Thursday, February 11, 2010

American Democracy bared in "Charlie Wilson's War"

The book is NOT fiction, most of the movie is not either - it is a dramatization of real life events.

Please go back to my
Charlie Wilson's War - two main points everybody missed article.

Better yet, go buy/borrow/rent/steal "Charlie Wilson's War" book, read up, and get a reality check on how American "democracy" really works.


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Anonymous said...

it was a cute movie.....i must admit, saw it about a year back...hanks and roberts were pretty damn funny in it too....its worth a look

MisterKeitel said...

Goy- Hi. I was wondering what you might think of this: I've been reading some gloom and doom essays on the net lately. One of them theorizes that the Fed has been ananymosly buying up debt (t-bills) in and attemp to make it look as though foreign investors are still interested in owning a piece of the US, and that the Fed is doing in with printed money (or maybe TARP money)also the idea that the Fed in investing it in the stock market to make it "look" like the US is having a jobless recovery. Do you think any of this has any foundation in fact or is it all just so much conspracy theory?

AmericanGoy said...

Hi there MisterKeitel.

Totally off topic but a simple google search of "fed buys treasuries" brings three sources; bloomberg, economicshelp and wikianswers. Not too shabby of a source list.


No doom and gloom here, just reality.

It is happening now.