so much better than using old style spying like these two were doing?

But, you still ask, what happened to these two, err, innocents, and the Congresswoman, all of whom were caught red handed, on tape, on film, with FBI witnesses ready to testify against them.

Why, this is America, so of course:


It seems to me, and many others who still think logically, that there are still some patriots in the Justice Department, the CIA and the FBI, because the Jane Harman eavesdrop tape was leaked as they realized that the two traitors (sorry, innocent victims of anti-semitic prosecution), Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman, case was being dropped by the cowed, cowardly government totally under the control of the Israel Lobby, and so they leaked the tape.

The tape was obviously meant to be used during the AIPAC treason trial, to document how dangerous, how subversive this organization is to America.

There was a mass of evidence - documents, eavesdrops, photos - which was to be used by the American patriots to destroy, or at least hurt AIPAC.

Instead, the treason case was dropped.

From the start it was sabotaged by the American "legal" system, as the judge in the case, T.S. Ellis III, has ruled thusly:

That the two accused AIPAC members must be proven to
1) "the defendants knew the information they were relaying was classified national defense information"

Of course the two had no clue what they were carrying, perhaps they just took some toilet paper from the Pentagon? The big "top secret" stamps on the documents were there for a joke, haha!

2) "that they knew it was unlawful to disclose the information

This is great to know.

I will now go to the nearby Boeing company HQ, ask a friend of mine to open a safe which has some juicy weapons systems plans, photocopy them and then I will sell those plans to the Chinese "diplomats" for, say, $200,000.

Now, I will be innocent, because, you see, I didn't know that it was unlawful to disclose the information.

Do you see how absurd this is, how this cannot be proven by even the best prosecution team in the world?

After all, when the two traitors will undoubtly say that "gee, we didn't know that passing top secret documents from the Pentagon to Israeli spy handlers was illegal", what can the prosecution do (perhaps cry)?

3) "that they “had a bad-faith reason to believe the disclosures could be used to the injury of the United States or to the aid of a foreign nation.”"
Well, this is unprovable.

You see, the defense team can point out to the 2008 AIPAC meeting, and show a few short films showing Obama, Clinton, McCain, Pelosi, Reid, Boehner all saying the same thing - that Israel is America's greatest friend.

Well then, since Israel is America's greatest friend, giving our greatest friend and ally, the best thing to happen to the world since sliced bread was invented, a few measly "top secret" documents stolen from the Pentagon, is not treason, nor can it be proven to cause injury to the United States.

Because Israel is our greatest friend and ally.


The 1, 2 and 3 are unprovable by ANY prosecution team.

Case closed.

America loses.

The judge effectively made the prosecution's case impossible to prove, as the bar was set so high as to be... well, nonsensical.

So the two spies (oh, so sorry, victims of anti-semitic prosecution, the ones who charged them soon to be hit with "hate crimes" lawsuits) are innocent.

More, as I profiled in my Chas Freeman article, they are still a powerful force in American politics.

I don't mean that AIPAC is the powerful force in American politics (of course it is!) - I mean specifically the traitors (dammit, voice in my head, you are going to get me in trouble - victims of racism, for the last time, they are victims here!) are.

Chas Freeman was slated to become the lead of the National Intelligence Council; he was picked by Dennis C. Blair, that organization's director.

Because Chas Freeman made some unfortunate statements (such as "The brutal oppression of the Palestinians by the Israeli occupation shows no sign of ending," adding, "American identification with Israel has become total."), i.e. he dared to criticize Israel, his career was effectively destroyed.

One of the loudest voices that basically called Mr. Freeman a traitor, and a security risk, because of his ties with Saudi Arabia (he was our ambassador there) was the traitor (dammit, unjustly caught I mean accused victim) Steve Rosen, as he wrote a lot of articles in American press basically calling Mr. Freeman a traitor.

The title of my Chas Freeman was Irony Overload - apt, you think?

Pot, meet kettle, anyone?

So, to recap:

So, this guy was caught red handed, on camera, passing info to his spymasters from Israel, and was not only not arrested, but allowed to continue in his old role as an agent of influence, affecting American policy.

He is not in jail, nor defending himself in a court of law, but rather (still) shaping American policy (he really was the loudest voice in calling Chas Freeman a "security risk" to America - I don't know whether to smirk or go into rage here).

