Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Biggest self esteem and most hated social group is...

I cannot contain myself.

From this psychology 101 article.

Jennifer Crocker and Jean Twenge conducted a “meta-analysis of studies of self-esteem” in 2002.

Whoop dee doo.

African Americans have been the victims of racism, segregation, stereotypes from mainstream media, and prejudice and discrimination.

Operative word is "have been".

I have not seen a black person in a negative role in a movie/TV show since the greatest TV series of all time, The Wire.

Black men in movies, TV shows and commercials are genius computer hackers or scientists or voices of authority; it is the White men who are portrayed as clueless, retarded goofs to be made fun of, usually by the black men and White women.

But I digress.

Going back to the study.

To understand the effect of racial discrimination on the psyche of those who experience it, several educators developed a theory about the matter. They believed that members of ethnic groups who are victims of prejudice, discrimination, and racism experience deleterious effects. The theorists thought that African Americans, for example, have “both low-levels of self-esteem and negative self-concepts” because society views them negatively and treats them the same way. The researchers sought to prove their theory by conducting an ethnic group/self-esteem study.

Makes sense - the victims of our terrifyingly racist society that has no homeless shelters, no Section 8 free housing for black people, no EBT and Link programmes for free food for non working single mothers of 8, should have a very low self esteem, the poor dears.

Here's the study:

Jane Brooks cites the work of Jennifer Crocker and Jean Twenge, who conducted a “meta-analysis of studies of self-esteem” in 2002. The researchers intended to discover which American ethnic group would score the highest on a self-esteem test. They also wanted to identify how each group’s self-esteem ranked in comparison to how positively society regarded that group. The researchers proceeded by making 712 self-esteem comparisons among five ethnic groups: Native Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos, African Americans, and European Americans.

And here's the money quote, the quote of the year (Nay! The decade!);

The outcomes surprised Crocker and Twenge. They learned that African Americans scored the highest in the self-esteem category, but ranked last in the area of Society’s Positive Regard for the group.

The people with the highest self esteem were the most hated (disliked, perhaps is the better word) by all the other groups polled.

That means that from the groups polled, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos and European Americans, they ALL dislike black people.

Food for thought (homie).


rootzzzy said...

I frequent an intelligent, thought provoking blog site that links to yours.

Your "opinion" too often translates into bigotry.

Question? Is your claim to fame the ability to reduce complex issues and realities into soundbites?

Anonymous said...

This is a pathetic article by an insecure little boy. Do you feel like avictim white boy? I'm white and I sure dont but I guess IM not as "sensitive" as you. What a shitty site. I would say you are either a useful idiot or controlled opposition on the take from Israel. Israel loves them some racist controlled opposition to help kmake their job easier.

europeasant said...

I always thought that blacks as a group had the highest esteem and were least liked by other groups.This is not news to me but most clueless whites might be surprised.

HBDRealist said...

This became apparent to me, especially among women, years ago.

If I walked into a nearby Wal Mart late at night, I would often spot obese young black women (not just heavy but a good 100 -150 lbs. overweight) strolling into the WalMart with their rambunctious kids running around. They were almost always dressed immodestly. They would wear tight-fitting spandex and body-hugging leopard skin pants. Their spandex tops had plunging necklines. Every fatty fold of their morbidly obese bodies could be seen through their body-hugging skin tight clothing.
You could see every curve, crease, of their amorphous doughy bodies. They had no modesty whatsoever.

By contrast, even good looking, fashionably fit and thin white women from the middle class wear much less revealing clothing and are often sensitive to their body image, and are almost always much conscious of their appearance.

At some point it occurred to me that these obese black women actually thought they looked good. If anybody in the world had a reason to be conscious of their appearance you would think it would be them. But no.

Another thing that really repulsed me about these people was the welfare queen model of parenting. They would let their kids run wild through the store. Shoppers would stop and stare as their kids tore through the aisles knocking over a display here, a bag of potato chips there, and they literally turn their back to their kids and would act as if they were totally oblivious to the ruckus their kids were making - as if the kids weren't even their own. Never a verbal reprimand or a scolding. They would just holler at their kids when it was time to walk out the door, otherwise they were allowed to roam and run freely through the aisles like it was kindergarten.

Once I remember when some kids were running around like crazy. Their black mother was ignoring them as usual and going about her shopping. One of her kids took a bicycle out the bicycle rack and tried to ride it around the store thru the aisles to show off to his siblings. He hit something, fell to the ground, and busted his lip (or his nose). The mother, who was attired in form-fitting spandex, roughly 5'4" and 270 lbs, who had been ignoring her kids all the while as shoppers stared, started raising hell.

Even though she deliberately turned her back on her kids and let the roam freely, allowing them to get themselves into trouble, she started screaming at the cashiers, demanding to talk to the manager, threatening to sue the store because of the harm that had come to her son. She insisted on calling an ambulance for her kid whose face was bloodied, but was otherwise alright.

