Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ho hum a no post post

These are hilarious.

So what's new in the world, and by that statement I mean what's new with America?

Same ol', same ol', I'm afraid.

As usual, rich, elite Jews want America to kill Iranians, while if you are silly enough to notice the fact that rich, elite Jews want America to kill Iranians obviously makes you a racist.

So, nothing has changed, onward to a new war, for Israel.

By the by, I would just looooooove for the evangelicals to have a talksee with a typical Jewish guy about Jesus - the views expressed about that dead Jewish guy from the bible (more like deep hatred) would surprise them.

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Anonymous said...

I doubt it would surprise them at all. Christians are basically masochistic. They more Jews piss on Christians, the more Christians love Jews.