Monday, April 5, 2010


You are what you eat,

Apparently, we Americans are shit.

These incredibly smart kids are the products of our wonderful public school system.

To imagine (or remember with horror) your public school experience in America, re-watch the "Lean on Me" opening scene.

Start watching here from minute 5:40 (towards the end), but feel free to watch the whole beginning / opening credits.

Then continue to watch some more "kids at play" here, from the beginning.

And our wonderful products of our American public schools end up out there, with an M-16 or M-60 and other fast firing guns that "chukka chukka chukka" and make the hajis, when hit, act just like the best "ragdoll" physics game on a console:

I can follow the thought process, and the guy on the phone and the guy leaning from the corner with a long tube definitely screams AMBUSH!

The rest of the video is the helicopter gunner engaging the men collecting the injured, picking them up to the van to drive them to the nearest hospital.

The van just happened by, and the obvious civilian driver and onlooker did the logical thing - they tried to help the writhing wounded man on the ground.

Nice shoot'n.

Lets go back to base for some Chicken McNuggets.


zfolwick said...

links= broken

AmericanGoy said...

@ zfolwick:

Apologies, fixed.

Provocateur said...

I agree that we would be a far more intelligent, law-abiding, and physically fit nation if we purged the country of Mexicans and blacks, but I just don't think that's feasible.