Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Foot in the door

Skurwienie in polish, ssucziwijenie(as close a phonetic spelling as I can manage in russian) - loose translation "to make someone else your bitch bitch; verb".

Driving to work the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I overheard on NPR this story: there is a protest planned today against the TSA advanced scanning whatever you want to call it.

The gist of the piece on my radio was this:
NPR: many people are worried about these protests and worry about them slowing down the holiday (thanksgiving, american family holiday) travel. Here's a random person who sees absolutely nothing wrong with the TSA scans.

A (clueless, picked out of a crowd) woman came on and said that she just wants to get home, that this is for our safety, yada yada.

At this moment i turned off the radio, while screaming at it (yes, I do have high blood pressure).

Bought and paid for advert story - on NPR, no less, imagine that (what is the world coming to, oy).

The bad protesters, who slow down the (good, obedient) people's travel plans.

Protests of TSA airport pat-downs, body scanners don't delay Thanksgiving travel, Washington Post, November 25, 2010

The tone of the article's title is congratulatory, euphoric even:

Hooray, the inhuman system grinds on!

Total failure of (isolated, bad, yucky) protesters versus the (abused, exasperated, humble, just doing my job) TSA workers (officers?), to the positive (relief, cheering, clapping) reaction of the normal travellers who just want to get to see their families - stripping naked for weird strangers in uniform or being sexually groped is just part of the "new reality".

Protesters showed up in ones and twos, but not in the predicted battalions.
They held up signs, passed out leaflets damning the government and delayed virtually nobody.


A win for the (groping, death of privacy, Orwellian) democracy!

From New York to Los Angeles - in Atlanta, Kansas City, Phoenix, San Diego, St. Louis, Seattle and at all three major airports in the Washington region - hundreds of thousands of people launched their holiday travels without falling afoul of airport security or the clamorous minority(...)

Clamorous minority indeed.

Don't mind the brown shirts on the streets, just go along, don't stick out, just fade into the crowd, maybe the people in uniform will not bother me but that young man over there - he looks suspicious to me anyway, maybe I should tell the authorities to grope him.

Don't touch my junk: TSA workers face a tough job, Associated Press, November 23 2010

They've been called molesters, threatened with violence and ordered not to touch "my junk." One woman headbutted a TSA officer who was searching her laptop. Other screeners report being punched, kicked and shoved during pat-downs.

My god, the poor dears.

All they try to do is to condition the American public for further skurwienies (plural of singular skurwienie) - the next, already lined up - humiliations soon to come.

Security officers know the new searches are more invasive but want Thanksgiving travelers to keep in mind they are just doing their jobs to keep people safe.

We are doing it for you.

"We just want the public to understand that we're not perverts," said screener Ricky D. McCoy, who heads a local TSA union for Illinois and Wisconsin.

The handsome, nice men in their black uniforms and fancy runes on their collars were the nicest, good educated, well behaved men with a tough job to do. And sadly, they were also misunderstood by the public...

To be sure, most passengers are docile when going through an airport's security checkpoint, though McCoy said the atmosphere has changed in the past two weeks.

Most Americans are cowardly, honorless, just trying-to-go-about-my-business types, although in the past two weeks strains are showing and it becomes clear that you can only push - admittedly pathetic - people of this nation only so far.

Last week, for instance, McCoy explained the search to a passenger. "The guy looked me straight in the face and said, 'I don't know what I might do to you if you touch me,'" said McCoy.

McCoy stared the man down and told the passenger that touching an officer would be the worst mistake he's ever made because authorities would be called. The search went smoothly.

The authority figure stared the man down, making him feel big and powerful (a feature, a perk, also of the men in black uniforms some 70 odd years ago in a far away land called the 3rd Reich, and also a common occurrence during the 1917 through 1989 when dealing with the 'officers of state security', called variously Cheka, NKVD, MGB, KGB in an exotic, magical place called the Soviet Union).

Then he threatened the man with all the power of the state (in our modern Yoo Ess of Ey, this means a tasering and/or a beatdown by "the servants of the public", the police).

The intimidated man was then humiliated by having his balls and penis fondled, as well as having his ass rubbed.

"About 10 minutes later his wife came back and apologized for what he said," McCoy said.

The wife, terrified that the agent would inform a police officer or his co-workers or boss about the man, and at the least lead to her husband's arrest and legal fees of hundreds of thousands of dollars (at the worst a tasering, beat down and resisting arrest, with a rather large chance of resulting in life changing injuries - broken ribs, bones, face etc), quickly assuaged herself in front of the important man in uniform - a man who could, at his whim, make her husband lose his liberty, his health and cost her thousands of dollars.

