Friday, May 18, 2012

Brilliant rant on American TV - of course, done by a foreigner

This will be a post on late night entertainment shows on our beloved idiot box.

First, watch the Craig Ferguson rant.

Please note that the audience laughs at the totally inopportune moments, as they simply
1) Don't get it
2) Think it is a cheap joke, and are trained like Pavlov's dogs to laugh at everything (it's a late night show, entertain me and make me laugh, monkey!)

It is both hilarious and saddening that they laugh at the totally wrong moments... in fact, why laugh at all in this monologue?

They laughed at the following: "In ancient Greece they deified youth... no, they didn't, they deified beuty! Ahhhhh... different!".

There is nothing funny in that statement - in fact, it is pretty close to the mark.

Yet the audience of stoned retards yaps away, as if in reaction that this monologue is not something they expected, that it has been going on long and so far has had NO quirky punchlines to laugh at, and like conditioned MK Ultra victims they reacted to keywords, in this case "Ahhhh!".

Another laugh: "By the nature of youth, you don't have experience, it's not your fault".

What. The. Fuck.

Why is this so extremely super funny?

"So you are young - and you're kinda stupid".

Guffaws from the moronic peanut gallery.

I realize that young people in America are the smartest people in the world (especially the black ones), and boy, don't they know it, so a comedian calling them stupid must be cracking a joke.

"It became desirable and fashionable to be young and to be stupid".


I am not laughing.

This man is describing perfectly "The Century of Self".

Part 1 is here, by the bye:

Re: point 2 from way up there, the epitome of a non-joke, lets take it as far as we can and see if we can get away with it, is the david letterman... "show". There is nothing funny in this man's programme - absolutely nothing. In fact, to me it seems like it is a scientific experiment to see if one can get a group of people (in this case, an audience) into forced, manic group behaviour - in this case, laughing at... well, the inane.

This reminds me of watching George Carlin perform in front of audiences, and myself being absolutely flabbergasted and shaken up, to the point of having my mouth open, my body quivering and thinking "Wow! There ARE intelligent Americans!".

The audiences, of course, treated the whole thing as a big joke, and like Pavlov's dogs, reacted with laughter (It's a comedy show! Standup! I am here to be entertained - honey, on the way back lets stop by taco bell and get some "beef" tacos with extra "cheese"!).

Of course, to make money and stay in showbiz, Craig has had to forgo most of his innate intelligence and stick with the schlocky, stupid... stuff like this.

A man has to eat, after all.

And being smart, thoughtful, experienced and wise is NOT rewarded nor celebrated in America.

For reasons, see the first video... and the second one for a more indepth explanation.


AmericanGoy said...

To be fair, towards the end the rant got a bit schlocky and predictable...

Anonymous said...

Don't understimate the Americans, the Israeli lobby is more obvious than ever... There isn't going to be another Iraq situation.

An0nym0us said...

I am starting to watch the Century of the Self part 2 and the thing that astounds me is how remarkably oblivious these psychotherapists are to causation and to Jewish influence.

For example, we hear that 50% of former combat troops return with mental health problems. What's the cause? Surely it's not the trauma of the war. It must be their upbringing!

In part 1 we are told that Roosevelt believed in and defended democracy according to the filmmakers, unlike the Nazis. If that's so, why did Roosevelt resort to all manner of underhanded legerdemain to manipulate America into entering the war instead of stating his case plainly? Surely, Roosenfeld did not believe that the masses can rationally arrive at the appropriate policy.

The Nazi animus toward the Jews is portrayed as originating entirely in primal irrational urges. Whatever one makes of Nazi ideology, anyone can look at their rhetoric and see that their critique of Jewish power, in finance and in Communism, had little to do with animalistic urges. In fact it had little to do with Christianity, Jewish noses, or who killed Jesus. Perhaps they exaggerated, but the Germans believed that elite Jews functioned somewhat cohesively to advance the interests of their feloow Jews often at the expense of the German volk. The details and nuances of this understanding may not have been perfect, but it speaks of animus that derives largely from rational antagonisms.

What also cracks me up in part 2 is how they were able to secure funding for a national mental health act after the war. The same psychotherapists who pretend that PTSD has little to do with actual combat and more to do with traditioanl values and a traditional upbringing now receive massive new funding to train hordes of new psychotherapists who have been schooled in their empirically bankrupt discipline.

So far that's all I've seen, but I couldn't help but chip in with my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Things are getting tough all over!