Thursday, January 21, 2010

What the Fuck, Supreme Court?! ... and other assorted shit

What the Fuck, supreme court

I guess the pretense is over.

No need to play act this whole "democracy" sham.

Perhaps the joke that "our" "elected" "representatives" (quotations on each word very apt indeed) should wear uniforms with their sponsors' logos on them, a la NASCAR and other sports, is no longer a joke - nor very funny.

MSNBC - What the Fuck?!

In a landmark ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday struck down laws that banned corporations from using their own money to support or oppose candidates for public office.

By 5-4 vote, the court overturned federal laws, in effect for decades, that prevented corporations from using their profits to buy political campaign ads.

If you are not talking about this at work tomorrow, if there are no mass protests over this...

Ah, who am I kidding.

Most Americans have no idea about this - nor will they in the future.

American Idol is back on!

So a corporation is a person, in a legal sense, eh?

Well, here that train of thought is taken to its logical conclusion.

So now, I guess if a corporation, the person, Mr. Goldman Sachs, does something wrong, it will be locked in a jail, awaiting a trial, right?

What nonsense, taken to its ultimate, nonsensical end.

In case some libertarian or right-wing retard has the nerve to defend this supreme court decision that "money = free speech", I recommend violence.

If you are a peaceful person (or a coward like myself), just ask them politely if they see an issue with a multinational corporation, led by a foreign national (say, a Japanese) giving money to an American politician.

Other Assorted Shit

As you can tell, I am somewhat miffed about the way this whole thing is playing down once obama, the false savious, got elected.

Every single goddamn decision from this administration has been to the benefit of the elites, the 1% who run this country, and nothing was given to the middle class, the 80% who IS this country, who pays taxes, who make this country work.

Parasites are rewarded.

Item one - the "banks".

What caused the financial crisis in the first place?

The "banks".

You see, after the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act (google the motherfucker if you STILL don't know what it is), banks ceased being banks and instead became "banks".

They were allowed to trade on the stock market.

They were allowed to slowly but surely get out of the business of giving loans and get more and more into putting the money into the casino known otherwise as the stock market.

How do the super rich, the elite, the George Soros; of the world, make their money?

By fucking around in the stock market.

And "our" paid and bought for governments did everything in its power to feed this beast with as much money as it could.

The super rich, the elite, want as much money in the stock market as they can get, to get more money, more power.

The more money there is churning in the stock market, the more easy it is to hide shit - a million here, a billion there.

When looked at it this way, all of this starts to make sense.

Allowing banks to trade in the stock market.

Abolishing pension plans and forcing idiot Americans to "invest" their hard earned money in 401K plans which are used to siphon their monies away.

Remember 'w' bush's plan to privatize social security - i.e. force you to invest in the stock market?

All part of a pattern.

I laugh at the people who still have money in the stock market, and cry for those who believe in the "put it in and hold it till retirement" strategy.

If you want to strike a blow against the mammon, against the beast, take your money out of banks, put it in a reputable credit union, and, as a second step, take your money out of the market (if you can afford it and are willing to pay the price - but chances are, you are an amateur, in a 401K, and will be lucky to get out the monies you put in never mind growing it, when inflation is taken into account).

And lets take a look at the crisis.

I wrote about this somewhat extensively, but lets cut to the chase.

Banks loaned money to deadbeats and riff raff to buy houses or whatever.

They bundled all these dead beat loans with some good loans, went to AIG insurance, insured them (while paying AIG to do so) and then got the rating agencies (Moodys, etc) to give this bundle of shit an AAA super-good-can't fail-will be paid no matter what rating.

Then they took these so called financial instruments and traded them on the market, selling them to idiots worldwide ("it's insured!", "it is triple AAA rated, can't fail, very safe!", "can't lose money with this investment!").

And then the house of cards has fallen down.

So what does team RAHM EMANUEL, GEITHNER, BERNANKE and obama do?

Do they punish the banks?

Do they tighten regulation?

Hell no!

They change the fucking accounting rules, changing them from "mark-to-market" (i.e. in your accounting ledger you must write down what you own and its current market price) to "mark-to-fantasy" (i.e. a thing that a company owns is worth exactly what that company's CEO and CFO say, never mind what the market says. Which reminds me, this keyboard that I am typing this blog entry on is now worth $1,000,000 - cuz I say so. See how this accounting change works in the banks' favor?).