The other guy, who also passed secrets to his Israeli citizens handlers (this point cannot be stressed enough - if you cannot prove THAT as treason in this country...) is, of course, also innocent.

The Congresswoman, Jane Harman, was caught red handed on tape trading political favors for the support of a spying (or rather - again - agent of influence) organization acting for the benefit of Israeli government.

Of course, she is still a Congresswoman, proudly serving the needs of Israel, her true country, the country she truly pledges allegiance to (of course, to cover my ass in a legal way - after all, post the "hate crimes" laws, I might get a squad of police stormtroopers barging in, tasering me and grabbing the hard drive to prove my "anti semitism", I will now say that this is not me saying this, but the crazy voice in my head, and that Jane Harman is a loyal American citizen, and Israel is our bestest friend, and anybody who thinks otherwise is a bigot, racist and needs to be arrested, ha ha, hee hee, ha ha).

In fact, just to rub it in the face of the 1% of Americans who realize what is going on in horror, one of the speakers of the AIPAC conference tomorrow (May 3, 2009) is (yep, you guessed it) - Jane Harman.

I wonder if the two unjustly accused victims of anti-semitism, Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman, will be speakers there too, to reinforce a point.

The point?

Don't be afraid - we are now, openly, the rulers of America.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of treason, and in the literal sense, has anyone heard what happened at the sentencing hearing of Ben Ami Kadish, which was supposed to take place a few days ago? I haven't been able to find any results on the internet, but won't be surprised to find that he won't serve any prison time -- and this from a government that's doing all it can to extradite a similarly aged John Demjanjuk to Germany for alleged crimes committed over half a century ago...

Frank Hope said...

In another odd twist, Larry Franklin is not in prison. According to JTA...

"Franklin was sentenced to just over 12.5 years, it is true - and that was by all accounts not a lenient sentence - but his time was deferred until after he testifies at the Rosen and Weissman trial. I heard from sources at the time that prosecutors would recommend a reduction to three years should he cooperate, and that Judge T.S. Ellis was likely to take the deal."

So what happens to Franklin now? Does he continue to go free?

As long as people are calling for the impeachment of Judge Bybee with regards to torture, can we also impeach Judge Ellis? I don't know what his motivation is, but he's undermining American justice and not fit to be a judge. I found this other case where he let some Iraq contractors off the hook for defrauding the government on the feeble excuse that the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq was "not a US entity". This was after a jury found them guilty of fraud.

One final note. Judge T.S. Ellis in his closing statements on this trial reportedly said, "This is the way the AIPAC case ends, not with a bang but a whimper." [T.S. Elliot - get it?]

Gert said...

The US general public has been indoctrinated by Zionists, Zionist brown-nosers and the already indoctrinated. "Ziocain", somebody termed it. Highly addictive, apparently.

Leading Israeli Zionists no longer make much of a secret of it either: 'the US will do as we tell it to do'.

But when someone mentions this, the ZioPolice is immediately on the case to call you an anti-Semite or lose you your job. Once the Lobby was covert and denied its own existence, now they've discovered that working out in the open works just as well, after all the fair-minded but bamboozled Joe Sixpack knows no better than 'Israel' is under 'existential threat' from the 'Islamo-Nazis' (Hamas and their bottlerockets), that killed 13 (thirteen) Israelis.

It's also supposed to be a 'Holocaust': at this rate it'll take some 45,000 years to complete! You can think what you want of Hamas but as 'genociders' they're pretty rubbish (and yet they've got good teachers!)

I'm not American (and over here things are only marginally better on the Ziocain front, I've gotta say) but 'Land of the free, home of the brave' my arse.

Anonymous said...

Poor Julius and Ethel too bad we didn't have an AIPAC back in 1953.

But then we would still of had to have a federal judge on the take.

So when is Jonathon Pollard getting out?

Unknown said...

Wake up are in great danger by this Zionists thugs. Yes that’s right and I said it, they are “pure thugs”. The have been milking holocaust and the Arabs for over 60 years and basically brainwash the Legislative branch, Executive branch, Judicial branch, State government, Local government, big private companies and the general population of the United States. They could care less about how it affect the US foreign and domestics policy all it cares about how it will benefits “Israel as a State”. I dare to AIPAC to deny this. They can’t because they know it is true. I know, I know, I am an anti-semi according to the AIPAC. How dare I ( US and rest of the world ) speak the truth.