Friday, October 9, 2009

Notable bloggers on Obama's farcical Nobel Peace Prize

Last minute edit:
My buddy and all around good guy, Frank Hope, has a post about this travesty also.
Read it here.

His blog is also worth reading - one of those private blogs (like my own) that quietly gets a powerful message across.

Here are others, all of them much better writers and bloggers than yours truly:
The superb Chris Floyd

Arthur Silber

Information Clearing House; Paul Craig Roberts

Now, I have never asked for money.

And I am not now.

I am very well off, making a 6 digits figure salary, well over the 100K mark.

Arthur and Chris are much better bloggers, much better writers, and they need all the help they can get. Reading them is reading great literature - more, you feel that they bare themselves and show you their beautiful, inner soul.

Arthur, especially, was very, very sick and of course, in this country being sick costs you a lot of money, if you are unfortunate enough to survive and require long term care.

So give away; Thank You.

Might as well give to, because on top of everything else they have Justin Raimondo

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Frank Hope said...

I'm no Paul Craig Roberts but my latest blog article on the Obama Peace Prize farce is incredibly insightful, if I do say so myself.

My unique observation is that the prize should have gone to Human Rights advocates in China but was given instead to Obama to placate the totalitarian Chinese government. Read all about it here: