Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Israeli spying in America: 2009

Added a new section on the right hand side.

It includes my articles dealing with Israeli (and Turkish) intelligence operations in America, targeting our politicians and our country as a whole.

Figured that this scandal deserved its own section - after all, the Ossetia war has its own section, and this is much more pertinent to this country.

Please spread the word - not necessarily by telling people about this blog, but more subtly.

"Hey, dude, google Jane Harman and AIPAC - some weird shit, man!" should work as a starting point.

After all, if you tell people that this woman worked with Israeli spies to unseat Nancy Pelosi to become chairwoman of the Congressional Intelligence committee (where she would in effect be the boss of American spying, while working for Israel) is too outrageous, and will probably result in people judging you as insane...

That it happened, however, cannot be denied.

Or that Sibel Edmonds, ex translator for American counter intelligence, testifying under oath that Turkish agents videotaped a Congresswoman who is a closet lesbian (she has a husband and children) and then blackmailed her to work for them - Americans will smirk and walk away, while thinking you are crazy.

That it happened, however, cannot be denied.

So spread the word.

"Hey, dude, google Jane Harman and AIPAC".

"Hey, man, google Sibel Edmonds, what the fuck, dude".

Get to it.

Baby steps, people, baby steps.


Anonymous said...

I remember a news report about an Israeli spy ring working out of kiosks in American malls where over one hundred Israelis were arrested shortly after 9/11 and I think Carl Cameron, a reporter for Fox news,was the reporter. Is there a link?or bogus?

Unknown said...

Jan Schakowsky is in the middle of this. She's the unnamed congresswoman.

Anonymous said...

Ive always maintained that sex-blackmail would be an easy way for vested interests (especially vested interests with intelligence operations) to get what they wanted from particular congresscritters.

How hard could it be? Larry "wide stance" Craig has been gay for 30 years (Senator). Lindsey Graham is obviously gay. Trent Lott gay rumors swirled for years (he was a cheerleader at Ole Miss way on back, when most men would NOT do that), David Vitter (R-La#)has been caught with another woman. John Edwards has obviously been prone to adultry. Mark Sanders, although a mere governor, provides an adequate example. Hillary isn't the only rumored lipstick lesbo in politics. Dont forget ol' James McGreevey, but he is a Democrat, and those types usually are rewarded for "coming forth" when having a homosexual paramour.

Infidelity even seems to be hurting Gavin Newsome against Jerry Brown, in remote parts of California and amongst the Catholic Latino voters. Dont they know that as Americans we are supposed to vote for the better-looking candidate who has the best hair?

There are of course others, but at almost 2:00 AM my memory isn't so up-and-running.

Anyhoo........get a 17 year old national from wherever (I suggest Lebanon, Lithuania, or Argentina) and have her to seduce a male or female, and then have your guys tell the congresscritter in question they have the taped evidence and can wreck him at any time and get him prosecuted for statutory rape, and whammo..........he's your boy, for the rest of his career.

Remember that black congresscritter who had a mere 90K stashed in a freezer? Not only are some of them whores, but such cheap whores. It would cost you at least a million to get a vote from me, but I have higher standards. LOL.

The Israelis mean business, they need what they need from the USA and they will play hardball as all hell to get it. They are -unified-, something the USA, with its multiple tribes haggling with each other and accusing each other of discrimination, will probably never be.

A spy team is a very well-trained-highly-disciplined-group of people, perfect for the dark arts of planting evidence (Is this drug paraphenalia in your car Congressman X?), or setting up hooker stings (the FBI totally set up Elliot Spitzer, probably at some neocon slimeball's request.....why the FUCK would they care if he was blowin' moolah on hookers? At least he didn't have a love child like Juanny Breck-Girl Edwards did****).

*****I wonder what Amanda Marcotte thinks about Edwards now? LOL

#Im shocked a Lousina politician would do what Vitter did.

BTW----If they dont hurry up and bury Michael Jackson, he is going to turn black. Yes, yes I know, and I deserve to burn there as well.