Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On black, eh, folks and this blog

Quick preamble before the link:
I am sick of writing about black folks.

Whether one can argue that it is due to genetics or the social situation (nature vs. nurture, or "They're fucked up!" vs. "That's raciss!"), we all know that there is something very wrong here.

Hordes of children from moms who have 2-6 kids with different fathers, who are without a husband, who roam trains and train stations, buses and bus stops, stores and fuel stations, to mob, assault, beat up and act violently not to steal, but for the sheer hell of it (and as a bonus, to steal an ipod or a cell phone worth $200 and sell it for $5).

I am not violent, do not own a gun, always back off from a fight (unless my life or my family's is in danger).

The web is full of "internet tough guys" who sit on hordes of gold they've buried in their yards, with an arsenal of fully automatic Kalashnikovs and Uzis, just waitin' for the black "keedz" to show up so they can show them what's what.


Defend yourself, your family - of course!

Be a tough guy on the web, threatening racial war - shrug.

I will try to get back to writing about global politics and events, our beloved masters of the human race, the Jews, and history, and limit my writing of black, eh, people, and leave it to others who are much better at it.

Links to keep up about the behaviour of black, um, people:

1) violentflashmobs.com, a no nonsense repository of links to news stories about large black groups committing hate crimes in the USA

2) Stuff black people Don't Like, a very good blog focused on my least favorite subject

3) Unamusement Park, a blog containing pictures of almost naked, slutty fairies.

4) Isteve, a good blog on a variety of subjects, in which the bearded wonder author - Steve-o - feels free to pose some very uncomfortable questions.

So, this blog will return to its roots, I will return to being the meek, grey, unassuming White Man that I am, looking down when groups of black "keedz" walk by, shouting, screaming, pulling up their pants, hurrying, always walking faster...

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zfolwick said...

I really like your blog because you make some really cogent points about our political economy. But the racist stuff?

That's just a mild form of fearing the "other". I've been a white minority among blacks and I can say that it's scary, and stressful. Your blog could be great, but because you choose to focus on dated things like the color of somebody's skin... it's just good.

I miss *learning* something about the American history.