I actually felt so bad about the helpless cashiers who were getting chewed out by her that I walked over to her and asked her to stop screaming. She snapped back at me that it was none of my business. I snapped back at her and asked her if she had been raised in a barn. I also told her to get a clue from the other parents who come into the store and do something to reign her children in when they start to misbehave, not turn her back and ignore them. Her kids had already knocked a few items off the shelves as they were running around before they ran over to the bike rack. I then proceeded to walk away to a checkout counter where I politely apologized to the cashier for having raised my voice to their irate customer. They accepted my apology.

Even though that was an egregious example, the fact is you couldn't help but notice that there was a difference between poor (or middle class) whites and backs. There were poor obese white women who shopped there, but they never dressed quite as flamboyantly, and they would always reign in their kids if they started to misbehave. But black women almost never did.

Darth Plastic said...

Two types of Blacks in America: The Al Sharpton Blacks whom I believe you refer to often in your writings(and are spot-on in your descriptive analysis) and the Al Roker Blacks or as the Al Sharpton Blacks call them "Uncle Toms"...either way,it's a great day in America to be black because if you can't get yours now homie,ya'll better get the f**k out the way,cuz dem brown mf**kers is comin' and they is usin the same tactics dat we used to get ours('cept maybe for a few burned down hoods)Bottomline: This is America,where you can be whatever you choose to be....choose right.
p.s. - to anonymous - take off the "Vanilla Ice" outfit and comprehend what you read like you claim the Goy out to be....a pathetic insecure little white boy. Peace out.

Anonymous said...

Nothing worse than a bunch of scared white people who think they're victims and take it out on anyone not white like them. Pathetic and insecure are the perfect words to decribe you racist clowns. Boo hoo, black people scare me! Get over it you racist clowns.

white rabbit said...

All races world-wide dislike blacks because of their lack of self control, low intelligence, violent natures and entitlement mentality.

Anti-whites hate white people who notice these things about blacks. Funny isn't it?

Anti-racism is just a code-word for anti-white.

Black males between the ages of 18-45 are about 3% of the US population and they commit over 50% of the violent crimes. And yet a person is called a racist, (the modern equivalent of a witch) if they notice and adjust their lives accordingly.

The truth is hate to those who hate the truth.

Africa for Africans. Asia for Asians. White countries for everyone. This is genocide.

AmericanGoy said...

"Nothing worse than a bunch of scared white people who think they're victims and take it out on anyone not white like them. Pathetic and insecure are the perfect words to decribe you racist clowns. Boo hoo, black people scare me! Get over it you racist clowns."

Black people DO scare me.

I did not have any views about black people whatsoever when I lived in an eastern European communist country - if anything, I thought they were an oppressed by the system, very good looking, very cool people per the American movies that we saw.

It is only after attending a middle school and high school and living in my neighborhood that I can admit that, YES, I AM SCARED OF BLACK PEOPLE.

And crime statistics confirm that this is a correct reaction.

AmericanGoy said...

To be fair, as far as my white nationalism and bigotry goes, I enjoy "China Town" and the Argyle area of "Little Vietnam".

I have no problems with Asians.

Latinos I meet are usually not bangers but illegal immigrants or citizens working their butts off to support their families.

I do have a problem with Indians, as the H1B visa workers are an horde - when I travel around the country and do my IT job, there are places which are 50 to 100% Indians in their IT departments.

My feelings toward Indians is not racist; it is due to my fear of my economic well being and economic survival.

My feelings toward black people have to do with my survival, period.

Anonymous said...

So you have a problem with Indians, who are a threat to your employment, but not with Latinos, who are a threat to other people's employments. That's real classy.

It's this sort of hyper-individualistic thinking that's screwing us over. White people need to learn to play as a team.

AmericanGoy said...

"So you have a problem with Indians, who are a threat to your employment, but not with Latinos, who are a threat to other people's employments. That's real classy.

It's this sort of hyper-individualistic thinking that's screwing us over. White people need to learn to play as a team."

Actually a good point.

I am properly chastened.

"It's this sort of hyper-individualistic thinking that's screwing us over."

And that's correct, from the lowest Section 8 "gimmie dat, muh dick!" person to the highest "Lets screw old folks pensions in financial sucker plays" Goldman Sachs millionare.

Anonymous said...

I am from the united kingdom the most hated ethnic group here is the somalians, they don't work the get benefits from the government they have too many kids, so they get more benefits. They don't contribute to the economy. They all ready make the most of the tax payers money. Send there kids to school, I don't know why because they are going to follow suit. They have everything on a plate from a house to a food to everything you name it. They're kids grow up to be standing on street corners mugging in groups. They going in to shops in groups and help them selves. They are uk's most hate racist group

Anonymous said...

HELL NO! I AM SOMALI. AND I AM A DOCTOR AND MY FATHER IS A DOCTOR. MY MOTHER IS A PROFESSOR AND MY BROTHER IS AN IT TECHNICIAN. so don't generalise the majority because of the minority that you have witnessed.