Thursday, September 17, 2009

Anti Ballistic Missile Shield in Poland and Czech Republic - the Great American Scam

Read timesonline article on what happened before you delve into my analysis, please (if you are familiar with the whole anti-ballistic missile (ABM) plan that was to happen in Eastern Europe, skip it).

Of course, the ABM system to be deployed was to be targetting Russian, and not Iranian, missiles, statements by 'W' Bush and Obama and others notwithstanding (look at a map. Note where Russia is, then note where Iran is. Think for yourself. Thank You.).

But the whole thing was (and is) a sham, a scam, to begin with.

USA, neither under Bush nor Obama (like it matters), ever wanted to really deploy those missiles (are they really anti-ballistic missiles? what kind are they - would the czechs or poles really know if they wouldn't be medium range tactical nukes?).

Let me repeat: this was never the plan.

The plan was to threaten and posture and grandstand about near future deployment of missiles in Poland and Czech Republic, and then withdraw that action magnanimously, leaving Russia feeling like they accomplished something...

... When in reality the real action is on the borders of Russia, in Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and other "ex-Soviet republics", now independent countries, where American air force and army is moving in.

The anti ballistic missile shield was used as a bluff to deflect attention from American (and Israeli) activities much closer to Russian borders (if you have doubts, please note an official American military base in Kyrgyzstan as well as look for articles on the right hand side under the section The Ossetia War Collection).

Poland and Czech Republic just got a real lesson in realpolitik, and both those countries and Russia were played for the idiot suckers that they are.

Also, to prove my point: President Obama has given some speech about placing this ABM system on ships which will be cheaper, more reliable, and those ships will be deployed in the Mediterranean Sea.

There is no such ABM ship based system in existence, and there are no plans to build one (which would include ships with radar able to detect ICBM launch and track an ICBM in orbit and have missiles on deck to intercept and destroy them. Short or medium range missiles also cannot, as of now, be intercepted and destroyed from American Navy ships, as anti-air ship systems were designed exclusively for short range defense of the ships themselves).

Also, there is absolutely no Iranian threat of ICBM nor of any tactical missiles armed with nuclear weapons as of today.

This whole activity was a scam played on Russia, Poland and Czech Republic by a very shrewd America.

Bonus Material
Bloomgerg article: Raytheon, Lockheed May Win in Obama Missile Plan:

Raytheon Co. and Lockheed Martin Corp. may be winners in President Barack Obama’s decision to shift a proposed missile-defense network in Europe toward a more flexible system, said Rob Stallard, an analyst at Macquarie Capital Inc. in New York.

Obama’s plan would place anti-missile systems aboard destroyers at sea and include mobile land-based radar.

Again, such a system does not exist.

It is not built, and there are no actual plans for it.

Obama called for current and future variants of Standard Missile-3 interceptors and the AN/TPY-2 transportable radar, both made by Raytheon, and destroyers equipped with the Aegis Weapon System, made by Lockheed.

Orbital Sciences Corp., of Dulles, Virginia, which has a contract to build 44 ground-based interceptors for two U.S. sites, was to build 10 interceptors for the proposed Eastern European missile shield, Richard Lehner, a spokesman for the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency, said in an e-mail. Orbital hasn’t received a contract for the European system, he said.

The company has not received a contract from the U.S. government because those anti-ballistic missiles are not needed.

It is vaporware, a pie in the sky project.

Lockheed “is not involved in the Ground-based Midcourse Defense program,” said spokesman Jeffery Adams. With the administration’s decision to end plans for a European ground- based system, “we are prepared to work with the U.S. and allied governments to apply our capabilities wherever needed.”

Lockheed was not given a specific requirement nor a contract for any anti-ballistic missile work nor to make a new radar.

The Pentagon has yet to release long-range procurement plans for the Standard Missile-3 and improvements to the Aegis Weapon system, Steve Zaloga, a missile-defense analyst at Teal Group in Fairfax, Virginia, said in an interview.

The ship mounted short range air defense missile system called AEGIS needs to be completely changed, revamped, and improved to make it into a tactical nuke killer.

I'll believe this when I see American ships working in tandem with American Army land based radar (mounted on what? trucks?) successfully test firing improved AEGIS (or some other type of air-defense missile) at a dummy missiles fired, say, from Turkey, flying over the Mediterranean Sea.

For now I call bullshit.

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Read her before she is "suicided".


New Right said...

By any chance, do you know what became of the World Jewish Congress' shakedown of Poland for $65Billion in reparations?

You can hear about the Holocaust shakedown of Poland here:

The New World Order Attacks Poland & Catholicism, an interview with E. Michael Jones and Thomas Herron (October 2006)

Anonymous said...

A Sybil Edmunds interview with the American Conservative magazine. Somebody cares enough to print her, even though they are my fellow demonic right wingers, : )