Next, they take our tax money away - ALL our taxes, and our children's taxes, and our childrens' childrens' taxes and... well, you get the idea.

They take trillions of our monies.

And what do they do with them?

Do they do the common sense thing and buy the bad loans, rated AAA, insured by AIG, to clear those banks accounting ledgers and wipe the slate clean?

Heeeellll no!

They give these trillions to the banks, with no questions asked, with no regulation or oversight whatsoever.

Here, banks who caused this mess, take our money, please!

Which makes me wonder - exactly what is the value (or actually the negative value) of these "bad assets", these bad bundles of loans?

Because what happened was that the banks chose NOT to clear their accounting books, but instead they pumped this money into the stock market.

And the stock market took off.

And the idiot americans rejoiced, as they looked into their 401K plans without factoring in inflation, the loss of their jobs and the death of their country.

To aid in this "recovery" (the joke of the elites is that this is a "jobless recovery", which phrase is said by "experts" on TV and idiots talking about the water cooler in your office - lagging indicator and similar nonsense), our fearless elites at the FED lowered the borrowing rate to zero.


That is what the FED charges the banks as they loan them money.

The banks (remember - they are truly people now, so this is grammatically correct) see that the economy is in the shit (thanks to them!), and that everybody who wanted a house (or a business, or a car, or a restaurant, or a Wii) got a loan and cannot pay it back, resulting in foreclosures and bankruptcies.

So they "invested" in that other place - yes, the stock market.

Making the market reach dizzying heights, recouping its losses, with "experts" on TV screaming Recovery! Green Shoots! Recession Over!

And the idiot americans rejoiced, as they looked into their 401K plans without factoring in inflation, the loss of their jobs and the death of their country.

What a deal, eh?

Borrow money at 0%, put it in the stock market, and watch it grow.

In case you want to join in the action, my fine american friend, feel free to borrow money.

But since the banks are not lending, whip out that credit card of yours (given to you by your favorite bank, which you bailed out and supported) and get a loan.

At 29.99%!

This whole wealth of these banks was false, fake, imaginary, a sleight of hand conman's trick.

Let me finish this section with what I wrote about the financial crisis back in the day, as I shamelessly copied a person's post from another blog.

So lets simlpify, both the fiscal crisis and the media and politicians (Obama and the Congress) spin, in three fucking sentences:

Why are we pumping taxpayer dollars into these companies to make their imaginary wealth real?

Why didn't the SEC detect any of this, including the Madoff ponzi scheme?

Why aren't those questions asked every fucking day on the media, but instead we get the outrage de jour everyday?

But wait, there is more shit from our false saviour.

Lets talk about

Healthcare "reform"

Remember the sentence about parasites?

Look at our healthcare system.

You the sick person have a stroke, a heart attack, or something equally serious.

You have paid in full your health insurance up to this fateful day, and as you ride in an ambulance you at least know that you are covered - the very name, healthcare insurance is leading you to believe that it exists exactly for this purpose - to cover you in a health emergency, just like a car insurance does when your car suffers an accident.

But soon the trouble starts.

First, that ambulance ride was not covered - the insurance company has said that that particular ambulance service was not in their plan - sorry!

You see, in America, when one has a stroke, a seizure or a heart attack, one must have the presence of mind to call in their insurance company on their cell phone and inquire if the ambulance which has showed up is actually insured.

Lets assume that the unfortunate thing happens, and you get somewhat healthier but now have a long term condition.

The game starts where the insurance company looks for everything and anything to NOT pay the doctor, while the doctors inflate their bills to ridiculous figures because they know that will happen.

It is a war of wits between two legalized thieves in America, the doctors and the healthcare insurance.

As they argue and wrangle, you, the patient, get a bill in full.

And soon you are on a credit collection agency call-in-the-middle-of-the-night shit list.

Meanwhile, the insurance and the hospital still argue about money, while you get a lullabye from a credit collection shill screaming at you that you are a worthless deadbeat.

And lastly, the healthcare insurance boldly states that since you have had the pre-existing condition, which you did not report to them, they are cutting you off.

