Sunday, August 19, 2012

Why do Jews act the way they do - the simple truth

They figure they don’t want to be the only minority around, especially so noticeable when they happen to be at the top of a given society.

Jews, being very motivated, smart and cliquish, since ancient times active in the financial sector, do very well indeed in almost any country they are in.

Trouble comes when the natives recognize how much success and how well off Jews are relative to the rest of the population.

The solution, of course, is multiculturalism - many, many people, fighting for scraps at the bottom (low and middle class) while the elite class imports more diversity into a country to keep it boiling, and to prevent the bottom rung from noticing exactly who is at the top running things.

It is easier to hide when there are many ethnicities, as opposed to just two - makes the Jews stand out more.

In times past, in many companies a non Jewish (goy) figurehead was hired to be a pompous ass clown and to act as if he run the place.

This is not the problem only for the Jews - the Chinese in Asia have had the same blessing and curse, throughout history (for example, learn about Malaya and Singapore history and the relationship between the Chinese and natives).

And Asians have dealt with Chinese in the same vein as Europeans with Jews - from apathy, ignorance to discontent to pogroms to being suppressed in their own countries.

I promise to write a grand history of Jews, with some epic long historical articles, stretching from anti deluvian times (pre our knowledge of history) to modernity, with facts that will blow your minds.

Once I stop being the lazy bum that I am, that is.

Incidentally, isn't it funny how multiculturalism and Jews are all neatly tied together now? (For the simple minded, isn't it funny how Jews are always pro immigration, to the point of being willing to support - nay, push for - moslem immigration, of people who HATE them?).

Try to see the forest for the trees, folks.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Farren McDonald
Part 1, July 25, 2016

The problem is we - the learned - are a very small minority.
The rest of the world are too brain-washed into the capitalist propaganda, the ever-relentless pursuit of 'bling-bling', to ever acknowledge what is going on.
And, to boot, these types of sheep are simultaneously brain-washed (via all media,from Hollywood movies, controlled news, papers, radio, ads, marketing, etc.)into actually believing the poor Jews are 'persecuted'.
Psychopaths are thoroughly titillated with perverse irony and cryptic clues, aren't they? But what is to be done? Now, as of July 2016, it is clear - THOROUGHLY CLEAR - that they have fleeced us for all they can, and that they are going to have a little fun-and-games with us 'heathens' and 'goys' before the GREAT CULL takes place.

The end of the world as we know it is soon upon us. That's no fucking 'conspiracy theory' tripe, it's the goddamn truth. How in the bloody fucking hell did we ever allow this to happen? HOW?!!! Is this the end result of 'evolution'?
That the human race is to be comprised of only one 'superior' and 'chosen' race of verminous, treacherous, lecherous, vile, lazy, back-stabbing psychopathic scumbags?

Once they rid the world of us 'heathens'...then what?
Who are they going to exploit then?
Then they will fight among themselves, dividing their own race into 'elites' vs. 'heathens', because this sort of labeling, separatist, divisive bullshit is in their fucking blood.
We all know what is coming with the military and the EU Army-war machine being developed, not to mention control of the internet, etc.
Point can we stop it?

Don't know about you...but I'm not going to be a slave for these verminous scum.
Not now. Not ever. Stop paying taxes, EVERYONE. Do not deal with ANY banks.Grow your own food, do what ever you have to do, but stop enabling these globalist capitalist corporate psychopaths to turn you into bonafide SLAVES.

I don't merely mean 'debt slaves', as we all have been since the late 19th century (fully fledged in 1913). I mean ACTUAL SLAVES. If all of us - globally - stopped paying taxes and stopped giving even a single cent to these psychotic bastards, then we cut off their life-line and means to enslave us. But won't happen.
I know it won't happen, because all these self-important people who make under a hundred grand a year have deluded themselves into thinking they're something special, just because they make more than all the proletariats beneath them - absolutely clueless as to what real wealth is.

It sounds puerile, because such behaviour is pureile, but that's the human psyche in our developed world and society in a nutshell. It's the truth. And it's one of the main factors of the human condition that is exploited by the bankster globalists. it up, all you 'rich' people.
Unless you're a member of the Bilderberg're going to find yourself in the forest hunting deer just as the rest of us, once society is over and done.

Anonymous said...

Farren McDonald
Part 2, July 25, 2016

There's no point in lamenting about it, I suppose.
It's going to happen. I know it. You know it. I suppose we only scribble our thoughts online for others in the know...just as some sort of comfort. To let others know that we know the same thing, and that is our only consolation.

Even if it doesn't happen in our lifetime (the next 50 years or so), it will happen eventually, because that seems to be the modus-operandi of the human species: CONTROL AND DOMINATION OVER OTHERS.

It's been going on since we lived in trees, and will continue on till our sun goes nova. And the perverse irony of evolution is that the more psychopathic, cruel and insane a race proves to be, the more successful it is.

And so I - like many others - can only conclude that life itself is meaningless.
There is no point to it if a life-form's only point for existing is to cause suffering to, and prey upon it's own species. It's pointless.

And more than itself is pointless, too, if you really think about it.
Our sun will go nova in 4 billion years.
In 20 billion years (I'm estimating), the very last sun in our universe will die.
In a googleplex of years, every physical remnant of matter in our universe will decompose into nothingness, for even tachyons, photons and quarks will decompose into meaningless matter.

And so you see...'life' is not only an anomaly in our universe, it is an abomination.
It is against the true entropic nature of the cosmos, as it's natural state is NON-LIFE.

And so...all our species have striven, fought, and died for is for naught.
It means nothing.
Because eventually, there will be NO TRACE THAT WE EVER EXISTED - ANYWHERE.

Perhaps this is why the superstitious and insecure in the world believe in a 'god' and an 'afterlife', because they simply cannot face the truth.

It is all for naught, so why not try to be a nice life-form and treat others of your kind with dignity and respect and share what you have with them?

You are here by accident.
Not only is your personal time here limited, not only is your species and life-form time limited, but so is your planet, your solar system, your galaxy, and your entire cosmos.

So unless you can devise some way to 'hyperspace' into another dimension, perhaps you should just console yourself that, by being a kind, decent life-form, your short time here means 'something'...even though it really doesn't.


Anonymous said...


There is no method of contact on your site, as the only email address is not working any longer.

Therein I will post this request here in the commentary section.

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Farren McDonald
May 8, 2017