The man was not vindictive - the nice young man in uniform was a pleasant fella, and was satisfied first with humiliating her husband and then with her pleading with him for her husband's life.

The new pat-downs began about a month ago, and early on, an officer was assaulted. Since the story made headlines, McCoy said officers at least six times have been punched, pushed or shoved after they explained what would be happening.

I for one am A-OK with strange men touching my penis, fondling my balls and patting my butt.

"We have major problems because basically TSA never educated the public on what was going on," McCoy said. "Our agency pretty much just threw the new search techniques out there."

That was by design.

Informing the public a few weeks before the launch of the groping by uniformed men of your private body parts (pardon - advanced screening technique) would launch a national discussion, would make the media cover it, would make the total strangeness of it all imprint itself on the American psyche.

Launching it with nary a warning placed on the public allowed the rulers to present the public with a fait accompli - also to put an Orwellian twist on the idiot sheep masses.

Of course, you don't have to be molested - you can opt for complete strangers to see you completely naked under a powerful x-ray machine. It's your choice, citizen!

... Or perhaps not, as the "security officers" may and can choose to pat you down "advancedly" anyway - for your own protection, of course.

Opt Out of a Body Scan? Then Brace Yourself, The New York Times, November 1, 2010.

Mr. Delahorne said: “They had one of the T.S.A. staff announcing loudly: ‘Take everything out of your pockets. If you have a wallet, take it out. A handkerchief, out.’ I asked the guy, ‘Can you explain the reason for the new process?’ He said there was nothing new. ‘We have always done this.’

In case you missed it, launching this on the public with no warning was by design.

Oceania was always at war with EastAsia.

The purpose of this whole exercise is skurwienie - ssucziwinije - to make you into a bitch.

To get you ready for the further humiliation to come.

This should be self explanatory to you, because if you are reading this blog I believe you are at least somewhat intelligent, but i will explain just in case.

The foot in the door technique
Pretty decent Wikipedia article on this tried and tested psychological technique,

In an early study, a team of psychologists telephoned housewives in California and asked if the women would answer a few questions about the household products they used. Three days later, the psychologists called again. This time, they asked if they could send five or six men into the house to go through cupboards and storage places as part of a 2-hr enumeration of household products. The investigators found these women were more than twice as likely to agree to the 2-hr request than a group of housewives asked only the larger request.

This is painfully obvious, but let me explain using painfully obvious language so that there is no misunderstanding between us here.

Americans are being trained, like dogs, to conform to their masters' wishes.

First small things are asked - wiggle the tail, roll over, let me fondle your balls and play with your penis.

But once that is done, bigger requests and actions will be expected.

And, like the TSA homosexual gropings (nothing against gay men per se, sorry if I offended you) those new requests, humiliations, skurwienie - will not be advertised beforehand.

They will be sprung upon you, the cowardly, pathetic American public, with no warning whatsoever.

But hark! The making-you-into-a-bitch (obedient, ever ready to serve, unsurprised by any of the master's wishes) is working quite well.

First, there are no protests - and the full force of the state (taser, beatings, jail, fines) will be used to back up the inhuman requests.

Second, if someone is protesting, that someone should not be surprised if the resistance and disdain to their actions come not from the men and women in uniform, but from their fellow citizens standing in line behind them :

Quit causing trouble, asshole!
Just do what they say, we are late already!
What the hell is your problem man, just let him grope you and move on!
Someone arrest that man!

And the skurwienie - ssucziwinije - proceeds apiece...


You know?

An american citizen (written with a small "a" and small "c" on purpose).

Homework for you - research what other countries subject their citizens to either be wholly x-rayed and/or sexually groped all over your body.

The answer might surprise you!

Next article - if I get off my fat ass - a profile of al Kaida (the toilet) operations; 9/11 to today.

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Anonymous said...

Kurwa mac!I have had enough! And it will be worse soon. Really soon.

Can't see London can't see France unless we see your underpants.
Grope discounts available.
If we did our job any better we'd have to buy you dinner first.
Don't worry my hands are still warm from the last guy.
Wanna fly? Drop your fly.
We've handled more balls than Barney Frank.
We are now free to move about your pants.
It's not a grope it's a freedom pat.
TSA. We've handled more packages than UPS