What pre-existing condition, you ask in a desperation tinged voice?

Oh, whatever.



Your pee is too yellow.

Anything is legally permissible.

If you are smart, you will then ask about all the money you have already paid this healthcare insurance company, to which you will probably get laughter at the other end of the line.

Click. Busy signal.

Think about it.

Healthcare in America is a for profit corporate entity.

What is their incentive for them to pay you money so that you get better?


It is much better for them if you die, and as quick as possible.

Isn't capitalism great?

Think some more.

Every time they pay you money, for the ambulance ride, for medicines, for treatment, for operations, they LOSE money.

That is money off their CEO's bonus plan.

Some incentive, eh?

Be a good american and die off already!

So, coming back - how did team RAHM EMANUEL, GEITHNER, BERNANKE and obama reform this insane system?

Did they make healthcare insurance be non profit, a very simple and effective solution?

Heeeelllll no!

The "reform", such as it is, forces you to buy healthcare for profit insurance, or you pay a penalty to the government.

But wait, there is more.

Or rather, there isn't.

Nothing changed - the fraud provision, which allowed a healthcare insurance company to claim fraud because you forgot to tell them of your pre-existing condition (measles. a pimple. yellow pee.) is STILL in.

The government is forcing you to buy this for profit health insurance, so perhaps they negotiated the cost that they can charge you for their services?


Then perhaps team RAHM EMANUEL, GEITHNER, BERNANKE and obama negotiated prices that you will pay for medicines, and what medicines should be covered under your insurance plan?


Then what the fuck does this "reform" do?

Oh, that's right.

Force you to buy health insurance, and nothing more.

Everything for the elites, none for you.

Have a nice day, my fine american friend (and fuck you... and fuck me, and all of us).


Aurora said...

Thank you for saying what needs to be said, no SCREAMED from the(heavily mortgaged) rooftops.
I'm surprised more people don't leave comments.
Keep up the excellent work!

Aurora Valentine

The Depressing Truth said...

Welcome to The United Corporations of America

God...You are so right on this...But the Republicrats have got the Sheeple so "Bambooseled" I understand that Ron Paul has said that he thinks that this is a GOOD THING...

OK, Now we can't trust ANYONE...

Coming Soon...Goldman Sachs Debtors' Prisons


Excellent analysis. You are absolutely correct in every word you say. I wish more people would read this.


The Saker

TGGP said...

Corporations have legally been considered people for a long time, that's not what the recent decision was about. This decision was about independent campaign contributions. There can still be restrictions on what corporations can give to candidates just as there are restrictions on what individuals can give: political officers are public employees and their behavior (such as accepting money) can be more restricted than that of independent persons. I'm guessing you did not actually read the SCOTUS decision. My take on it as it my blog.

Glass-Steagall was not repealed.

Why is Obama's name in all undercase and italics, while the other names are uppercase and bold? In case it's the JOOOOO thing, Geithner is not actually Jewish but German.

Anonymous said...

the neocons favorite candidates couldn't raise any money, so their plant on the supreme court, gonzo-less, did sumthin' bout it...

whats pititful is that the same corporations that gripe about losing money will probably now be funding neocon candidates in elections. joe and jane sixpack wouldn't give juan mccain any money, the neocons have found a way to get corporate-royalty to give them money in return for favorable laws and regulations.................cocksuckers, no other word for em'.

no "group" of any kind should be able to give money in elections, they should only be allowed to encourage their members to do so. no "group" or company should be allowed to give money to either party eithers, and should only be allowed to encourage their members to do so. the public shouldn't have the right to see who gave what either. I could not fucking believe I could google my own gaia-fucking-damned name and find out which candidates I gave money too, that authentically pissed me off.

Anonymous said...

Under the heading of "Unoriginal Whining" you get a gold star. Well played young dip-stick. " reform isn't the way I want it !!!!!" Call Amy Goodman, maybe she'll hold your hand. Be thankful that we are off to a good start with the newly passed reform and stop acting like you know social justice from a kitchen sponge in your shitty apartment. You are definitely a goy, I can tell by the sense of entitlement that underlies your self-serving rants. Time to change the sheets, you made midnight-lemonade again. Seriously though, a trained monkey could write your blog. Nah, you're okay. P.S. You suck.