Friday, June 26, 2009

I finally got: THE NEW DEAL!


That took me too long to finally understand.

The whole point of FDR's New Deal in the 1930's was not to alleviate the symptoms of the Great Depression.

It was not done to help ordinary Americans, either (who cares about those idiots?!).

No, the whole point of it was to placate the middle and lower classes with enough busy work, enough government money so that they would not revolt and start hanging the elites from the nearest trees.

Remember your history?

You must remember from school that in the 1930's the Soviet Union was a powerful symbol, basically a big fuck you to the world led by the "democratic" elites.

This was very alarming to the Goldman Sachs types of the day and it was decided that action must be taken, so that the unwashed masses would not, you know, clench their fists, wave red flags and start, you know, going into the multi million dollar mansions and, well, shooting the man and lady of the house (and their children just back from the private school to tidy up).

It was only later that the world learned that a certain ethnic minority had the biggest role in the so called Russian revolution, and that the leading role of this leading minority was only finally curtailed by Stalin - he simply murdered them alongside some random victims in the so called purges.

And of course, even if you don't know anything about history, the name of Hitler must be somewhat familiar to you.

The Germans did not get any New Deal, or any deal at all.

Ordinary Germans did not get any help from their government...

...and their middle class got a tad bit restless... the rest you know.

Lets fast forward to today.

There is no Soviet Union. In fact, there is absolutely no challenge to the American global supremacy.

Worst case scenario:
Going with the idea that the elites of today are more greedy and yet more stupid than the ones of years past, the American middle class will be offered exactly nothing.

Well, some things will be changed by the greatest PR machine in history - the Obama machine. Credit cards will now print their statements in a legible, non-nonsensical form (wow! progress!). Perhaps Obama will smile more on TV than usual. Things like that.

But other than superficial nonsense along those lines, nothing will change, and you can be sure that something as radical as forgiving a person's credit debt or making a government healthcare program to compete with for profit non-healthcare private firms (note: the healthcare insurance business model is this: the more healthcare they deny you, the more money they make) is out of bounds.

There will be war, if not Iraq than something else will come along. In fact, it seems that Afghanistan is a more profitable enterprise than Iraq - drugs, you know. Even the Russians are making noises that Americans are going too far in this whole capitalism thing - in case you don't remember, use the godly google and find out for yourself the following fact - that while Taliban was in power, ALL opium production was stopped.

Stopped, 100% gone.

Now, with the Americans in charge, Afghanistan is drug central, billion dollar traffic going into Europe and USA.

War is great for the system.

The only hope for this country is reforming - as in destroying completely - the lobby (legalized bribery) system. And Mr. Hope and Change has no inkling for even minimally curtailing the power of the lobbies, so that our politicians will not be bought by private corporations and foreign countries

That is out of the question - after all, lobbying = free speech!

So, hope and change is exactly that - keep hoping for that change! And watch that TV - American Idol is on!

So, since a New Deal is no needed - after all, Americans are far too stupid, too hassles, too busy, too stupified by TV and other media, no Soviet Union agents of influence to stir up trouble - what is going to happen?

Are the elites going to throw the idiot masses a mangy bone, like they did in the 1930's?

Hell no.

The worst case scenario is simply this: the only thing the American middle class is gonna get from the elites is a middle finger.


TGGP said...

Actually, if you read As We Go Marching (freely availably online), you'll find that the policies pursued by the Weimar government were quite similar to those under the New Deal. Of course, as Tugwell admitted, the New Deal itself was just extrapolated from what Hoover had been doing. Hoover had even more of a "Keynesian" first (and only) term than FDR's first, judged in terms of deficit spending. Keynes's General Theory was more of a justification for already popular policies than an inspiration for any.

You'll note that North Korea does not have problems with restive masses. It's precisely because they are so screwed over! Edward Luttwak explained the economics of repression in Appendix A of Coup Detat, using Papa Doc's Haiti to illustrate.

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