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America the Bitch

Ha'aretz: Rahm Emmanuel visits Israel to celebrate son's bar mitzvah, dateline 23.05.10 (yes, the proper, European and world way of writing a date!).

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel arrived in Israel over the weekend, for a private visit during which his son will celebrate his bar mitzvah, the religious ceremony which symbolizes a Jewish boy's passage to manhood at the age of 13.

No conflict of interest there, at all.

Emmanuel, said to be the model for the Josh Lyman character in the successful "West Wing" television series, is believed by many in Israel to be the architect of President Obama's tougher stance toward Israel.

Tougher stance?

Are USA criticizing Israel in any way, or, gasp(!), chastising it?, US-Israeli relations in 'crisis of historic proportions', dateline 15 March 2010.

Well, holy shit, batman.

I missed it when I was watching the typical American news network gripping coverage of highly fascinating animal hijinks; Gods American TV news suck.

But, lets explore this shocker a bit, shall we?

The monkey wrench (I kill me with the puns lately) in American/Israeli relations, the CRISIS!

There is a temporary freeze on settlements on (as defined by the United Nations) building of Jewish settlements in Jerusalem.

From the Telegraph:

Officials said they had hit a "35-year low" after a visit by Vice President Joe Biden last week was overshadowed by the announcement.

Washington has warned Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, that he will remain out of favour unless he accedes to a series politically painful demands.

In a telephone call, Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, ordered Mr Netanyahu to reverse a decision to build 1,600 homes for Israeli settlers in occupied East Jerusalem that sparked the diplomatic row.

This freeze expires soon - in September.

What next?

YNET news, dateline 05/20/2010:

Minister Moshe Ya'alon announced that Israel will renew construction in the settlements when the construction freeze comes to an end.

During a festive ceremony to mark the end of work on the western neighborhood of Maon, Ya'alon said, "We don't want to control our neighbors, but we have no intention of evacuating Jews, uprooting Jews or moving Jews." (Shmulik Grossman)

Got it.

This was a temporary freeze, and once it expires it will be business as usual, despite the tough talk of the prominent Jewish-American, Hillary Clinton.

Israel, perhaps the only country in the world, will continue its housing boom (with yours and my tax money).

But perhaps I am wrong and the pundits are right?

The CRISIS! in American-Israeli relations is real, right?

Lets see what Ha'aretz says on the matter, dateline 13/05/2010;

First, lets see how the USA deals with Israel, as Obama's heavy hand pimp slaps this pariah nation, dealing rough justice:

Benjamin Netanyahu got a prize from Barack Obama this week: Israel's admission into the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, the OECD. "Israel has joined the elite club of the world's economies," crowed the prime minister, who clearly appreciates the significance of Israel's acceptance into the prestigious organization, viewing it as an international endorsement of his economic policy.

How did this happen - usually only the USofA supports Israel, and other countries have an collective apoplexy at the blatant injustice and favoritism and American ass-kissing of Israeli butt?

But with all due respect to the Netanyahu reforms, without Obama's assistance, Israel would have been left out in the cold. In the past weeks, the American administration worked to convince the countries that opposed Israel's admission, primarily Turkey, to vote in favor.

Oh... right.

USA has bribed other countries to vote in Israel's favor.

Color me surprised.

Another stack of my (our) tax monies well spent.

Well, with this carrot there must come a stick, right?

Give and take, right?

I mean, Hillary Clinton just talked smack and "manned-up" (pun, again), and told the Israeli side in no uncertain terms to not just freeze, but stop the new settlements' building.

The Obama administration has been trying in recent weeks to shower Israel with shows of affection the likes of which haven't been seen for some time. Defense Minister Ehud Barak recently got the red-carpet treatment in Washington and 40 minutes with the president - in striking contrast to the awkward and unphotographed meeting between Obama and Netanyahu two months ago.

OK. Fine.

But any time now, the USA will, er, show how tough it is and its new stance of not taking nonsense from...

Meanwhile, administration officials have been giving speeches before Jewish organizations about the unshakable American commitment to Israel and its security. Furthermore, the discussions currently underway about the future of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty are expected to conclude with American lip service that will leave the Israeli policy of "ambiguity" unchanged.


The heavy hand of justice becomes, er, a shower of affection.

After the harsh rebuke Israel got from Obama over the Ramat Shlomo housing crisis during Vice President Joe Biden's visit in March, these latest caresses have been a lot more pleasant. Israeli officials say that Netanyahu has won a victory, even if it's only temporary. The turning point in the crisis, they say, was the public criticism voiced by Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, a prominent figure in the president's party, and a Jew, about the administration's treatment of Israel.

Ah, that explains it.

Israel can always count on its JEWISHamerican supporters, placed in strategic positions in the American political landscape.

So, this gigantic crisis, how did it happen?

What was it about?

Guardian, UK, dateline March 10 2010, 'Bibi's snub to Biden may backfire':

the sudden, highly inflammatory announcement of plans to build an additional 1,600 homes in occupied East Jerusalem, in the midst of a visit to Israel of US vice-president Joe Biden, was certainly the most brutally contemptuous rebuff so far to American peacemaking.


American Vice President, Joe Biden (he of the "I am a Zionist" fame) came to Israel to negotiate with Israel on the settlement freeze, and as his plane landed Israel announced plans to build 1600 new settlement (remember, illegal and protested by all the rest of the world) houses.

This was a bitch-slap, timed beautifully to show the bitch (that is, us, the USofA) who the, er, pimp is (I will let you figure that one).

A bitch's purpose is to bring money to her pimp, and support the pimp in any way that is required, including defending him on the street if need be - money, check, defending Israel on the UN street and shielding it from the rest of the world, check.

But in this case, the bitchslap was painful, because it made the mockery of the (so called) "only remaining global superpower".

This was too much, even for the submissive America.

It made the street, er, world, laugh at America, and our (Jewish and gentile) elites can only be pushed so far.

So the bitch (dared) to talk back to her pimp, Israel.

A crisis, a big one, was supposedly the result.

Hillary talked tough, American media wrote about the 'snub' of Joe Biden, there was (gasp!) some muted criticism of Israel (I know, sounds like science fiction).

But, as is usual with bitches, she came (or was made to come) to her senses.

The bitch, in her many guises (Obama, Emanuel, Schumer et al) got on her knees and apologized to her pimp, showering the pimp with gifts and affection.

The (political) whores got back to do what they do best: whoring America's and American citizens interests to Israel and its powerful lobby in this country.

My earlier article on Rahm Emanuel, postulating how this powerful agent of influence became the power behind the throne, and his father's membership in a terrorist organization.

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Unknown said...

Is America more of a bitch to Israel or to the Christian Coalition? I cannot help but think that America's support for Israel would all but completely vaporize if it weren't for Christian politics that identify Israel as some mystical key to heaven. Having a complete separation of religion and government would make our country less inclined to support nations with irrational behaviors, and if adopted in Israel would make it less likely to have irrational behaviors. What do you think?