Monday, July 16, 2012

Grand grandiose announcement of a new series

I have that itch again, that itch to blog, and the topic of black people acting, well, black is boring and known to everybody but the willfully deluded or idiots (this last category includes, of course, the majority of the blacks).

I think I have covered everything there is to cover on this blog about , dual loyalty, the pre-planned balkanization of the Middle East (now in full swing in Egypt, Syria, Libya), Israeli spying in America (here, there, everywhere)...

What I need to do now to fully understand the topic of Jews (who are a very fascinating subject) is go back, way back, and start from the ancient times to modernity to fully understand this phenomenon.

This will be a grand, multi-article, wordy, verbiose, grandiose series, starting from the diluvian pre Ancient Egypt (as opposed to anti-deluvian Ancient Egypt, the Atlantis influenced years); let's just say, it will be a long road, paved with hard work and new, shocking discoveries for you, the reader.

The working title as of now is:

Jews, trolling history since antiquity!


AmericanGoy=ADL tool? said...

Are you a paid informant or some sort of paid shill? Your racism is just too ove the top ridiculous to be real. Parody maybe? You cant seriously be this dense. Its gotta be an act or a trap, one or the other.

AmericanGoy said...

If it's a trap, then why are you posting a comment which allows the HQ to track your ID and the stormtroopers to harass your grandma where you live (in her basement, that is)?

I gotz yo IP now, foo!



AmericanGoy said...

Actually, I am just having fun ranting and raving a bit.

I know if I ever told a smidgeon of any truth in my professional life, it would kill my career (and by effect, literally kill me).

So the internet is the only place where I can speak the truth (me and a billion ticked off, errr, miffed White people).

To the anonymous poster - go to your city's south side (that's the side of the city with 98% black population, with the 2% being the police) and give a big hug to an urban youth!

Do it today - I guarantee both of you will love it.

Anonymous said...

In other words you dont believe in your own BS enough to actually say it offline. Or, you're such a giant coward and thats why you wont say it offline. Or, you're a shill.

Go to your local trailer park and give a big hug to a toothless hick. Or do you only pretend like black people are poor? And do you know why many of them are poor? Their grandparents lived in a country that openly discriminated against them so they didnt make as much money as their white counterparts. So less money to give to the next generations. But these are facts and history, you only have spin and emotion that motivates your racist views. Pathetic fucking bastard. You must have been beaten up by a black kid when you were young, or maybe your mom had sex with a black guy. Get over it you little bitch.

AmericanGoy said...


Actually, for you I will explain it again - because you are either dense or willfully dense.

If I say any of those things in public (or if any White person does), effectively my career - and life - is over. Only the internet has actual free speech guaranteed by the Constitution.

Now, I do not moderate comments, but:

"You must have been beaten up by a black kid when you were young, or maybe your mom had sex with a black guy. Get over it you little bitch."

is not conducive to discussion, and next time if you don't bring anything to the table, you will be deleted.

It is fair to disagree with me - even call me names - but you must back up your views with facts, statistics, and/or common sense.