Thursday, December 15, 2011

I know others have blogged about it, but this needs to be spread by the internet because, as you may have guessed it, it wasn't on the CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS nor even BBC...

Charity carol concert attacked by Congo protesters.

Read it.

The carol concert was raising money for MacMillan Cancer Support. It was organized by a group of friends whose loved ones had been treated for cancer.

Masked teenage boys ‘stormed’ the singers, throwing bottles of water and hot drinks into the crowd. A woman in her 40s, said to be undergoing treatment for breast cancer, was pulled to the ground. A youth attempted to set light to the Christmas tree, an annual gift from the city of Oslo since 1947, one witness said.

“They were determined not to let us sing and have fun and utterly ruined the atmosphere. Have your protest and make your point, but why did you have to ruin a lovely occasion with your scuminess,” Mark Horton, a conductor of the choir, wrote in a message online. The concert was cut short amid safety concerns.

The attack was ‘egged on’ by teenage girls who screamed and shouted “like the possessed”, another witness said.

Basically I have nothing to add, except to note that a bunch of (white) people who were singing Christmas tunes were attacked by an army of out of control retards (blacks).

You may file this one in: multiculturalism sure is working swell in Europe for native Europeans.

You still here?

On Thursday a group of 200 Congo demonstrators forced the evacuation of Oxford Circus tube station, central London, after they set off a passenger alarm on an underground train.

You know what Europe needs more of?

Black people.

You STILL here?

But reading this is bad for your political correctness.


Read this then;
Just a photographer guy stuck in the middle of this rampage:

On to the actual protest then. Firstly, Congolese protesters are quite unlike any I have encountered before. Firstly, they are unable to communicate verbally without shouting. The almost tribal chanting and shuffling dances along with the high pitched screeching of the women certainly draw attention. While they were still enclosed in the protest pen, one of the females threw herself onto the ground in hysterics. There was a surreal moment when the police and photographers looked at her, then at each other, then back at her as if in disbelief at what they were seeing. It was as though the woman had been possessed by a demon, arms flailing as her body twisted and contorted, the language barrier and the tone of her screams made it sound as though she was speaking in tongues!

Photographers were threatened with violence and death. 'Dont take ma picture' screeched one young woman, the photographer who carried on doing his job, was soon surrounded by an angry crowd. Another photographer had a tug of war with some protesters as they blatantly tried to steal his camera. Their cries and shouts which had been so passionate earlier, were now filled with venom and threat. The simplest request from the police was met with open hostility or violence. Several protesters had armed themselves with broken sticks with pointed ends, like a small spear and they were attempting to stab the cops with these.

Europe needs more immigrants because the native (white) people don't have enough babies and this results in two calamities:
the first one, there aren't enough workers and
the second one, resulting from the first one, not enough taxes are paid by the working population for the social programs so beloved of Europeans, for example to pay off the retirement programs of the (white) retired workers.

Fortunately, the answer to both these problems is (as always) more immigration, preferably from places which are not familiar with civili... er, democrati... er, racist, Western culture and mores.

Yah know?

Places like the Congo. Or Albania (hooray for drug smuggling and kidnapping white women and forcing them into sexual slavery!). Or Pakistan (what do you mean I can't marry my 14 year old cousin?!). Or Turkey (criminality and white women slavery again). Or, or... well, the list is endless.

The point is, the UK (and rest of Europe) is too stuffy and needs some joie de vivre, some spice, some zest!

As you can see from these articles and from this video, that plan is working great:

This is working well, because as you can see, these Congolese folks have integrated very well into the European society to the point where they are indistinguishable from the natives (Well, except perhaps for the colour of their skin, but you shouldn't be noticing THAT, as that makes you a racist, you scum).

In fact, the retired (or soon to be retired) white men and women from the UK, France, Germany are ecstatic that these groups of people (from Congo, Albania, Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia) will slot right into factories, shops, boutiques, wine and beer producing distilleries, and pay taxes to keep their retirement comfortable

In fact, I realized something - this cunning plan of the ruling white Euro elites is so racist it beggars belief - imagine, poor Africans imported to work jobs that Europeans used to do, to pay the old, sick, feeble retired Europeans to do nothing but enjoy their retirement!

In fact, it is working so well, that the elites who rule over Europe from the IMF and Brussels have decided that there should be MORE transients from Africa as there are not enough of them.

What they want to do is, well, read it for yourself:

Stronger cooperation and mobility at the centre of the renewed EU migration strategy ; this from the actual web page.

What is you may ask?

Why, "EUROPA is the official website of the European Union (EU)".

The EU needs to boost its relationships with non-EU States to better reap the mutual benefits migration can bring. Although migration is high on the European Union’s political agenda, the Arab spring and events in the Southern Mediterranean in 2011 further highlighted the need for a coherent and comprehensive migration policy for the EU.

Firstly, Mobility Partnerships will be offered to the EU's immediate Neighbourhood and to Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt in the first instance. Mobility partnerships offer a concrete framework for dialogue and cooperation between the EU and non-EU countries. These partnerships are focused on facilitating and organizing legal migration, effective and humane measures to address irregular migration, and concrete steps towards reinforcing the development outcomes of migration. Concluding visa facilitation and readmission agreements are to be part of these partnerships.

The European Union is off to facilitate immigration to itself, and it extends its hand first to Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco.

Migration and Mobility Resource Centers will be set up to provide resources and support to individuals and partner countries in the areas of skills and labour matching.

As you can gather from watching the news, Europe is in dire need of workers. When watching CNN, CNBC or the BBC or France24, one thing is clear - there are so many jobs in the current climate of economic boom that the need for African workers is simply desperate!

But, I must ask, do these African workers know just how racist is this cunning plan? What the real agenda here is?

