Sunday, August 9, 2009

Watching real football on TV live right now...

It is an exhibition game between an American team, DC United, and the Spanish super star, perhaps the richest sports team in the world, Real Madrid.

The match is taking place in America; it is a friendly game.

Every touch of the ball by the superstar team is cheered, there are ole!'s when the superstars lazily pass the ball to each other, and of course, the stadium erupts when Real Madrid scores.

Meanwhile, the home team is met with half-hearted reactions when they make some good plays.

Shots of the crowd show everyone wearing white (the Real Madrid colors) and none wearing black.

There are now "Americans" chanting 'Madrid, Madrid!' throughout the stadium.


Of course, this is not as bad as being an American supporter of football trying to support the United States National Team playing a Latin American team, god help you if it is Mexico.

You will be the 1% of the crowd, surrounded by an ocean of green jerseys, with the obligatory bags with urine being thrown at you.

So, America - the hodgepodge of various people, of various races, nations, tribes, each of which is trying desperately to be named a minority, each of which tries to be a "professional victim", each of which takes umbrage whenever a joke about their country, ethnicity or tribe is told...

But, curiously enough, not when the joke is about how America sucks or how Americans are stupid or fat or... then no offense is taken.

Is this grand experiment called the United States of America working?

The example of any football game in America... says no.

And, lets go into personal musings here - being born in Europe - you know, the part of Central Europe which had the majority Jews throughout the Middle Ages all the way to the Germans' ethnic cleansing in '41-43 - I was raised with football, and find American curios - baseball, American football, basketball - boring and pointless and just media vehicles to put as many commercials (and breaks in the action) as possible.

Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Just missed getting tickets to that game and the one in the previous weeks between Chelsea vs. AC Milan.

Anonymous said...

I think people should try and respect each others sports goy.

Japanese have sumo, baseball, and shoot-wrestling.
Nordics used to cross country ski.
Chinese have kung fu (I took that for a while and liked it, and met some fine folks)
Some African and Mexican natives are into distance running. Many Iranians love to wrestle (Turks do too). Russians used to ice-skate on ponds in Tolstoy's day. Americans like their games of football, and baseball. Black Americans in particular enjoy basketball. Europeans and south Americans love soccer.

None of these games were invented after TV. So they were not concocted to sell ad time.

I try not and diss other culture's sporting events. They are in reality, displays of reproductive fitness, and camaraderie-building excercises for young males whereby they learn teamwork and discipline.

..................BTW------yeah, America is fat. Americans have recieved so much food disinformation and excercise disinformation, Im half surpised the majority of us dont have diabetes. We need to re-institue walking and jogging during recess in our schools and take out the coke machines and candy our youth will at least reach 18 in decent shape. I feel sorry for many fat people. I think a great deal of the overweight are actually addicted to caffeine-sugar-insulin-cycles and feel weak, disoriented, and depressed when they dont get junk food. These folks have replaced sex and intimacy with food-highs. They are sad folks.

The only fatties I dont really feel sorry for are the young single fat people who gripe about no-one finding them attractive. That is their fault.

America as presently constructed is a salad bowl. Our elite, I imagine, will be trying harder to get us to interbreed with each other in ensuing generations. One can look for that propaganda in earnest in another decade or so, directed especially at whites, through entertainment.