Sunday, September 6, 2009

...In the meanwhile, go read Sibel Edmonds

Sorry for the inactivity.

In the meanwhile, please hop on over to the Sibel Edmonds' blog.

My personal view is that I do not believe as gospel anything I read or watch through any media unless sufficient corroboration is found.

However, Sibel is a whistle blower on Israeli and Turkish spying activities in America, which include blackmailing American politicians with sexual entrapment.

Her story, told under oath, is studiously ignored by the American mass media.

I do not know whether all she says is true - go on over there and make up your own damn mind.


Added musings: Sibel is, if not a plant to spread disinformation, that rare creature in American narrative - a patriotic immigrant. I feel kinship with that woman, as she bravely tries expose corruption and venality for all to see (to no apparent effect, apparently).

Of course, she went the whole hog, exposing herself publicly (and probably putting her life in danger). She is much braver and much more important than my obscure little blog (I am, after all, just a guy with a google account).

And she is much better to look at than me (you will have to trust me on that one).


Anonymous said...

This shit is boring. What about black crime in America and how we can cut it. A nude negro policy would be a good place to start, but with obama as president that aint happening.

AmericanGoy said...

This shit is boring?

A hidden closet lesbian entrapped by Turkish intelligence operatives, filmed in compromising situation with a rent-a-lesbian and then told to vote a certain way?

This is better than most Hollywood movies!

My sarcasm meter must be broken, I think...

Anonymous said...

Please, negresses out and about, doing their business in the nude would be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Of course we all know that aint happenin, but the racial situation in this country is happening, and its happening to the white man. Not for nothing but your blog topics are dull.

Anonymous said...


This is NOT boring, its a real cloak-n-dagger situation that is not from a novel or movie.

WTF-is up with the racial stuff? I read Steve Sailer a great deal and am "up" on HBD and all that, but this blog isn't a HBD-oriented one, its a foreign-policy-domestic-financial-oriented blog.

I would suggest Gene Expression, Inductivist, Sailer, Randall Parker, or half-sigma if you are interested in HBD issues and policy implications of them.

Do you -really- believe that nude black people would alleviate their plight in the underclass? I think it would just exacerbate it, even if it were possible. BTW---the racial situation is really beginning to warm up in England now from what Ive read as of late. Diversity+Proximity=Issues

Anonymous said...


This is your old anti-buddy from over at Sailers.

Do you remember Dr. Kahn from the Bilderberger meeting, the neuroscientist?

I think you will find that 7 minutes worth your time. She discusses things like how certain brain imaging techniques can tell when you like or want (two different things as it turns out congitively) something. I would not be suprised -at all- that such imaging techniques will be used on crowds at some point to tell who the real hard-ons are. They can also be used to tell if someone is being sufficiently indocrinated to the point that they agree with you, etc. Think about it: If you ask someone if they disagee or agree with a statement. They can simply state that they agree with you, and you really cant tell if they are lying. But with this technology scanning the parts of their brain with the most activity, you just might be able to tell if they are probably lying to you, etc.

I know one thing, the Rockefellers at that Bilderberger meeting didn't want Kahn there to assist in peace, love, and understanding for the U.S. citizenry.
BTW--she strikes me as an utterly clinical, probably amoral academic who views humanity as oh-so-many lab rats. Perhaps I just got a bad impression based on the subject matter or the B-group-whose-name-is-unmentionable-but-presidents-bootlick, etc.

7 minutes is worth your time.

BTW2--Sybill Edmunds is a babe and a hero

Anonymous said...

"Do you -really- believe that nude black people would alleviate their plight in the underclass?"

Nothing will alleviate their plight except themselves. The white man has given them everything. I believe Haiti would climb out of poverty if there was mandatory public nudity for all residents. How, you may ask? Tourism would skyrocket.

AA said...

This is hardly boring. Philip Giraldi is right when he claims that Richard Perle is an agent of influence for Israel. You can read about Perle, Wolfowitz, and more here:
Servong Two Flags by Stephen Green

This stuff is real and its costing America a lot of blood and treasure.


Anonymous said...

I've heard this all before from Sailer. It just harps on the same old stuff, and a lot of it I find questionable anyway. Sounds like its written by people with an axe to gring.

Frank Hope said...

Sorry I've been MIA lately. I saw the article by Philip Giraldi about Sibel on recently and then waited for the MSM to follow up on it... still waiting!

That kind of woke me up to the fact that I needed to start blogging again. What was even worse was that when I checked out Reddit, even they hadn't picked up on the story. I just assumed it would be a top story over there, but it barely got any votes. What's up with that?

And there's every indication that Sibel has even more information with regards to 9/11 and Israeli involvement. What's an anti-Zionist to do? I know what I did. I got really depressed and then I started blogging again.

THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE - Just ask Sibel.