The white EU elites want them to be their slaves, so they can heavily tax them and provide the aging European population with the high end socialist programs they are used to.

Yes, I said the "S" word - no, not Sailer or Steve-o, you fool!

Say it with me - S L A V E R Y!

I hope that you, the readers, are intelligent enough to read through the despicable designs of the white EU elites towards our African brothers.

I hope that this article will stir you to action.

If you are a native Frenchman, Englishman, Welshman, German, Dutch, Swedish or Norge...

I want you to write to your politicians and representatives.

I want you to make clear that you do not want this to happen.

That enough of our African, Turkish, Albanian brothers are oppressed in the racist, Western, so called democratic, countries.

I want you to write this to your prime ministers, representatives and lords:

I, (here put your name), am an European and my family has lived in Europe for (here state the number, be conservative in your estimate) years.

I realize that by not importing non European workers from the Congo, Algeria, Turkey etc etc. to my country will result in the work force being too small to pay for the great social programs now available, such as socialized healthcare, my retirement programmes, etc etc.

I realize that by not importing non European workers from the Congo, Algeria, Turkey etc etc that I and my children and my their children will be forced to pay higher taxes.

I state, here and now, that I am willing to make this great sacrifice because I do not want the racist, oppressive neo-slavery plan of the EU elites implemented.

I do not want African, Turkish et al workers to toil in the job that used to be mine, just so I can sit idly by and do nothing but enjoy my retirement.

I do not want to enjoy my older years knowing that some poor African victim was lured into my country to take my spot at my past job and that I am living the high life which he or she pays for with his taxes from his/her heavily taxed salary.

We, the Europeans, have committed enough racism, oppressed enough, without this new neo-slavery to trouble our (especially mine, you can put your name here again) conscience!

This has to stop!

(Sign your name here)


Anonymous said...

"The next big wave of migration will come from Africa"--The Economist (which is basically the in-flight magazine of the Davos man).

Its good to know what our elites have already planned out for us.

Meanwhile, elite-areas will remain lilly-white with the exception of a few "leaders" culled from the various minority-populations who have been bought off with tremendous securities wealth, a kind of wealth that virtually guarantees they will never really want to tear down one system and replace it with another. The struggles will be between races attempting to carve niches in the middle class for themselves as the upper class will be out of their collective reach.

I was probably an early clarivoyant on the race-replacement issue. I was onto as early as 1990, basically due to my own eyes and Peter Brimelow having the audacity to speak/write about it on the pages of National Review. When I found out that Europe was doing much the same thing as America, and allowing large numbers of non-western-origin migrants, I immediately thought about how the political left had gotten the black vote so securely-by offering professional and educational set-asides (quotas) guaranteeing at least a certain-level of achievement to them as a group no matter what. I seen it as a kind of "racial communism" to buy their leaders off from calling for any real violence. When I found out that we were importing many more minorities, I thought the political left would end up offering similar deals to the leaders of the new groups, but eventually those groups would demand more migration for more electoral clout, and would have enough political clout by that time to get it from one of the parties. It would shape up as an arrangement to de-Europeanize the West as an almost "built-in" feature.

I wouldn't have been so intense on the issue if there was another guaranteed "white" America out there in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that was going to remain specifically white functioning as a "homeland" for Euro-decended peoples, but there is no such place. When Europe, America, Australia all see the minoritization of European peoples, there will be basically nowhere for them to live as a comfortable majority. This saddens me, but its looking as if it will slowly come to pass.

If our elites could not live in exclusive areas (gated communities, and those mini-cities carved out of larger municipalities that are allowed to have their own police forces that act as an invisible fence, detaining anyone who drives through who doesn't look like they belong there, this wouldn't have happened. But we have a sort of soft-feudalism slowly emerging because of it, with these ritzy areas serving as de facto castles for the shareholding class, while the rest of us get to live in low-grade civic danger amongst the hordes of the devloping world.

BTW--Feminism and 70's-alarmist-environmentalism (Paul Ehrlich, etc), financed-or-popularized-via-media-by-our-elites, is what wrecked our birthrates. We'd have had more children, but were told that having more than one kid was going to lead to mass faminies. I was a child in the 70s and remember this stuff. I even had a teacher that was missionary on the subject.

Anonymous said...

BTW2---I know since you have lived in the Chicago area youve had to see some pretty bad behavior from blacks.

Ive come to see cultivated bad behavior from blacks (the hip-hop-influenced-social-composure that becomes dominant in the face of fatherless households) as a kind of weapon of the elites against the masses.
If you go to jail, how are you really punished? By black thugs who outnumber you there beating and raping you.
If your neighborhood is unlucky enough to have a good portion of its houses "go HUD" or be declared "Section 8", who punishes your equity wealth? Black single mothers who are given those homes for basically nothing...
If you are financially ruined by running afoul of the wrong parties and lose your means of living, and have to go back and work your way up at the bottom, so you need to live in public housing for a while, where will you live that puts your life in danger 24-hours-a-day? Public housing projects where the black underclass is the majority.
If you find yourself destitute enough financially as to not be able to afford a car, and have to use public transportation, who on the bus/train will you have to ride-in-fear-of? The black underclass and its hordes of young directionless males.

The elite, in my opinion, cannot be ignorant of "the stick" they have to guarantee most of us will not 'protesteth to loud 'against its whims. Run afoul of them, and they break your life financially, and you find yourself amongst the black underclass. Deep in our bones, most of us know this even if we never speak it aloud or mentally pronounce it.

AmericanGoy said...

Anonymous, I am slowly coming to the same conclusion.

After all, why does Sweden and Norway, of all places, import moslems from Africa en masse?

This is a plan, put into motion for decades, to mix the world up.

The old "joke" that in the sci-fi future there won't be any races, just brown people seems more prescient now, doesn't it?